Ragesong: Uprising by J.R. Simmons

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RagesongUprisingExiled Fermician king Klyle, now free from the clutches of Brael, works ceaselessly with Changelings Joraus and Swyf to resist to the evil spreading through his kingdom. Though the seeds of rebellion stir faintly in the hearts of his people, fear of the Dread Lord makes recruiting difficult. Not knowing where else to turn, Klyle wonders if children of legend who once rescued him from his mountain prison might be the key to saving his kingdom.

Three years later after rescuing Klyle, Jake and Sam can’t forget their wondrous and frightening journey. Fully aware they might be summoned back at a moment’s notice, the two friends work diligently to prepare. When the Changelings come calling, the teenagers are whisked away once more to the beautiful and dangerous Fermicia. Their connection with Ragesong has grown more powerful than ever, but will it be enough to take on the might of the Dread Lord and his powerful new apprentice?

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Title: Uprising (Ragesong #2)

Author: J.R. Simmons

Publisher: Magic Unleashed

Release Date: June 29, 2014


Formats: 380 pages, e-book

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Ragesong: Awakening (book 1)

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