Angels and Promises of Silver Falls by Rebecca Woods

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“So, now that I’m ‘yours’,” she ventured once again, “do you suppose we’ll ever have more of a family than just us?”

Nathan was quiet for some time. “Four years? I don’t know. It is in God’s hands, Hannah, and if he chooses to bless us that way we will count ourselves fortunate.”

When Hannah married her sweetheart, she thought all her dreams were finally coming true. But the family she longs for still hasn’t arrived. Now more than ever she’ll have to trust that God has a plan for her.

Meanwhile there are big changes coming to the folks of Silver Falls. Some of them are exciting and others might best be called blessings in disguise—deep in disguise.

Catch up with all your favorite characters in the second installment of this beloved series. With a sweet story that evokes the romance of a forgotten era, Angels and Promises of Silver Falls is a taste of small town life that’s sure to bring a smile to any reader.

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Title: Angels and Promises of Silver Falls (book 2)

Author: Rebecca Woods

Publisher: Sweetwater (CFI)

Release Date: May 8, 2012 (previously published)

ISBN: 978-1599559971

Size: 208 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Young Adult

Silver Falls Series: Hannah of Silver Falls (bk 1)

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