Extraordinary Zoology (Tales from the Monsternomicon) by Howard Tayler

July 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Professor Viktor Pendrake is a legend in his own time and is the foremost expert in extraordinary zoology. His research demands he place himself in peril to directly observe and interact with his subjects, a peril his assistants must endure as well.

Bookish Lynus Wesselbaum is the picture of a scholar-in-training whose days are often spent sifting through the vast stacks of tomes within Corvis University. Yet Lynus has earned his place as Professor Pendrake’s senior assistant professor, having accompanied his mentor in the field and survived countless encounters with the most dangerous flora and fauna of western Immoren. Lynus is fortunate to be joined by Edrea Lloryrr, a young but eminently capable Iosan arcanist who also assists Pendrake and brings a unique perspective. When word comes of a new menace plaguing the remote villages around Corvis, both Lynus and Edrea find themselves swept up with Pendrake in an adventure that will force them to confront a primeval force of absolute destruction.

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Title: Extraordinary Zoology (Tales from the Monsternomicon)

Author: Howard Tayler

Publisher: Skull Island eXpeditions

Release Date: July 24, 2013


Formats: 129 pages, e-book

Genre: Fantasy

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