Cry Havoc by Keith G. Seegmiller

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A disorder of unknown origin is afflicting the people of Grandsweep. It manifests in mental instability frequently attended by violent behavior. Myths and superstitions about the affliction have multiplied for many years. One of the most enduring theories is that it spreads by contact with, or proximity to, other afflicted persons. Therefore, every public occurrence causes widespread panic, shutting down all normal activities. Thus its street name: Havoc.

Another belief is that Havoc targets those with high profiles in society—the prosperous, famous, powerful or influential. This precludes any motivation for individual leadership and the existence organizations or cooperative efforts. Under these conditions, their civilization is beginning to crumble.

Daine and his older sister, Leeam, are attacked by a violent victim of Havoc. Daine escapes mental and physical injury with the assistance of his sister, but she is afflicted with a dazed condition in which she is unable to speak or care for herself. Daine, overwhelmed by guilt, vows to spend his life seeking a cure for his beloved sister and the cause and prevention for Havoc.

To his frustration, he finds there are no resources with which to fulfill his vow. No one knows enough about Havoc to educate him and few will even discuss it. Even the Brotherhood school he attends offers no courses on the subject and no teachers who will enlighten him.

The Brotherhood is a mysterious group and purportedly resistant to the effects of Havoc. Their purposes include caring for the afflicted and seeking a cause, cure or prevention for Havoc. Upon learning this, Daine decides he must investigate the Brotherhood and, if possible, associate himself with them.

Daine’s obsession with Havoc drives him to dangerous confrontations. He learns little from these experiences but his curiosity and apparent fearlessness come to the attention of the Brotherhood. Through hope, despair, danger and doubt, Daine must balance his life and remain stable enough to effectively pursue his quest before he falls victim to Havoc.

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Title: Cry Havoc (Havoc Journals #1)

Author: Keith G. Seegmiller

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: April 29, 2013

ISBN: 978-1482730296

Formats: 212 pages, 6×9, softcover; e-book

Genre: YA Speculative

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