House Cleaning Oops!

December 21, 2014 | 3 Comments

NLDSFbutton_125I discovered this weekend that comments weren’t showing up on the posts here at (Thank you, Gayle Humpherys!)

So now we have a new framework, new theme, and coming soon, a new post format with some awesome BUY links.

I’d been thinking of doing a bit of a redesign for awhile, but wasn’t planning it right away. However, in researching the comment problem, I found no easy fixes. The various website frameworks and themes I’d been using decided they were no longer going to play well together. Bummer.

I’m still doing some cleaning and organizing, so please be patient while I smooth out all the rough edges.

Known Issues:

  • Post images have disappeared. Getting those added as fast as I can.
  • Previous/Next Post navigation isn’t working right. It jumps a week or two at a time. But the search field at the top works pretty well.
  • Some text looks whack-o due to me not knowing what I was doing several years ago. Trying to clean that up as well, but it’s not a priority.

If you see anything else that isn’t working correctly, please leave a comment.

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