Saving Lucie Cole by Lynne Larson

January 31, 2014 | 2 Comments

Southern Utah, 1903

Despite the scorching heat of the long carriage ride from St. George to Salt Lake City, nothing can dim Lucie’s joy—bound for her wedding. The only shadow over her anticipation is the inexplicable feeling she’s sensed for weeks: the impression that she’s being watched…

Young Ladies general board member Ruth May Fox is eager to return home after a lengthy trip to the outlying towns of Southern Utah. She’s cherished the opportunity to touch the lives of the young women, but after several weeks of travel, she’s prepared to enjoy an uneventful journey home in the company of a young bride-to-be. Her peace is short-lived, however—not long into their journey, the arrival of a threatening stranger spells disaster for the traveling party. He wants Lucie Cole as his bride, and he’ll stop at nothing to get her.

Determined to help her new young friend, Ruth embarks on a perilous adventure that will take her deep into the bleak desert. And as danger threatens on all sides, her rescue mission may prove far more deadly than she could have dreamed…

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Title: Saving Lucie Cole

Author: Lynne Larson

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: January 3, 2014

ISBN: 978-1621084990

Formats: 192 pages, 6×9, softcover; e-book

Genre: Historical

2 responses to “Saving Lucie Cole by Lynne Larson

  1. This book is wonderfully intriguing!
    Captivating from the very beginning!
    You will be quickly turning the pages to see what happens next!

    I LOVE the introduction:
    “There’s a story that’s come down through the decades about a young woman who endured a horrible crisis in the wilderness of Southern Utah. It happened back in the days when folks traveled by wagon… According to legend, Ruth May Fox, an extraordinary churchwoman and longtime general Young Ladies MIA counselor and president, figured in the events… But, as I say, it’s an undocumented legend, this story you’re about to read…”

    The story that unfolds is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming!

    Ruth May Fox and Lucie Cole are traveling companions from St. George to Salt Lake City.

    They are enjoying each other’s company and feel safe in the presence of the church appointed guardian and the skilled carriage master.

    But lurking in the dark “the wrangler paused to squint querulously at the wagon yard known for its daily dust and traffic… and he’ll stop at nothing to get to Lucie Cole.”

    Adventures begin!
    Danger awaits!
    Storms rage!
    Hearts soften!

    And “rescue missions may prove far more deadly than anyone could have dreamed.”

    SO! GOOD!

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