Exodus: Reprisal by Orson T. Badger

Exodus: Reprisal by Orson T. Badger

2052…1.2 trillion miles from Earth Deep in interstellar space the massive ark continues its long exodus. When the super assassin, Miah, nearly kills two of her cellmates her nemesis, Daalyn, is summoned to the ark’s brig where she has been held for the past two years. He abandons hope that she can be rehabilitated and sets a date for her execution. For almost fifteen years […]

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Miss Braithwaite’s Secret by G.G. Vandagriff

When Caroline Braithwaite, the Incomparable, leaves her first London Season early, the ton is left wondering why. Home in Wiltshire, she does not confide in her parents or her best friend. However, when the duke of Beverley appears at a house party to which they have both been invited, she is seriously discomposed. So is he.Fresh from a broken engagement, the last thing he wants […]

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Dark Light Dance: Refuge by Carole Rummage

After a devastating car accident takes the lives of her parents and younger brother, Laney knows she needs to escape her past. That’s why she accepts an offer from her aunt and uncle to move across the country and live with them in peaceful North Carolina, right next to a wildlife refuge. That’s where Laney meets Gabe, a handsome artist plagued by a mysterious disease […]

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Reached by Ally Condie

After leaving the Society and desperately searching for each other—and the Rising—Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again. But nothing is as predicted, and all too soon the veil lifts and things shift once again… In the gripping conclusion to the bestselling “Matched” trilogy Cassia, Ky, and Xander return to the Society […]

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Texting Through Time: John Taylor & the Mystery Puzzle by Christy Monson

Micah put the phone back together and touched the screen. Nothing. “Maybe it needs to dry,” said Micah, opening up the back and leaving the phone in the sun. After a few minutes, he put it back together, but still nothing. “What are we going to do?” “Maybe we’re stuck here forever,” said Alicia. Micah and Alicia are excited to meet John Taylor as a […]

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Sins of the Mothers by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

Tamar never made any secret that her goal is to break her mother’s heart, now that she has sufficiently ruined her mother’s life. Joyce knows Tamar is a damaged, and Hollis tells her she should cut Tamar loose and stop letting Tamar torment her. But Joyce can’t bring herself to. Will the baby Tamar’s carrying bring mother and daughter together or only drive them farther […]

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Owen Family: Spinster’s Folly by Marsha Ward

Owen Family: Spinster’s Folly by Marsha Ward

Marie Owen yearns for a loving husband, but Colorado Territory is long on rough characters and short on fitting suitors, so a future of spinsterhood seems more likely than wedded bliss. Her best friend says cowboy Bill Henry is a likely candidate, but Marie knows her class-conscious father would not allow such a pairing. When she challenges her father to find her a suitable husband […]

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The Million Dollar Gift by Cheree Alsop

When Chase risks his life to save a brother and sister just before Christmas, his life becomes entwined with theirs more intricately than he could have imagined. Emotional and moving, this is a story of a young man whose troubled heart is tested by the one thing he is unprepared to face, love. A Christmas story. Read excerpt Title: The Million Dollar Gift Author: Cheree […]

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Checkin’ It Twice & Other Heartwarming Holiday Tales – Various

Can Santa learn a lesson from the Savior? Can a foreign exchange student help you see Christmas a little more clearly? Do things really look better from a distance? And just how many holiday ornaments does one woman need? Get in the Christmas Spirit with Volume 2 of award-winning stories from LDS Publisher’s 2010 and 2011 Christmas Story Contests!   Featuring LDS Authors: Click links […]

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Emergence by C. Michelle Jefferies

Assassin Antony Danic has never killed an innocent man. At least the corporation he works for has never given him a reason to think otherwise until now. Reeling from a series of demanding assignments, Antony is desperate for some downtime. As he sits on a beach in Tahiti watching his wife play in the ocean, a messenger from his employer delivers a death threat. Suddenly, […]

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