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Secret Keepers by Charissa Stastny

Suvi Goldstein has found love with James Hinton, but is tormented by doubt and fear when her knight in shining armor becomes the target of evil men. Can she find a power strong enough to vanquish the hold of her Secret Keepers, or will the dark past forever hold her hostage? James Hinton believes he has won the heart of the woman he loves. When […]

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Eyes of Light by Charissa Stastny

Suvi Goldstein seems like she has it all, yet buried secrets bind her to misery. Emotionally scarred and wounded as a child, she has fled her past into a life of sensual pleasures. Craving light she perceives in a few, yet feeling unworthy of goodness and love, she fights a battle between darkness and light to discover the divine within herself. Austan Sandoval is the […]

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