From the Four Winds by Steven Anderson

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FromFourWinds Sci-Fi/Dystopian.

305 pages. Print, e-Book.

Jared Crandall’s life seems as broken as the Utah landscape surrounding him. With the Great Quake having shattered roads throughout the country and isolating him in his cabin, he assumes he will die alone. But Keith Martin, his old LDS missionary companion finds him, arriving on an unusual motorcycle called the XEB. Keith brings a letter from Church headquarters asking Jared to serve again as his companion. They are called to cross a desolate country where anarchy prevails and to fulfill a mission whose purpose is unclear. A call Jared cannot refuse.

In Moab, Jared and Keith join the citizens making a stand against an army of gads—the nickname the locals have coined for those criminals who wear the tattoos of broken chains. A woman named Arsala Taggart fights with the two companions; young and beautiful with a warrior’s mentality, Arsala is determined to protect her town from the marauders. The gads overwhelm the area with an armed tank, leaving little hope for the community. The XEB is the only option to stop the coming massacre.

After facing the gads in Utah, Jared and the others prepare for the end of the world on the ground known as Adam-ondi-Ahman, the land spoken of by prophets and sung about in song since the beginning of time. It is a sacred place where fate has gathered thousands—all who have blown to their destiny by the four winds.

From the Four Winds
by Steven Anderson. April 29, 2014. WiDo Publishing.

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