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This Darkness Light by Michaelbrent Collings

This Darkness Light by Michaelbrent Collings

A man with no past, but who holds the future of the world in his hands. A woman who has sworn to protect him, for reasons she does not understand. A killer who must destroy them, or lose all he holds dear. They are running—from each other, from the plague that is killing all around them, from the dark forces beyond their understanding. Running from […]

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The Colony: Shift by Michaelbrent Collings

The Colony: Shift by Michaelbrent Collings

The dead are no longer the only threat… After all they have gone through, all their struggles to survive, Ken and his friends have found monsters within. Ken is alone. Again separated from his family. And true friends have become enemies. Now Ken must fight again. Alive, but alone. Separated not only by distance, but by speed. And other enemies will come as well. Forces […]

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Billy: Destroyer of Powers by Michaelbrent Collings

Billy: Destroyer of Powers by Michaelbrent Collings

“The third time Billy died, the world died with him.” The world is in chaos, and Death is on the rise. The evil Mordrecai has cut down the Greens. Life is ebbing, and all the world is at risk. Billy’s friends and family are being taken from him, and all he can do is watch. Now he must embark on his greatest, and final, quest. […]

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The Colony: Velocity by Michaelbrent Collings

You can either run fast…or die slow. Once there was a man. Once this man had a child. Once this child was bitten. Once this child came back. Ken Strickland has faced every parent’s dream: a lost child, now returned. Ken has found every parent’s nightmare: a lost child, returned as something else. Facing his son, the world is spinning, picking up speed, moving too […]

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Crime Seen by Michaelbrent Collings

How do you kill a man who’s already dead? Detective Evan White is on the trail of a killer. A madman who slaughters at a whim. A murderer bent on destroying everything and everyone Evan loves. An assassin who can’t be killed… because he’s already dead. Evan is about to begin the longest day of his life. A day that will determine what is true, […]

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Killing Time by Michaelbrent Collings

Tick-tock… time to die. Kristen thought she had nothing. No friends. A mother who bounced her from boarding school to boarding school. A father she never knew. Then she got the call. “It’s after you, sweetie. Still after you.” Now, accompanied by the local bad boy, Kristen has only a few hours to discover the truth. To uncover secrets that have remained hidden for decades. […]

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The Colony: Descent by Michaelbrent Collings

THE DEAD WILL RISE AND THE LIVING WILL FALL. The zombies have trapped them. Just a small band of survivors, alone in a building surrounded by hordes. Ken’s family is shattered. His wife doesn’t trust him. His son is gone. And his daughters… are CHANGING. The survivors want to fight. To live. But some of them will not survive. Some will die – or worse. […]

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Space Eldritch II: The Haunted Stars by Various Authors

The cold of interstellar space is again closer than you think as eleven authors—including New York Times bestseller Larry Correia, Nebula winner Eric James Stone, Amazon #1 bestseller Michaelbrent Collings, and multiple Hugo nominee Howard Tayler—explore what happens when space opera meets Lovecraftian cosmic horror. Contents: A Darklight Call’d on the Long Last Night of the Soul – Michaelbrent Collings Dead Waits Dreaming – Larry Correia […]

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The Colony: Renegades by Michaelbrent Collings

BEING ALIVE means you just have more to LOSE. The zombies are changing. Growing faster. Stronger. SMARTER. Working together to destroy all of humanity. Ken Strickland has found his family. But finding something and keeping it are two very different things. The survivors are bruised. They are broken. And they are about to find out that the worst monsters are among those they count as […]

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Run by Michaelbrent Collings

Your world is a lie! John has lived in Loston his whole life. It’s a small town, the kind of place where everyone is a neighbor; everyone is family. So when a new woman moves to town, it’s news. But not all is as it seems, because when she arrives the entire town changes. Now John is on the run with this mysterious stranger, trying […]

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