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The Magnificent Glass Globe by N.R. Bergeson

The Magnificent Glass Globe by N.R. Bergeson

Eleven-year-old Mary Tucker dreams of visiting the Amazon. But if her father, a museum curator, has his way, she will be well into old age before she ever gets the chance. One day, while mischievously exploring the museum’s warehouse with her brother Ike and best friend Helen, Mary stumbles across an old travel trunk belonging to her grandfather. Inside, they discover a nondescript glass globe. […]

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The Crusaders from Warwick Castle by C. LaRene Hall

Mary, fourteen, and John, almost sixteen, are excited to go on a Ghost Alive Tour at the Warwick Castle in England, but soon find themselves surrounded by blackness in a small enclosure. After much effort, they head down a long, dark tunnel in search of their tour group. After traveling back in time they become fast friends with Richard and Katherine who are the oldest […]

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Mary’s Spyglass by C. LaRene Hall

John, 13, and Mary, 11, discover an ancient dugout along with an old journal written by their Great-Grandpa Holt. As they read the old-fashioned writing, and wish they could see where he lived something strange happens, the dugout whirls around them, and everything goes black. The pair ends up in North Carolina in the year 1813 during the War of 1812. Thrilled with his new […]

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