2019 New Releases

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Abbott, Zina

Charlie’s Choice (Atwell Kin #0)

• Virginia’s Vocation (Lockets & Lace #19)

Two Sisters and the Christmas Groom (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs)

 • Nathan’s Nurse (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs #19)

Escape from Gold Mountain

• Diantha (Widows of Wildcat Ridge #14)

Abramson, Traci Hunter


Mistaken Reality

Sanctuary (The Guardians #3)

Adams, Jewel

Stories of the Heart

Alderdice, James

Rage (Brutal #3)

Vicious (Brutal #5)

Fury (Brutal #6)

Sowing Dragon Teeth (Iron Discipines #1)

Allen, Jewel

• Heiress and the Billionaire, The

Untamed Prince, The (Billionaires of Mondragón #1)

Sophia’s Christmas Wish (Royal Billionaires of Mondragón #2.5)

Her Billionaire Valentine (Her Billionaire CEO #6)

Her Billionaire Beast (Her Billionaire CEO #7)

• Her Billionaire Single Dad (Her Billionaire CEO #8)

Her Billionaire Sheikh (Her Billionaire CEO #9)

• Cowboy for Auction, A (Riverdale Ranch #2)

• Cowboy’s Love Song, A (Riverdale Ranch #3)

Allen, Josh

• Out to Get You

Allen, Nancy Campbell

Lady in the Coppergate Tower, The

Alsop, Cheree

Dark Coven (Wolfborne Saga #3)

Ghost Moon (Wolfborne Saga #4)

Demon Crew (Wolfbourne #5)

Hunter’s War (Wolfbourne Saga #6)

Amberson, TJ


• Kingdom Of Nereth, The (Nereth #1)

• Counsel Of Nereth, The (Nereth #2)

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Her Stand-in Fake Fiancé

• Catch a Falling Star: Hudson Brothers Romance (The Royal Palm Resort Book 4)

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

Anderson, Rusty

• Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria

Ann, Laura

• Her Billioniare Boss (Overnight Billionaire Bachelors #1)

• Her Billionaire Chef (Overnight Billionaire Bachelors #2)

• Her Fake Billionaire Boyfriend (Overnight Billionaire Bachelors #3)

• Her Billionaire Gardener (Overnight Billionaire Bachelors #4)

• Billioniare’s Best Friend, The (Overnight Billionaire Bachelors #5)

Argyle, Amber

Piper Prince (Forbidden Forest #2)

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Argyle, Michelle

Down the Line

Armstrong, Lindzee

Boyfriend Borrower, The (Book Club #7)

Pretend Princess, The (The Book Club #15)

Match Me Again (No Match for Love #10)

Mistakenly Matched (No Match for Love #11)

My Fake Match (No Match for Love Book 12)

Winning Back the Princess (Royal Secrets #7)

Ashworth, Heidi

Murder in Mirth, The (Lord Tevelin Mysteries #3)

Avari, Josi

• Hen Party (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #2)

• Hard Boiled (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #3)

Aylworth, Susan

• Paris in Springtime (Seasons of Destiny #1)

• Sunny’s Summer (Seasons of Destiny #2)

Monumental Love, A (Timeless Romance Single)

Baker, Bridget E.

• Already Gone

• Finding Cupid (Almost a Billionaire #2)

• Finding Spring (Almost a Billionaire #3)

• Finding Liberty (Almost a Billionaire #4)

Displaced (Birthright #1)

unForgiven (Birthright #2)

Baldwin, Kaylee

One Great Christmas Love Story (My Heart Channel)

Barker, Joanna

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Miss Adeline’s Match

Secrets and Suitors

Beauty and the Baron (Forever After Retellings #1)

Barnson, Jay

Blood Creek Beast (Blood Creek #2)

Bastian, Laura D.

Reluctant Royal, The (The Book Club)

Blacksmith’s Bride, The (The Book Club #14)

Clerk’s Bride, The (Brides of Birch Creek #1)

Widower’s Bride, The (Brides of Birch Creek #2)

Her Crazy Rich Vacation Crush (Crazy Rich Crushes #1)

Her Crazy Rich Ex High School Crush (Crazy Rich Crushes #2)

Rejecting the Prince (Royal Secrets #8)

Promise of Spring (Seasons of Love #4)

There’s Always Tomorrow  (Twickenham Time Travel #9)

Only a Moment (Twickenham Time Travel True Love Romance #3)

Bates, Kevin W.

