Summer Book Trek How to Play

SBT How to Play

How to Play

STEP ONE: Read and/or review a novel by an LDS author or co-author.

STEP TWO: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter your points

STEP THREE: Win a book from our Prize Page!


How to Win

  • All you need is some type of online presence to play. This can be any social media or a blog/website. You will enter the URL in the first Rafflecopter option and I’ll create your link on our Readers Page.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 can play. (You do not have to be LDS to participate.)
  • Read and Review as many or as few novels by LDS authors as you want. No pressure, no minimums. No maximums either! Need ideas for those books? Browse this website.
  • Points are tracked via the Rafflecopter form and winners are chosen daily via Winners will be notified by email used in Rafflecopter.
  • More points = more chances to win books!
  • Winners may choose an unclaimed prize from the Prize Page.
  • Winners have one week after the close of the reading challenge to respond to their emails. If winners do not respond, their prize is forfeited.
  • Odds of winning dependent upon number of prizes and entries. It is possible that participants could win multiple prizes.


Things to Know

  • Prizes are books (print, ebook and/or  audio) provided by LDS authors or their publishers. Prizes will be shipped/emailed to the winners by the sponsor. Print books are shipped to U.S. addresses only. Ebook and Audio prizes can be awarded to anyone with an Amazon U.S. account.
  • Prizes are awarded every Monday through Saturday during the Reading Challenge. If you win, you’ll receive an email explaining how to Pick Your Prize!
  • If you need help finding the permalinks to your posts, instructions are here.


Bonus Fun!