Pioneer One by Kenneth R. Tarr

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Steven Christopher was chosen by the LDS prophet to lead the first Mormon caravan to Missouri to begin the great work of building the center stake of Zion. Their journey is especially dangerous because it takes place after the collapse of American society and government, and the pioneers must struggle across the plains in primitive conditions.

Steven feels daunted by this great challenge, despite courageous support from his wife, Mary, and his brothers, John and Paul, but he is determined to do what it will take to lead his people to Missouri safely. The modern pioneers begin their thousand-mile trek with hope and joy, but they soon learn that their path is fraught with dangers, sicknesses, and tragedies they are scarcely able to bear.

While the saints forge their way to the Promised Land, an English billionaire named Gerald Galloway uses his global government, UGOT, to extend his power and influence on the earth. He is supported in his main goals of universal governance and the destruction of the Jews by his cold-blooded French lover, Lucienne Delisle, and by the fanatical false prophet, Colton Aldridge, who uses devil-inspired miracles to convince world leaders to join UGOT’s cause.

As part of his master plan, Galloway imprisons and persecutes the Latter-day Saints and other good people in foreign lands and sends armies to annihilate them in Old America. Saints around the globe must resist these wicked tyrants, even at the risk of losing their freedom and their lives.

Will the Saints have the courage and strength to face these challenges? Through tribulation they must learn to depend on God in order to accomplish their great mission and become the people they were always meant to become.

Note: Originally published in 2000 under the title Zion’s Trail.

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Title: Pioneer One (The Last Days #2)

Author: Kenneth R. Tarr

Publisher: Trubekon Books

Release Date: November 21, 2013

ISBN: 978-1494227746

Formats: 260 pages, 6×9, softcover; e-book

Genre: Apocalypse/Last Days

The Last Days Series: Gathering Storm (book 1)

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