• Prospector’s Run (Artifact #1)

Baxter, Christopher

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Beers, Laura

Baron’s Daughter, The (Beckett Files #6)

Unfortunate Debutante, The (The Beckett Files #7)

Heiress, The (Ladies of Miss Bell’s Finishing School #2)

Lawfully Courted (The Lawkeepers)

• Agent for Rosalie, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #26)

Agent for Alexina, An (Pinkerton Matchmakers #42)

Clever Alliance, A (Regency Brides: Promise of Love #1)

Reluctant Guardian, The (Regency Brides: Promise of Love #2)

Uncertain Future, An (Twickenham Time Travel Regency Romance #3)

Unexpected Gentleman, An  (Twickenham Time Travel #6)

Unlikely Suitor, An (Twickenham Time Travel)

Bellon, Julie Coulter

Marquess Meets His Match, The

Belt, C. David 

Time’s Plague

Berry, Julie

• Don’t Let the Beasties Escape This Book!

• Long Ago on a Starry Night

Lovely War

Bessey, Sian Ann

Heart of the Rebellion, The

Black, Stephanie


To Die, To Sleep (Natalie Marsh #3)

Bohls, Steven

• Jed and the Junkyard Rebellion

Booth, Jesse

• Outcast

Bradley, Graham

Sleepless Hollow

Branton, Rachel

How Far

Branton, Teyla

Insight (Colony Six #0)

Travels (Colony Six #3)

Street Smart (Imprints #6)

Brimhall, Angela

• Fractured Sleep (Fairy Tale Ink #4)

Britton, Dale

Summoning, The (Legends of Valoria #1)

Britton, Sally

Courting the Vicar’s Daughter (Branches o Love #6)

Penny’s Yuletide Wish (Branches of Love #7)

His Unexpected Heiress (Entangled Inheritance #2)

Captain and Miss Winter, The  (Forever After Retellings #2)

Rescuing Lord Inglewood (Inglewood #1)

Discovering Grace (Inglewood #2)

Saving Miss Everly (Inglewood #3)

Engaging Sir Isaac (Inglewood #4)

Evening at Almack’s, An (Timeless Regency #12)

Brooks, Michael/Mikey

Greeting So Grimm, A (Museum Adventures #3)

Offender (Walls of Primus #1)

Brown, Jana S.

Said in Stone (Chronicles from Alexandria #1)

Brown, John D.

Prey (The Drovers #1)

Budge, Vicki Hunt

Her Believing Heart (Surveyor’s Daughters #1)

Ruby’s Rhapsody (Surveyor’s Daughters #2)

Daring to Dream (The Surveyor’s Daughter #3)

Butler, D. J.

• Cunning Man, The

Witchy Kingdom (Witchy Eye #3)

Butler, Emily

• Freya & Zoose

Cain, Brett


Card, Orson Scott

Hive, The (The Second Formic War #2)

Lost and Found

Cardon, Sara

Captain’s Lady, The (Regency House Party: Havencrest #4)

Carling, Angela

Traxx (Traxx #1)

Carroll, Philip

• Price of Friendship, The (Dimensional Destinies #1)

Carter, Lea

Dragon Sparks (Coddiwomple #1)

Casper, Kylie

Highlander’s Courage (Moonhaven #2)

Cassidy, Jo

Curse of the Beast


Chapman, Heather

Provision for Love, A (Entangled Inheritance #1)

Fairest Heart, The (Once Upon a Regency #1)

Checketts, Cami

Her Prince Charming Boss (Billionaire Boss Romances)

Gentle Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

Pursued Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

Stranded Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

How to Switch a Groom (Jepson Brothers Romance #2)

How to Lose a Fiancé (Jepson Brothers Romance #3)

Committed Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Tough Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romances)

Her Too-Perfect Boss (Quinn Family Romance)

• Her Forbidden Bodyguard (Quinn Family Romance #6)

Extreme Devotion (Steele Family Romance #4)

• Her Dream Date Boss (Steele Family Romance)

• Don’t Date Your Brother’s Best Friend (Strong Family Romances #1)

Her Loyal Protector (Strong Family Romances #2)

• Don’t Fall for the Fugitive (Strong Family Romances #3)

Don’t Ditch a Detective (Strong Family Romances #4)

• Don’t Miss the Moment (Strong Family Romances #5)

Her Hockey Superstar Fake Fiancé (Strong Family Romances)

Conflicted Warrior, The (Sutton’s Security Romance)

Christensen, Rachelle J.

