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By the River by Jennie Hansen

By-the-River-Jennie-HansenPrize Format: Print (U.S. only)

It was supposed to be a relaxing early morning run, but the path along the river trail quickly turns into the scene of a nightmare for recent college graduate Kira Paxton. An unintended exploration of a secluded riverbank leads to a gruesome discovery that sets her on a collision course with danger: it is the body of a young woman. In shock, all Kira can manage to do is scream…

From the moment Ford Kettering hears the cries for help along the trail, he is drawn irrevocably into a mystery in which he plays a shocking role. Ford, a local high school teacher, had a recent classroom clash with the victim—now, he’s a person of interest.

As Ford and Kira bond over their shared ordeal, they work together to prove Ford’s innocence—and soon, their attraction is undeniable. But it seems that Kira’s nightmare is far from over. What begins as a series of close calls and acts of vandalism soon escalates, putting Kira’s own life in jeopardy. It appears that Kira saw something that day along the trail, something that has made her a target. With Ford’s help, she is determined to track down the killer—before she becomes the next victim.

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Jennie HansenJennie Hansen has been a freelance magazine writer, newspaper reporter, newspaper editor, and librarian. Her twenty-five published novels fall in several genre categories including romantic suspense, mystery, historical, and westerns. She reviews LDS novels for Meridian Magazine.

She and her husband, Boyd, live in Salt Lake County and serve as ordinance workers in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Their five children are all married and have provided them with thirteen grandchildren. Learn more about Jennie at


Caretaker by Josi Russell

Caretaker-Josi-RussellPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Fifty years in space—alone.

Ethan Bryant was supposed to fall asleep on a ship leaving Earth and wake up fifty years later with his family on the planet Minea. Instead, after the ship’s caretaker—the lone human in charge of monitoring the ship’s vital systems—suddenly died, the ship’s computer locked Ethan out of his stasis chamber and gave him the job. That was five years ago. Five years of checking to make sure everything runs smoothly on a ship Ethan knows almost nothing about.

Who wouldn’t dread the years ahead? Who wouldn’t long for their once-bright future now stolen away?

Ethan is resigned to his fate, until the ship suddenly wakes up another passenger: a beautiful engineer who, along with Ethan, soon discovers a horrible secret—a navigation room hidden from even the ship’s computer. The ship is not bound for Minea—but to somewhere far more dangerous.

With the ship nearing its sinister destination, Ethan soon learns he is the only one who holds the key to saving all 4,000 passengers from a highly-advanced, hostile alien race.

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Josi RussellJosi Russell’s science fiction novels explore familiar human relationships in unfamiliar contexts. She currently teaches creative writing and fiction courses as an Associate Professor of English for Utah State University Eastern.

Josi lives in the alien landscape of the high desert American Southwest with her family and a giant tortoise named Caesar. Josi is captivated by the fields of linguistics, mathematics, and medicine, by the vast unknown beyond our atmosphere, and by the whole adventure of being human. Visit Josi at


A Midwinter Ball (Timeless Regency Collection) by Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon, and Michele Paige Holmes

Midwinter-Ball-Timeless-RegencyPrize Format: eBook

From the publisher of the #1 Amazon bestselling A Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean Romance.

Join three bestselling regency romance authors, Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon, and Michele Paige Holmes, for three new regency romance novellas in A MIDWINTER BALL.


Much Ado About Dancing by Heidi Ashworth.

Sweeter Than Any Dream by Annette Lyon.

An Invitation to Dance by Michele Paige Holmes.

Twelve-Days-December-Michele-HolmesAnd a BONUS:

The winner of A Midwinter Ball  will also get an e-book copy of Twelve Days in December, a Christmas novella by Michele Paige Holmes.

A marriage of convenience will provide a secure future for recently widowed Charlotte Holbrook’s and her son, while William Vancer will be able to claim the inheritance he needs to expand his company westward.

