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We’re giving away six awesome books!

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Dragons Over Greenstorm by Gary J. Darby

Dragons Over Greenstorm by Gary M. DarbyPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) OR eBook

Content Rating: Moderate

A princess not ready to rule. A dragon unable to breathe fire or fly. When dark forces rise, they could be Erdron’s only hope…

In an outspoken royal family, Reyna’s always been the quiet one. Clumsy and lacking confidence, she feels woefully unsuited to play any role in ruling the kingdom. However, when enemies raid the castle and kidnap her mother, the young princess gathers her fragile courage and sets off on a treacherous mission to rescue the queen.

Wind Storm fears he’ll never breathe fire or fly as a normal dragon should. But after an attack leaves his home ravaged, his grandfather’s final words compel the young dragon to find a powerful artifact to fight back. Targeted by assassins on the journey to an ancient mountain, the soft-spoken Reyna that Wind Storm meets may be his only chance to survive.

Following clues on a mystical scroll, Reyna and Wind Storm are shocked to discover that if they fail to finish their quest, a growing evil could destroy their world.

Can two unlikely heroes find the magic in time to save the realm from eternal darkness?

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Gary J. DarbyGary Darby grew up in San Antonio, Texas and started reading in the second grade when he discovered Robert Heinlein’s Farmer In The Sky in the school library. A reader for life, he loves to find authors who spin a great tale. Gary’s love of reading turned to a love of writing and hopefully along the journey the crazy story ideas he has in his head will turn into enjoyable literary fiction for you to read.

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It’s a Wonderful Date by Sophia Summers

It's a Wonderful Date by Sophia SummersPrize Format: eBook

Content Rating: Mild

Love is the last thing on Sarah’s mind until she meets the small town doctor: single, handsome, and he lives across the street.

The doctor, however, has given up on ever finding love, not in this small town. As the only member of his practice, he has no time to himself when he works to be everything for everybody. But a beautiful new woman in his neighborhood keeps catching his eye.

When everything falls apart and he can’t save a much-loved patient, he wonders how much good he really is for his town.

Sarah becomes the angel of his Christmas wishes, who shows him just how much he means to not just her, but their small town and everyone in it.

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Sophia SummersSophia Summers is an award winning author who just wants to relax a little and enjoy a great beach read. She lives in a quiet southern town brimming with an extra dose of hospitality and a whole lot of charm. She writes historical romance under a different name. She has two contemporary romance series out so far and many more to come.

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The Librarian Picks Her Poison by Amber Gilchrist

The Librarian Picks Her Poison by Amber GilchristPrize Format: eBook

Content Rating: Moderate

Audrey Scott has solved a murder before, but never one that matters so much.

Audrey Scott might be a children’s librarian, but that isn’t all she can do. When her best friend, Gretchen Holden, stands accused of a murder, Audrey can’t handle doing nothing more than bailing Gretchen out of jail. She has to figure out who really killed Gretchen’s step-father, a universally hated federal judge.

With a not small list of potential people the judge has wronged, Audrey and her friends have a rough ride ahead of them trying to decide who had a motive, means, and opportunity to put the judge in an early grave. With the help of Derek Hennessy, erstwhile enemy turned very good friend, and her normal crew of cohorts, Audrey won’t stop until the threat no longer looms.

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Amber GilchristAmber Gilchrist lives in New Mexico with her husband, who is good at everything but she loves him anyway, and six children. She spends her time alternating between writing and taking care of little people. She writes mysteries, romantic suspense, rom coms, and urban fantasy. She also writes under the name Aimee Gilchrist. She enjoys swing music, true crime podcasts, and hanging out with Mimi, the dog she didn’t want.

Visit Amber at her Amazon Author Page.

Omega Alpha by Kristen Landon

Omega Alpha by Kristen LandonPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Mild

What would you do if everything you thought you knew about your childhood, your parents, and your family turned out to be a lie?

Thirteen-year-old Ethan Turner is about to find out.

Ethan survives an environmental terrorist attack, but the toxic gas he breathes during the attack triggers memory flashes from when he was very young. The problem is, those memories don’t match up with the life he knows. He starts to notice and uncover clues that lead him to believe his parents are hiding a terrible secret from him.

With the help of two close friends, Ethan continues to search for the truth—even when it lands him right in the middle of a group of environmental terrorists who are about to release a pandemic-grade virus on the world.

The truth about his family and his past could cost Ethan his life as well as the lives of everyone he cares about. He has to make the impossible choice—save himself and those he loves or save the world.

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Kristen LandonKristen Landon is the author of the award-winning dystopian middle-grade thriller, THE LIMIT. Before going to sleep each night she always wants to read just a few more pages—or chapters. Now the page-turners she writes have the same effect on young readers, getting them in trouble for staying up to read when they are supposed to go to sleep. Kristen lives with her family in a home with fabulous views of Utah’s beautiful mountains out every window.

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Trailing the Hunter by Heidi Eljarbo

Trailing the Hunter by Heidi EljarboPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Mild

***1661 in Norway***
Clara Dahl has made a decision. She has seen the dread and sorrow witch-finder Angus Hill has caused in her hometown and sets out to find him. Her goal is to fight the wrongful and wicked misconceptions about witch hunting. But the witch-finder’s influence is strong. How can she warn the villagers of something they don’t understand?
Clara’s heartfelt desire is to protect and rescue the women who are in danger without causing more harm. As Clara develops secret plots to thwart the plans of the notorious witch-finder and works to help the villagers, she finds friendship and the possibility of true love.

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Heidi EljarboHeidi Eljarbo is a bestselling author of historical fiction, known for her novels about the witch hunts in the seventeenth century. When not absorbed in writing stories about strong-willed women from past centuries, Heidi enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, hiking and skiing in the mountains. She lives and works out of her home on an island south of Oslo, Norway.

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Whatever It Takes by Jessica Pack

Whatever It Takes by Jessica PackPrize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Content Rating: Moderate

Sienna has no memory of her late mother, yet every significant day of her life—birthdays, the first day of high school, graduation—has been marked by a letter written during her last weeks of life. Sienna knows her father feels grateful to be able to offer up these connections to the loving, talented woman his daughter never got a chance to know. Yet for Sienna herself, the letters have become a dreaded burden, a reminder that every milestone is less than it would be if both parents were still living.

A month before her twenty-fifth birthday, Sienna finds a lump. Facing a cancer diagnosis, Sienna begins to ask questions about her mother’s terminal illness—questions that reveal unsettling inconsistencies and voids in the stories she’s been told. The deeper she digs, the more the image of her mother as a contented homemaker warps into something much darker and far more troubling. If Sienna’s dad lied about this, what else did he lie about?

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Jessica PackJessica Pack is the pen name for Josi S. Kilpack uses for her women’s fiction. She has written twenty-five novels, one cookbook, and been part of multiple collaborations. She is a four-time Whitney Award winner and Best of State winner in Fiction. Josi currently lives in Willard, Utah, with her husband and children.

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