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Homecoming: Identity by Heather Justesen

Homecoming: Identity by Heather Justesen

When Hank’s twin brother Bo finally returns from Iraq, he walks into  a difficult time for the whole family. Their sister, Karissa, recently found love with the local high school history teacher after a messy divorce—that’s the good news. But now there are two new women in town, who may prove more than these brothers can handle. Love is in the air again in Juniper […]

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Homecoming: Second Chances by Heather Justesen

When Karissa moves back home with her son to Juniper Ridge after her husband leaves her for another woman, she has visions of the comforts of home and her mother’s shoulder to cry on. But her mother’s health problems intrude and that fantasy whirls away. With everything else in front of her, the last thing on Karissa’s mind is getting involved with someone new only […]

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Homecoming by Heather Justesen

Alanna’s biggest secret is about to unravel when her lost love finally comes home. Alanna is surprised by the return of her step-brother and former lover, Kyle, when he shows up to work at the newspaper she writes for as the new head photographer. Unbeknownst to him, they have a daughter from the night before they last saw each other eight years previous. Can they […]

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