Cedar Fort’s Christmas Booklets

October 13, 2012 | 3 Comments

I’ve had several requests to post¬† information on the Christmas booklets. I’ll be grouping them together by publisher. These are all from Cedar Fort. As far as I can tell, they are new fictional releases for 2012.


Title: The Candy Cane Queen

Author: Janice A. Sperry

Size: 16 pages, booklet

Susan Winters has a secret. Every year at Christmastime, she abandons her solitary lifestyle and anonymously spreads the joy and spirit of Christmas as The Candy Cane Queen. But this year, something’s about to change.


Title: The Jingle Bell Bum

Author: Patricia Hanrion

Size: 16 pages, booklet

Joseph was a shabby imitation of Santa Clause with his Salvation Army kettle in front of a K-mart, but what no one could have guessed was that Joseph was a miracle waiting to happen.


Title: Mary’s Christmas Child

Author: Bevan Olsen

Size: 16 pages, booklet

Discover the simple beauty of that first Christmas day. This sweet version of the nativity story is narrated by Christ’s mother, Mary, and takes you on a journey through those true events that changed the world.


Title: Saving Savannah

Author: Sara Fitzgerald

Size: 16 pages, booklet

Devan can’t help but blame God for his wife’s death, so the last thing he wants to do this holiday season is celebrate. But when his daughter, Savanna, makes a special Christmas wish, their little family will never be the same.


3 responses to “Cedar Fort’s Christmas Booklets

    My heart needed this story today…for I too have been caught up in the marathon we call “getting ready for Christmas.”

    What a sweet story of a woman who puts aside her own list of “to-do things” to help her teenagers in their fund-raiser…
    She is uplifted in their excitement and holiday carol singing.
    But the one present she wasn’t prepared for was in the form of the Salvation Army bell ringer.
    Over the course of the next few days hearts are warmed, food is shared, thoughts are given and all are edified…and no one is alone.
    This book is a must-read for the season!

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