Temporary Slow Down Here

September 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

sadmacSpotlight posts may be sporadic/limited for the next two weeks.

The site is working fine (even though I’m still updating and adding things), but my access to it is crippled.

I am taking my wonderful Mac laptop to the computer hospital today. It is having issues. They ran all the free tests earlier this week and nothing showed up. So now we have to do exploratory surgery. Not fun.

I’ve been told that due to a backlog at the service department, it could take up to two weeks for me to get it back. What that means is that I’ll have to do stuff on my old clunky PC, which is so old and clunky that I often give up just waiting for it to boot up. Or I might be able to borrow a computer or work from the library or something…

I’ll do my best and I’ll be back to a regular publishing schedule as soon as I can. Cross your fingers that 1) it’s an easy fix for my Mac, and 2) they suddenly get a break in their service schedule and I can have it back sooner than expected. Please be patient.

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