Her Guy Next Door Fake Fiancé (Echo Ridge Romance #5)

Christiansen, Cindy A.

Fraudulent Flights

Clark, Raneé S.

Meant for You

Roxy’s Song (Love in Little River #1)

Her Country Christmas Date

Cluff, Sara Jo

• Immortal Life of Cotton Wyley, The

• Kiss List, The

Cole, Frank L.

Transparency Tonic, The (Potion Masters #2)

Coleman, Daniel

Route of Wares, A (Hollow Island #1)

Mutiny of Marauders, A (Hollow Island #2)

Coleridge, Quinn

Fractured Sleep (Fairy Tale Ink #4)

Collings, Judith

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Collings, Michael

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Collings, Michaelbrent

Darkling Smiles

Scavenger Hunt


Child of Ash (Sword Chronicles #3)

Condie, Ally

Last Voyage of Poe Blythe, The

• Beast, The (Darkdeep #2)

Conger, Angelique

• Convicted Deliverance (Lost Children of the Prophet #6)

Connolly, Rebecca 

Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack #1)

Falling for Centerfield  (Belltown Six Pack #2)

Charming the Shortstop (Belltown Six Pack #3)

Snatching the Catcher (Belltown Six Pack #4)

Flirting with First (Belltown Six Pack #5)

Kissing on Third  (Belltown Six Pack #6)

Rivals of Rosennor Hall, The (Entangled Inheritance #3)

• Beauty, The (Ladies of Miss Bell’s Finishing School #3)

Tip of the Cap, A (London League #3)

By Hook or By Rook (London Legue #4)

Faceoff (Northbrook Hockey Elite #1)

Powerplay (Northbrook Hockey Elite #2)

Spinster and Spice (Spinster Chronicles #3)

My Fair Spinster (Spinster Chronicles #4)

God Rest Ye Merry Spinster (Spinster Chronicles, #5)

Coombs, Kate

• Red Flower, The

Cooper, Natalee

Heart’s Design, A

Correia, Larry

House of Assassins (Forgotten Warrior #2)

• Target Rich Environment, Vol 2

Corry, Judy

When We Began (Ridgewater High #0)

Forever Yours (Ridgewater High #6)

Hollywood and Ivy (Second Chance for the Rich and Famous #2)

Kissing the Boy Next Door (Sweet Water High #3)

Cross, Ali

Deadly Sweethearts (Minnie Kim: Vampire Girl #2)

Seoul Demon (Minnie Kim: Vampire Girl #3)

Daines, Julie

To Love a Governess (Timeless Regency Collection #14)

Dalby, Carrie

• Fortitude

• Perilous Confessions (Possession Chronicles #1)

• Murmurs of Evil (Possession Chronicles #2)

• Tendrils of Passion (Possession Chronicles #3)

Daniels, Janelle

• Destined Duchess, The (The Book Club #16)

Daniels, Robin

• Trouble with Christmas, The

• One of the Girls (Friendzone #1)

Darby, Gary J.

Dragons Over Greenstorm (Dragon Ring #1)

Darling, Michael

Got Lost (Tales of the BehindBeyond #3)

Davis, Diana

• Her Reluctant Rock Star

Davis, Dixie

Inn Danger (Dusky Cove B&B Cozy Mysteries #5)

Dawson, Kristin J.