To begin their perfect and perfectly safe arrangement, William allots the last twelve days in December to become acquainted with his new family. Before the twelve days have passed, he finds himself wishing their marriage of convenience could be something much more, while Charlotte truggles with her growing attraction and wonders how she can ever remain loyal to her first husband, while allowing herself to love William as he deserves.

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Heidi Ashworth • Annette Lyon • Michele Paige Holmes

Heidi Ashworth is a best-selling, award-winning author of traditional regency romance. She read her first regency romance when she was four years old (just a few words, but it was enough). Visit her at or at her blog,

Annette Lyon is a Whitney Award winner, a 3-time recipient of Utah’s Best of State medal for fiction, and the author of over a dozen novels, at least as many novellas, a cookbook, a grammar guide, plus some 120 hundred articles. She is best known for her women’s fiction and historical novels. Visit her at

Michele Paige Holmes spent her childhood and youth curled up with a good book instead of out enjoying the sunshine. She is the author of the Counting Stars series and the Hearthfire historical romances. Visit her at


Not Your Match by Lindzee Armstrong

Not Your Match by Lindzee ArmstrongPrize Format: eBook

Andi doesn’t believe in matchmaking. But when her best friend buys her a subscription to Toujour, a professional matchmaking service, she agrees to give it a try. She’s matched with a celebrity client, but he can’t make her heart flutter or her limbs turn to mush the way Ben, her best friend’s brother, can with a simple smile.

When Ben’s fiancée calls off their wedding—for the third time—he flees to Los Angeles, desperate for a new beginning. He moves in across the hall from Andi, his his high school ballroom dance partner and his sister’s best friend. Despite nursing a broken heart, his long-forgotten crush flares to life. He’s just beginning to believe he can move past his breakup, and maybe even ask Andi out, when his ex-fiancée shows up on New Year’s Eve, determined to win him back.

Dating the wrong people has convinced both Ben and Andi that what they really want is each other. All that’s standing in their way is a fake boyfriend, a jealous ex-fiancée, and being afraid to risk their hearts.

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Lindzee Armstrong decided in first grade that she’d grow up to be three things—a mom, a teacher, and a writer. In third grade, she started secretly reading romance novels, hiding the covers so no one would know (because hello, embarrassing!) and dreaming of her own Prince Charming.

When she has time for hobbies, Lindzee is a reality TV junkie, loves to cross-stitch, and play the piano. She eats way too much chocolate and wishes she liked things like running or yoga. Learn more about Lindzee at


Played for a Fool by Stephanie Black

PlayedForFool_300Prize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Three years ago, the small town of Britteridge was rocked by the senseless murder of Gail Ludlum. Now the people most affected by the tragedy have returned to the place where it all began, and the scene is set for the perfect revenge…

Megan O’Connor’s life was shattered when she was unwittingly drawn into a kidnapping plot that ultimately led to the murder of an innocent woman. Though the road to redemption has been long, she’s finally found happiness with her recent engagement to a wonderful man, a pillar of the community.

But amid the chaos of wedding planning, the return of Gail Ludlum’s son to Britteridge sets in motion a disturbing sequence of events. Soon Megan finds herself the victim of a series of cruel deceptions that indicate one thing: her past mistakes have not been forgiven or forgotten. As the mischief escalates to dangerous levels, it becomes clear that someone is determined to avenge Gail’s death. And he won’t rest until he’s taken a life for a life. (A sequel to Fool Me Twice.)

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Stephanie Black is an LDS suspense author, mom of five, and avid procrastinator. She is a four-time Whitney Award winner for Best Mystery/Suspense Novel, and was a Whitney Award Finalist for Best Speculative Novel. She has written eight novels and had novellas included in two collections.

Stephanie has loved books since she was old enough to grab the pages, and has enjoyed creating make-believe adventures since she and her sisters were inventing long Barbie games filled with intrigue and danger or running around pretending to be detectives. She is a fan of chocolate, cheesecake, and her husband’s homemade bread. Visit Stephanie at


Sandy and the Weird Sisters by J.D. Newman

Sandy and the Weird Sisters by JD NewmanPrize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Growing up, making choices, being responsible for yourself and the choices we all make might seem everyday to some, but for 12-year-old Sandy, it is a new and liberating experience.

