Deliverance: Lydia’s Story by Vicki Hunt Budge

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Deliverance: Lydia’s Story by Vicki Hunt BudgeDeliverance: Lydia's Story
Author: Vicki Hunt Budge
Series: Hope & Healing #3
Genres: General: Family/Women's Issues
Format: eBook
Pages: 258
Date: December 15, 2016
Publisher: Eastwood Press

Lydia Blankenship and her husband, Jim, lost their own little girl years ago to a medical mishap. It took Lydia nearly thirty years to stop hating the nurse who administered the wrong medicine. Now, she and Jim are once again in parental bliss as the legal guardians for Lydia’s charming five-year-old grandniece, Gracie. The girl’s mother, however—recently released from prison for drug-related theft—plots to kidnap the little girl and run.

Lydia’s happy days with her grandniece are quickly threatened, along with her tranquil marriage. The law is on Lydia’s side, but her niece, Nicole, has years of experience sidestepping the law. When Lydia turns to her friends to help thwart her niece, they support her crazy antics. When she turns to God, she doesn’t like the answers.

Is Lydia a match for a conspiring ex-con? Is a conspiring ex-con a match for Lydia?

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