• Lilac Plague, The

Day, Amberlee

• Famiy Dinners with the Billionaire

Ten Dates with the Billionaire

Dean, Taylor

Heart Thief (Love Under Wraps #1)

Decaria, Ryan

We Shall Be Monsters (Devil In The Microscope #2)

del C. Dye, Anna

Magnolia’s Choice (Royal Romance #5)

Delaney, Shanna

Finding Love in Florence (Love Takes Flight #1)

Love Victorious in Venice (Love Takes Flight #2)

• Love Remembered in Rome (Love Takes Flight #3)

• Reluctantly Matched (Italian Bachelors #1)

• Accidentally Enemies (Italian Bachelors #2)

• Hesitantly Reunited (Italian Bachelors #3)

Demeyere, Mylissa

Rules are made to be Broken (Love Under Wraps #2)

Dunster, S.G.

Fire in the Wall (Caldera #1)

• Eye of the Raven

• Rising Scythe, The (Dumenon Chronicles #1)

• Icy Cord, The (Dumenon Chronicles #2)

Earl, Cheri Pray

Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just in Time #2)

Easton, Meg

More than Friends in the Middle of Main (Nestled Hollow #3)

Love Again at the Heart of Main (Nestled Hollow #4)

More than Enemies on the Bridge of Main Street (Nestled Hollow #5)

Kiss at Midsummer, A (Royal Palm Resort #3)

Eden, Sarah M.

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Lady and the Highwayman, The

Heart of a Vicar, The (Jonquil Brothers #7)

Healing Hearts (Savage Wells)

Evening at Almack’s, An (Timeless Regency #12)

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Edwards, Karen

• Joy to My Love

Edwards, Paige

Catherine’s Intrigue

Eljarbo, Heidi

Trailing the Hunter

Elliott, Jessica L.

• Charming Academy

Ellis, Rusty

Fall of Adam (Chase Harper #1)

• Under Duress (Chase Harper #2)

Erb, Mindie

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Erfert, Debra

Duchess and the Cowboy, The (Denim & Lace #1)

Lord and the Cowgirl, The (Denim & Lace #2)

Duke’s Son and the Cowgirl, The (Denim and Lace #3)

Evans, Loralee

Tabby Cats and Trap Doors

Evelyn, Johanna

• Billionaire’s Predicament, The

Friendly Alliance, A (Heirs of Berkshire #1)

Barrister’s Challenge, The (Heirs of Berkshire #2)

Kindred Connection, A (Twickenham Time Travel)

Everly, E.E.

Novel Proposal, A

• When Love was Everything

Eves, Rosalyn

Winter War Awakening (Blood Rose Rebellion #3)

Falor, Janeal

Sands of Eppla (Sands of Eppla #1)

Farb, M.L.

King’s Trial, The

Ferguson, Danyelle

Origami Girl

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Fordham, Rachel

Yours Truly, Thomas

Fowers, Stephanie

In the Pursuit of Eden

Robin & Marian

Her Billionaire Pirate of the Cove (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Princess and Her Billionaire Scoundrel at Sea, A (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

• Saving Susannah Jones 

Prospector and the Widow, The (Reflections of the Past #2)

Garrett, Jared

Red Prince (The Guide and the Sword #3)

Gashler, Stephen

• Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool

Gay, Sarah

Her Guardian Boss Fake Fiancé

• Third Time’s a Charm

Billionaire Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

Protective Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots) (Moore Family Romance #2)

Patient Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots) (Moore Family Romance #3)

Gifted Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

George, Jessica Day

Queen’s Secret, The (Rose Legacy #2)

Gerdes, Sarah

• Meant to Be

Incarnation #1

• Spirit Warrior, The (Chambers #2)

Gilchrist, Amber

Librarian Picks Her Poison, The (Audrey Scott Mysteries #2)

Grace, Lorin

Not the Bodyguard’s Baby (Hastings Security #1)

Miss Guided and the Billionaire (Miscellaneous Royalty #1)

Miss Oriented and the Billionaire (Miscellaneous Royalty #2)

Gray, Mary

Ripper of Monkshood Manor, The

Rise, Take Flight (Sisters of Bloodcreek #3)

Griffith, Jennifer

Crushing on the Billionaire (Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride #2)

Christmas Cookie House, The (Christmas House Romances #1)

Sleigh Bells Chalet, The (Christmas House Romances #2)

Holiday Hunting Lodge, The (Christmas House Romances #3)

