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Abbott, Zina  (Historical Romance)

Allen, Jewel (Contemporary Romance)

Allred, Susan Cady  (Teen/Young Adult)

Armstrong, Lindzee   (Contemporary Romance)

Arrington, Anika   (Teen/Young Adult Fantasy)

Atwood, Meg  (Contemporary Romance)

Bastian, Laura B.  (Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance)

Beckstrand, Karl (Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children’s)

Beesley, Mary  (Fantasy,  Young Adult/Teen Fantasy; Contemporary Romance)

Bellon, Julie Coulter   (Contemporary Romantic Suspense; Historical Romance)

Blake, K.B. (Cozy Mystery)

Bradt, Patricia Lyn (Historical Romance)

Branton, Rachel  (Contemporary Romance; Women’s Fiction; Picture Books)

Branton, Teyla  (Urban Fantasy; Science Fiction; Paranormal Suspense)

Brown, Jana S.  (Fantasy, Nonfiction)

Croy, Grace J. (Contemporary Romance; Historical Fantasy Romance)

Davis, Di (Cozy Mystery)

Davis, Diana  (Historical Romance; Contemporary Romance)

Dillabough, Bonnie K.T. (Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy)

DiPastena, Joyce  (Historical Romance)

Easton, Meg  (Contemporary Romance)

Edwards, Paige (Romantic Suspense)

Elkins, Valerie S.   (Non-fiction)

Farb, M L  (Fantasy; Fairytale Retellings)

Fowers, Stephanie  (Christian Romance; Romantic Suspense;  Fantasy Romance; Romantic Comedy)

Glenn, Audrey (Historical Romance)

Grace, Lorin  (Historical Romance; Contemporary Romance)

Harris, Yvonne  (Historical Western Romance)

Hatch, Esther  (Historical Romance)

Henrie, Stacy  (Historical Romance)

Holmes, Michele Paige   (Historical Romance)

Jensen, Cami Murdock (YA Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Christian Fantasy)

John, Rachel  (Contemporary Romance)

Johnson, Jen Geigle  (Historical Romance)

Kae, Clarissa  (Historical Romance)

Kilpack. Josi  S.  (Historical Romance; Cozy Mystery)

Landon, Kristen  (Middle Grade; Teen/Young Adult)

Lee, Brynn (Sweet Romance)

Lewis, L.C.  (Historical Fiction)

Lewis, Laurie/L.C.  (Romance, Women’s Fiction, Romantic Suspense)

Lyon, Annette  (Historical Romance; Contemporary Romance; Women’s Fiction)

McCollum, Jordan (Romantic Suspense; Writing Nonfiction)

McNeil, Roxanne  (Romantic Fantasy)

McShane, Melissa  (Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy)

Montpetit, Kimberley  (Contemporary Romance; Romantic Suspense)

Nielson, Sheila A.  (Middle Grade; Teen/Young Adult)

Noelle, Jo  (Historical Western Romance; Victorian Romance; Contemporary Romance; Time Travel Romance)

Nunes, Rachel A. (LDS Fiction; Christian Romance)

Peters, Jen  (Contemporary Romance)

Pinkston, Caryn  (Picture Books; Young Adult/Teen Fantasy; Nonfiction)

Reyes, Laurisa White (Fantasy, YA, Sci-Fi, Contemporary)

Ridgmont, Julia  (Historical Romance)

Roberts, Constance (Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retellings)

Smith, Tiana  (Young Adult/Teen Romance)

Sowards,  A. L.  (Historical; Historical Romance; Historical Mystery/Suspense)

Sowards, Joan (LDS Romance, LDS fiction, Historical Fiction)

Summers, Sophia  (Contemporary Romance)

Swinton,  Lisa  (Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy)

Symonds, Shannon  (Contemporary Romance; Romantic Suspense; Cozy Mystery)

Thorne, Danielle  (Historical Romance; Nonfiction)

Walker, Laura L.  (Contemporary Romance)

Ward, Marsha (Historical; Historical Romance; Historical Family Saga)

Weaver, Donna K.  (Clean Romance: Contemporary, Adventure, Suspense, Time Travel, Historical)

Wheeler, E.B.  (Historical fiction, Historical Fantasy)

Whitney, Lucinda  (Contemporary Romance)

Zeigler, Amey  (Contemporary Romance)