The Match Maker by Karey White

November 7, 2014 | 2 Comments

MatchMakerIt’s been six months since Charlotte and Kyle broke up, and the Husband Maker strikes again. Kyle is officially engaged, while Charlotte is still nursing a broken heart.

In an effort to get Charlotte out of her rut, she and her best friend decide it’s time for some good old-fashioned matchmaking. While Aleena arranges for Charlotte to meet up with a handsome Scottish tourist, Charlotte gets her two best friends together.

But when sparks start to fly between Aleena and Angus, Charlotte is left feeling more alone that ever—at least until the charming Scotsman becomes more than just a safe, rebound guy and teaches her that maybe, just maybe, she can dare to open her heart again.

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Title: The Match Maker (Husband Maker #2)

Author: Karey White

Publisher: Orange Door Press

Release Date: November 1, 2014

ISBN: 978-1941898024

Formats: 262 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, softcover; e-book

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Husband Maker:

The Husband Maker (book 1)

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