Benched Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #14)

Bookish Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #15)

Burned Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #16)

Guymon, Shannon

Love and Karma (Belfast #1)

• Love and Second Chances

Hadfield, Arielle

• Secrets of Saunder, The

Hadley, Lisa Van Orman

• Irreversible Things

Hale, Chelsea

Billionaire’s Christmas Miracle, The

Secrets, Fireworks, and her Billionaire Boyfriend (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Snowed In with the Movie Star Billionaire (Falling for You #3)

• Her British Billionaire Best Friend (Falling for You #4)

• Hart to Heart with the Billionaire (__)

Hale, Cindy Ray

• Braver Version of Me, A

Hale, Dean

Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle, The (Princess in Black #7)

Hale, Shannon

Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle, The (Princess in Black #7)

Hardy, Jaclyn

Hopeful Heart, The (The Book Club #3)

Blushing Bride, The (The Book Club #11)

Rancher’s Bride, The (Brides of Golden Valley #2)

Butcher’s Bride, The (Brides of Golden Valley #3)

Propector’s Bride, The (Brides of Golden Valley #4)

Renting His Heart (Cottonwood Ranch #5)

Enchanted Heart (Twickenham Time Travel #10)

Harman, Teri

Blue Farmhouse Flowers

Paradox of Love, The

Mercer’s Belles (Timeless Western Collection #3)

Harmon, Amy

First Girl Child, The

What the Wind Knows

Harrison, E. James

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Harrison, Mette Ivie

• Book of Abish, The

Hart, John Leslie

Marry Up!

Hart, Kate L.

Reality Show, The (Reality Show #1)

Whole Package, The (Reality Show #2)

Hart, Taylor

Her Fake New Year’s Eve Boyfriend

• #Lost (#NorthStar #0)

#Seen (#NorthStar #1)

Her Country Star Billionaire Groom (Bachelor Second Chance Cowboy Romances #1)

Her Protector Billionaire Groom (Bachelor Second Chance Cowboy Romances #5)

Her Second Chance Prodigal Groom (Bachelor Texas Rebel Romances #1)

Her Football Boss Fake Fiancé (Brady Brother Romances #4)

• Her Hidden Falls Anti-Hero Cowboy (Hardman Brother Ranch Romances #1)

Her Hidden Falls Doctor (Hardman Brother Ranch Romances #2)

Beauty’s Groom, The  (Last Play Christmas Romances #6)

No Regrets Groom, The (Last Play Masquerade Romance)

Good Groom, The (Texas Titans)

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Hastings, Samantha

• Last Word, The

Hatch, Donna

Week in Brighton, A (Timeless Regency #13)

Hatch, Esther

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Proper Scandal, A

Hathaway, Deborah M.

Nine Ladies Dancing (Belles of Christmas #4)

• On the Shores of Tragalwen (Cornish Romance #0)

• Behind the Light of Golowduyn (Cornish Romance #1)

• For the Lady of Lowena (Cornish Romance #2)

Hawks, Arlem

Steadfast Heart, The (Forever After Retellings #3)

In Pursuit of a Gentleman (Forever After Retellings #6)

Haws, Annette

Maggie’s Place

Heiner, Tamara Hart

• Coercion (Goddess of Fate #2)

• Destined (Goddess of Fate #4)

Henrie, Stacey

Their Wyoming Courtship Agreement

Beneath an Italian Sky (American Heiress #2)

Among Sand and Sunrise (American Heiress #3)

Henry, Katie

• Let’s Call it a Doomsday

Higgins, Marie

• Walk In Heaven, A

Cupid Takes a Wife (Holliday Islands Resort Book 6)

Loving a Scoundrel (How to Love #3)

Loving a Rogue (How to Love #3)

Loving a Charmer (How to Love #4)

Secrets of the Past (Kansas Crossroads)

Lawfully Trusted (Lawkeepers Series)

Lawfully Committed (Lawkeepers Series)

Secretly Matched (Match Made in Heaven)

Suddenly Matched (Match Made in Heaven)

Agent for Evelynn, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #14)

Agent for Claudia, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #27)

Agent for Frances, An (Pinkerton Matchmakers #41)

• Billionaire’s Secret, The (Tycoons #4)

• Loving a Billionaire (Tycoons #5)

• Her Bucket List Billionaire (Tycoons #6)

Kissing a Billionaire (The Tycoons #7)

• Surrendering to a Billionaire (Tycoons #8)


Hill, C.J.