Sandy has grown up under the influence of her widower, rugby-coach father and her athletic older sister Roxie. When her father and sister go to England for a rugby tournament, they leave Sandy in the care of her three great aunts, referred to in family lore as the “weird sisters.” The mysterious Weird Sisters have not been seen in years; or so Dad says. Each of the aunts espouses a different faith—Catholicism, Mormonism, and Unitarianism—and yet they respect and support each others’ practice, while Sandy views them as the outside seeker of truth she truly is.

Sandy enrolls in a literature course, dance classes, and winds up in a community musical production, abandoning the girls’ soccer team with which she is supposed to be playing. During her three weeks with her aunts, and never having attended any religious services before, she takes part in services and activities at each of her aunts’ churches, finding things that she admires as well as things that confuse her. Her identity of self is to be forged during these three weeks—striking while the metal is hot, so to speak—an identity that she will take the remainder of her life to fashion and finish.

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J.D. NewmanJ.D. Newman is a professor of theatre at Utah Valley University and the director of the Noorda Theatre Center for Children and Youth. He earned his B.F.A.and M.Ed. from the University of Utah, his M.A. from the University of Texas, and his Ph.D. from New York University. Dr. Newman became the first recipient of the Reba R. Robertson Award from the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America.

As a playwright, Newman has adapted scripts for Newbery medalists including Avi, Paul Fleischman, and Richard Peck. Sandy and the Weird Sisters is his first novel. Read more about him at


Take My Advice by Tristi Pinkston

Take My Advice by Tristi PinkstonPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

What if the answers to life aren’t always black and white?

Jill Reed thinks she knows it all, and as the advice columnist for her high school newspaper, she gets to share her wisdom on a weekly basis.

She handles questions about everything from dating to choosing the right nail polish, and with the exception of a few bullies, everyone respects her opinion.

But when life throws her some curves she can’t handle, she realizes she knows a whole less than she thought she did, and she’ll need to ask others for their advice so she can make it through.



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Tristi PinkstonTristi Pinkston is the author of over 45 published books in a wide variety of genres and under multiple pen names. She is the author of the popular Secret Sisters series, the Main Street Merchants novellas, and the non-fiction Write It Right series. She works as a freelance editor and author mentor.

When she’s not writing, editing, or homeschooling her children, she enjoys reading, watching good movies, and taking really long naps. She eats ice, which she realizes is very bad for her teeth but she does it anyway, and she can’t write without a tube of Chapstick nearby. Visit her website at


Stolen Christmas and Checkin’ It Twice Combo

Stolen-Christmas-Checkin-TwicePrize Format: eBook

Win both Christmas anthologies containing award-winning stories from LDS Publisher’s Christmas Story Contests!

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Stolen Christmas: What happens when you’re so poor you have to steal your Christmas presents? Or have you ever taken a punch in the face as your Christmas gift to the girl you love? Or saved Christmas while hunting were-weevils?

Authors include: Sarah M. Eden, Tristi Pinkston, Joyce diPastena, Don Carey, Janice Sperry, Angie Lofthouse, Laura Craner, L.T. Elliot, Gussie Fick, Melanie Goldmund, M. Gray, Taegan Hutchinson, Lori Nawyn, Brian C. Ricks, Sandra Sorenson, Roger Bonner, and Christine Thackeray.

Read more about the stories and the authors at

Checkin’ It Twice: Can Santa learn a lesson from the Savior? Can a foreign exchange student help you see Christmas a little more clearly? Do things really look better from a distance? And just how many holiday ornaments does one woman need?

Authors include: Michael Young, Janice Sperry, Kasey Eyre, Brenda J. Anderson, Amie Borst, Weston Elliot, Gussie Fick, Angie Lofthouse, Teresa G. Osgood, Brian C. Ricks, Jennifer Ricks, LeeAnn Setzer, Jennifer Carson Shelton, Rob Smales, and LisaAnn Turner.

Read more about the stories and the authors at


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