Summer Book Trek 2016 Final Wrap Up

August 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

SBT-thank-youJuly is always fun for me. The Summer Book Trek is one of my favorite things I do on this site! It has really grown this year.

Thank you again to all the authors and publishers who donated their books as prizes for the challenge. Make sure you get those winners contacted and prizes sent. Let me know if there are any problems and I’ll help troubleshoot.

And thank you to all the readers who helped spread the word and participated with gusto! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

But we’re wrapping up (the final winners were notified yesterday) and there are only a few more things we need to do to call it done.


End of Trek Survey

I’ve created two surveys. Your feedback would really help me make a few decisions regarding future Treks and similar challenges. They should only take a few minutes to complete.

Readers, take this survey:

Sponsors, take this survey:


Trek Summary by the Numbers!

If you’re interested in how the Trek has grown, you can see last year’s wrap up numbers here.

• Participants = 49 (Participant’s Page—not everyone created a linky)

• # of Entries/Points Earned = 1627 entries, earning 4588 points

• Individual Titles Read = 185 (see full list here)

• Books Read = 283  (see full list here)

• Individual Titles Reviewed = 119 (see list here)

• Total Reviews Posted = 363 (see list here)

• Individual Titles Nominated for a Whitney Award = 76 (see full list here)

• Total Whitney Award Nominations = 115 (see full list here)

• Number of people who joined the  Summer Book Trek Facebook Group = 113

• Total # of books given away in the Summer Book Trek Facebook Group = 23

• # of Social Media Posts made by New LDS Fiction to promo the Trek = 180

• # of Admin hours = 112 (plus a few more to finish the wrap)

Thanks again to everyone!


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