Into the Firestorm (Slayers #5)

Hinds, Jan

• DisEngaged (Otherwise Engaged #5)

Hinrichsen, Ronda Gibb

Finding Anne De Bourgh

Hoagland, Maria

Her App, a Match, and the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Falling for her Billionaire Best Friend (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

• Combustible Engagement, The (Cobble Creek Romance #3)

Santa Cam (MyHeartChannel Romance)

Hogan, Cindy M.

• Kate Unleashed (Code of Silence #4)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Smoke and Summons (Numina #1)

Myths and Mortals (Numina #2)

Siege & Sacrifice (Numina #3)

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Holmes, Michele Paige

Holiday Affair, A (Holiday Harbor #1)

Holyoak, Shauna

• Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers

Horrocks, Heather

#Lost (#NorthStar #0)

#Caged (#NorthStar #3)

• Guy Next Door Billionaire, The (Coconut Bachelor Beach Romances #2)

Blindsided Groom, The (Last Play Masquerade)

Healer Kisses the Big Bad Wolf, The (Moonchuckle Bay #12)

Huffmire, Rachel

Shattered Snow

Hughes, Dean


Hunter, Ann

Dark Horse (North Oak #6)

Against the Odds (North Oak #7)

Husberg, Christopher

Fear the Stars (Chaos Queen #4)

Hyde, Spencer

Waiting for Fitz

Ireland, Ben

• Bleakwood Lore

Iroz, Kari

Undercover Honeymoon (Jaclyn Wiyatt #3)

Isaacson, Liz

Her Cowboy Billionaire Blind Date (Christmas in Coral Canyon #7)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Man (Christmas in Coral Canyon #8)

• Falling for Her Boss (Horseshoe Home Ranch #1)

• Her Last First Kiss (Last Chance Ranch #1)

Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend (Last Chance Ranch #2)

Her Last Make-Believe Marriage (Last Chance Ranch #3)

Her Last Secret Sweetheart (Last Chance Ranch #5 )

• Last Chance Christmas (Last Chance Ranch #6)

Secret Sweetheart (Quinn Valley Ranch #11)

• Landscaping Love (Quinn Valley Ranch #16)

Birthday Boyfriend (Quinn Valley Ranch #21)

Fall Fireside (Quinn Valley Ranch #25)

Rhett’s Make-Believe Marriage (Seven Sons Ranch #1)

Tripp’s Trivial Tie (Seven Sons Ranch #2)

Liam’s Invented I-Do (Seven Sons Ranch #3)

Jeremiah’s Bogus Bride (Seven Sons Ranch #4)

• Her Billionaire Cowboy (Steeple Ridge #1)

Jacobs, Brenna

ABCs of Dating, The

A is for Author (ABCs of Dating #1)

B is for Barista (ABCs of Love #2)

C is for Cowboy (ABCs of Love #3)

D is for Doctor (ABCs of Love #4)

Embracing Her Ever After (ABCs of Love #5)

Falling for a Former Flame (ABCs of Love # 6)

Jacobson, Melanie

Finding Jack

James, Jenni

• My Northanger Abbey (Austen in Love #4)

Jaussi, Christa

Brother’s Keeper

Jenkins, Jennifer

To Kill a Curse (Lingering Sea #1)

Jensen, Cami Murdock

First Earth (Arch Mage #1)

John, Rachel

Emma the Matchmaker

Christmas Bachelor Auction, The (Matched by Mistake #2)

Gorgeous and the Geek (Reality TV #3)

Johnson, Elana

Prince’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #3)

Doctor’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #4)

Rockstar’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #5)

Carpenter’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #6)

Police Chief’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches Romance #7)

Accidental Sweetheart (Carter’s Cove #2)

Bodyguard, Not Boyfriend (Carter’s Cove #3)

Not Her Real Fiancé (Carter’s Cove #4)

