Win These Books! Monthly Giveaway



Your book can be part of our Win These Books! Monthly Giveaway. Get a full month of extra exposure for your book on the sidebar of this site and on social media—all for the cost of sending one copy of your book to a winner chosen by me. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


1. Read the information below.

2. Submit the form.

3. Follow the “Get the Most of Your Sponsorship” tips.

4. Send your book to the winner.

Book Eligibility Requirements

  • Spotlight Post. Your book must already have a spotlight post on this site. This can take up to a few weeks to get, so plan accordingly. (No spotlight post? Start here.)
  • Release Date. Your book must have been released in the past 6 months. (A few exceptions may be made for re-releases with significant changes to storyline or length.)
  • Formats. Book prize may be awarded in print or e-book or audio downloads formats. Or you may allow the winner to choose their format preference. To offer the e-book option, you must be able to provide it in both .epub and .mobi formats.
  • Availablity. Book must be currently available for purchase at OR up for pre-orders with a release date during the first week of the month.
  • Frequency. Authors may only sponsor with one book prize per month and may not sponsor two months in a row (unless I am low on sponsors). If you have multiple titles released in a year, each title may have a turn at sponsoring depending on space availability. Sponsorship will be allotted in a way that’s fair to others who want to sponsor. (Example: Depending on the length of my waiting list, your first book may sponsor in January; second book might not have a turn until August or later.)
  • Series books. If book is part of a series, at their discretion, sponsor may choose to give the winner the option of receiving a previous book in the series. (Example: Advertised book is #4 in the series, but if the winner hasn’t read any of them, they may request books 1, 2, or 3 instead.)
  • Publishers. Publishers may sponsor and may submit multiple authors/books. Each author will be considered as a separate submission. However, a single publisher may not take every sponsoring space in a given month.

Acceptance and Verification

  • You will be notified of acceptance via email in advance of your sponsorship month. (Please put my email,, in your safe contacts list.)
  • If for some reason you change your mind about sponsoring, please let me know ASAP so I can find another title to take your place.
  • Acceptance for giveaway spots is totally at my discretion and requests may be denied for any reason, including but not limited to:
    • Competition: too many applicants, less popular genre
    • Unprofessional conduct: slow/no response to emails, missing deadlines, canceling with short/no notice, failure to send prizes, failure to participate in cross-marketing
    • Content or quality issues: poor writing or cover presentation, offensive content
    • Any reason I feel your book is a poor fit for my readership.
  • As a courtesy to me and to stay informed on future sponsoring opportunities, please subscribe to my newsletter and check the Authors & Publishers Only option.

Giveaway Details

  • Giveaway Promos last for one calendar month. All regular Win These Books! monthly giveaways follow these guidelines. (There will be no Win These Books! promotion during the months we have a Reading Challenge.)
  • Info Post will include an image of the book cover; book title linked to; book description; author name linked to author website or blog (when available); author photo; short author bio.
  • Sponsorship spots shall be limited to six in any given month.
  • Sponsoring books will be listed in the post alphabetically by title.
  • Book cover images and links will also be posted in the sidebar.
  • Book cover images in the sidebar will be deleted when the new month’s sponsorship begins. Info Posts will remain part of the blog indefinitely.
  • Newly released and seasonal books will be given preference.
  • Offers of bribes (while happily accepted) will not effect the selection process.

Awarding Prizes

  • On the first business day of the following month, or very soon thereafter, I will randomly select and announce the prize winners.
  • Winners will be displayed on the Rafflecopter widget and sent a notification email.
  • Winner’s email address will be forwarded to sponsor. Sponsor should contact the winner as soon as possible to determine shipping address (for print books) or delivery/format preferences for ebooks and audio books. Please ship or email prize within one week of receipt of address. Also, please keep the winner’s personal information private. Do not add them to newsletter lists unless requested by winner.
  • Print book prizes are shipped to the winner at sponsor’s expense, packaged in such a way that the book will not be damaged during shipping. I suggest USPS Media Mail as it is the least expensive method. All entrants will have a U.S. mailing address.



**I use my Amazon Affiliate links and earn a small percentage on the sale.


Although I cannot imagine a problem developing, I have been advised to state the following: The owners of Storytellers In Zion ( make no claims nor offer any guarantees of effectiveness and shall not be held responsible for any traffic or lack thereof generated by sponsoring Storytellers In Zion. Storytellers In Zion shall not be held liable and prizes may not be retracted if sponsor post is up a few days after the first of the month. The owners of Storytellers In Zion, other companies that support or contribute to Storytellers In Zion, readers, family, friends, neighbors, etc., etc., etc. CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any outcome, positive or negative, that may or may not arise from participation in this sponsorship program, including but not limited to individual blog/website traffic or lack thereof as generated by participation on this blog and/or its contests; increase or decrease of book sales; a late post date; or anything else that may or may not irk you. SPONSOR AT YOUR OWN RISK.