Murder Is Misunderstood by Heather Horrocks

November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

When Denver stay-at-home mom Becky Montgomery caught her husband of twenty years in their bed with another woman, she never dreamed her three children would blame her for the resulting divorce.

Feeling like maternal failures, she and two friends (feisty PI Sam and No-One’s-Accused-Me-Of-Being-Mother Teresa) form the Bad Mothers Club in order to deal with their various child-related heartaches more positively.

When her ex-husband, Jack, is accused of murdering Becky’s first post-divorce date, the Bad Mothers set out to prove his innocence, but only for the sake of her children.

These Bad Mothers have faced everything from terrible twos and sleep deprivation to rebellious teens and heartbreak—they’re not about to let a mere murderer stop them from winning the Worst Mother of the Month award.

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Title: Murder Is Misunderstood (The Bad Mothers Club #1)

Author: Heather Horrocks

Publisher: Word Garden Press

Release Date: November 9, 2011

Size: 260 pages, eBook

Genre: Cozy Mystery


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