LDS Ebook Promotion now offers targeted promotional opportunities to a small, but tightly-focused niche market. Our visitors are readers who love fiction and who want to support LDS authors and values. Our newsletter subscribers look forward to receiving recommendations for themselves and ideas for gifts for their family members—especially when they are on sale!

Like many other ebook promotion newsletter services, we blast out a daily email featuring your book to our subscribers—complete with “buy” links* to We also post your promo to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. (Click links to see examples.)

If you want to see the promo blast for your book, be sure to subscribe to the Special Offers portion of my newsletter, and like/follow me on  Facebook and Twitter.

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Here’s How It Works

  • Get a My Book Ratings for your book. This is a FREE service and helps match readers with content preferences. (You don’t need to pay for them to rate it for you.) It may take a few days for this rating to go live on their site. You will need the link to your book rating for the Application form.
  • Discount your book. Your ebook must be discounted at least 50% from it’s usual retail price. (This is the regular ebook price, NOT the print price.) We also feature permafree or books that permanently priced at $1.99 or below.
  • Schedule your promotion at Amazon. Your discount must last at least 3 full days. It is your responsibility to make sure your discount is live at Amazon on the start date and continues through the end date that you submitted on your application.
  • Submit your completed Application form. Submit at least 1 week before your promotion is scheduled (but we love it when you give us 2-3 weeks). This gives us time to review your book, create your promo and get it on the schedule. There are a limited number of books featured in each newsletter we send, so the earlier you submit, the more likely you are to be accepted for the dates you want.
  • Acceptance for Promotion. Application does not guarantee acceptance. Your book will be reviewed and evaluated based on the eligibility and criteria listed below. You will be notified of acceptance within one week.
  • Payment of Fees. If you are accepted, a spot in our newsletter will be reserved for you and we will send you a PayPal invoice. You must pay your invoice within 3 days or your spot will be forfeited.
  • Promotional Blast. Your book will be featured in our newsletter on the first day of your agreed upon promotion. It will also be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Book Eligibility

To be eligible for the New LDS Fiction Ebook Promotion, your book must meet the following requirements:

  • Fiction (novels, novellas, or anthologies)
  • Middle Grade, Young Adult, or Adult
  • Written or co-written by an LDS author
  • 90 pages or longer
  • Content rating at My Book Ratings
  • Available for purchase on Amazon
  • Discounted or free, for a minimum of 3 consecutive days



Submission does not mean automatic acceptance. We want our subscribers to be pleased with the books they purchase. When poorly written and/or formatted books are featured in our emails, it decreases enthusiasm for future promotions. A committee will review the Amazon listing for every submission. Make sure your description is complete and the “Look Inside” feature is active.

Availability. Books must be available for sale on Amazon. It may also be available on other reseller platforms, but Amazon is a must. We do not accept preorders for promotion.

Appearance. Books covers should have an appealing and professional design, appropriate for it’s genre. They should also have well-formatted and easily readable interiors that work well on a Kindle reader.

Writing. In this check, we are looking for basic writing skills. Books don’t have to be perfect and we’re not looking at stylistic preferences, but each title should meet minimum reader expectations for a published book. If we find too many spelling errors, mistakes in grammar, or other issues, your application will not be accepted.

Star Rating and Reviews. We prefer at least 15-20 reviews and a 4+ star rating for books we consider for promotion. This said, a particular star rating does not always correlate directly with acceptance or rejection.

We read several reviews at each star level. The content of the review is more important than the actual star level given. We can tell the difference between a thoughtful reviewer and a troll. Trolls will not damage your chance at acceptance. Conversely, a 5-star rating provided by a multitude of family and friends does little if your book does not pass the Appearance or writing criteria.

New Releases. Brand new books may not have many reviews, but we require a minimum of five reviews if it’s less than a month old; 10 reviews if it’s been out more than a month. Exceptions may be made for authors who have a backlist of published books with good reviews, authors who have done well in our reading challenges or giveaways, or if a trusted reader has given it a good review.

Discounts. Discount must be at least 50% of the regular ebook price, and no higher than $3.99. We accept temporary discounts and freebies, as well as permafree and books that are permanently at 99¢.

Discounts must be live by 6:00 a.m. on the day we send out our promotion, and stay live until midnight on the day it ends.

Novellas. Novellas must be 90 pages. That means 90 pages of the main story, not 60 pages of story with the first chapter of other books taking up the remaining pages.

Serials. We do NOT promote serializations. A serial is a book which is released in shorter sequential segments with the intent of later publication as one larger book. Example: Cassandra Jones by Tamara Hart Heiner.

Series. We DO promote series books. A series is made up of multiple books with continuing characters that appear in subsequent books. Each book has a full plot with a resolution of the main story arc. Example: Farworld by J. Scott Savage.

Anthologies. Anthologies MAY be eligible for promotion. For our purposes, an anthology is a collection of selected novellas by the same author or by various authors with a tight theme to each book. Example: The Timeless Romance Anthologies.

Box Sets. Box Sets are NOT eligible for promotion. A box set is a collection of novels or novellas by various authors, that are put together for a limited time. Usually the goal of these sets is to attract new readers and/or to reach a best-seller list.

Exceptions MAY be considered on a case by case basis… if a box set contains books by one author and will be sold as a set for an extended period of time. Examples include a serialization that has been combined in one and is sold as a set (see Southwest Cougars Year 1 by Tamara Hart Heiner); books that go together but are not necessarily a series (see Chasing Tomorrow Box Set by Lindzee Armstrong); or a novel with an accompanying novella (see A Love Story from Portugal by Lucinda Whitney).

Links. We use our Amazon Affiliate links for all emails and posts. This helps cover our time and overhead.

Title Cycle. A frequency cycle for a specific title is 90 days. This means if your book was accepted for promotion, you cannot do another promotion for the same title until 90 days.

Author Cycle. Frequency cycle for an author is three weeks. This means that an author may apply to promote a different title every three weeks. Pen names are independent, and each name may have it’s own three week cycle.

Category/Genre Labels. While all book promos go out to our entire Special Offers email list, they will contain a genre/category label. On our form, you will find a list of genres identified by age and story category. Select the ONE that best describes your book.

A few other categories may be added to your book promo upon acceptance, such as LDS Content (LDS specific content) or Inspirational (religious content).



Please read carefully. By submitting an application form, you agree to be bound by the following:

A Promotion consists of one listing in our Special Offers email for one title (see example); a promo image of same title posted one time to our Facebook page; a promo image of same title posted one time to our Twitter accounts.

Fees are $5 per promotion, payable via PayPal, within three days of date of invoice.

Promotional fees are nonrefundable for any reason other than neglect and default by Author is responsible for setting up their price reduction on Amazon, and ensuring that the price is accurate for the entire time of the promotion, as scheduled.

There will be no refund due to:

  • Acts of God
  • Accidents, technology or human error, or severe illness
  • Temporary server downtime at, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, and/or
  • Failure to properly schedule promotion with Amazon (We will check Amazon on the morning of the promotion. If price is not correct, your promotion will be dropped from the email.)

If promotion is dropped, you may reschedule it to run no later than 14 days after originally scheduled.

If for some reason the promotion is cancelled due to negligence or default by, you will receive a full refund.

If you have any questions, please contact me at ldsbookgeek [at] gmail [dot] com.