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January 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Target by Darci Cole

Target (The Unbroken Tales #1)
Darci Cole


Pressured to choose a bride before his eighteenth birthday, Prince Lex is determined to do things the way he’s read about in legends: run away to find his true love. But soon he is at the mercy of a band of outlaws led by a girl named Robyn.

Prize Format: Print (U.S. only), Ebook (Amazon U.S. only)

Genre/Category: Young Adult Fantasy.

Rating: Moderate. Moderate substance use by adults and/or some use by minors; passionate kissing; mild language; brief (nonsexual) nudity; non-graphic sexual references; moderate violence or horror.

*Winner may choose any title in the THE UNBROKEN TALES series as their prize.


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