She Loves Him… Not (Carter’s Cove #5)

Professor’s Secret Crush, The (Forbidden Lake Romance #1)

Soldier’s Second Chance, The (Hawthorne Harbor #5)

Captain’s Second Chance, The (Hawthorne Harbor #6)

Vice (Sentinels MC Rebels #2)

Stranded with the SEAL (Stranded in Paradise #6)

Stranded with the Quarterback (Stranded in Paradise #7)

Stranded with the Cowboy Billionaire (Stranded in Paradise #8)

Johnson, Jen Geigle

Lady’s Maid, A

Duke’s Second Chance, The (Lords for the Sisters of Sussex #1)

Spun of Gold (Once Upon a Regency #3)

Charmed by His Lordship (Regency House Party: Havencrest #3)

Dating the Duke (Twickenham Regency Romance #1)

Back to His Lordship (Twickenham Regency Romance #2)

Johnson, Sally

Dear Mr. Darcy

• Suddenly Single

Johnston, Aaron

Hive, The (The Second Formic War #2)

Jones, Ron Lee

Broken Bombs

Kammeyer, Kurt F.

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Kay, Shaela

Rodenburg Girl, The (Journeys of the Heart #3)

Keanini, Julia

• Her Favorite Risk (Heathcliff Family #4)

Her Forever Love (Heathcliff Family #5)

Her Perfect Mistake (Heathcliff Family Romance #6)

Their Second First Kiss (Heathcliff Family Romances #7)

• The Island Patriot: Georgia Patriots Romance (Heathcliff Family Romances Book 8)

Their White Christmas (Heathcliff Family Romances #9)

Kissing Game, The (Kiss Academy #1)

Revenge Kiss, The (Kiss Academy #2)

Kissing the Enemy (Kiss Academy #3)

Charming Prince, The (Princes of Valdoria #3)

Spy Prince, The (Princes of Valdoria #4)

Crushing on My Brothers’ Best Friend (Sweet Water High #2)

Kelly, Carla

• Unlikely Spy Catchers, The (St. Brendon #2)

• Regency Royal Navy Christmas

Kersey, Christine

Snowed in with the Billionaire (Ashley’s Billionaire #1)

Assistant to the Billionaire (Ashley’s Billionaire #2)

Trouble with the Billionaire (Ashley’s Billionaire #3)

Ever After with the Billionaire  (Ashley’s Billionaire #4)

Missing Billionaire, The (Billionaires Find Love #2)

Her Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend Fake Fiancé (Christmas in Emerald Falls)

Pandemic: The Beginning (Pandemic #1)

Forced Exodus (Pandemic #2)

No Safe Place (Pandemic #3)

Keyes, Martha


Goodwill for the Gentleman (Belles of Christmas #2)

Wyndcross (Families of Dorset #1)

Isabel (Families of Dorset #2)

Cecilia (Families of Dorset #3)

Kilpack, Josi S.

Daisies and Devotion (Mayfield Family #2)

Candy Cane Caper, The (Sadie Hoffmiller #13)

To Love a Governess (Timeless Regency Collection #14)

Kimball, Heidi

Guarded Heart, A

Maiden in the Tower (Forever After Retellings #5)

Marriage Bargain, The (Regency House Party: Havencrest #5)

King, Emily R.

Before the Broken Star (Evermore Chronicles #1)

Into the Hourglass (Evermore Chronicles #2)

Everafter Song (Evermore Chronicles #3)

King, Kimberly

Evan the Horrible

Trouble with Prince Charming, The (Magical Troubles #2)

Klaus, Amy

• Hearts Unshackled

Kneale, Heidi Wessman

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Knight, Wendy

5th Christmas Kiss, The

Tangled Tinsel

Sea of Flames (Star Crossed Academy #1)

Breath of Wind (Star Crossed Academy #2)

Wave of Smoke (Star Crossed Academy #3)

Rise of Earth (Star Crossed Academy #4)

Spark of Tears (Star Crossed Academy #5)

Krey, Kimberly

Her Best Friend Fake Fiancé (Benton Brothers Romance)

Catching Waves (Royal Palm Resort #2)

28 Days with a Billionaire (Royal Palm Resort #5)

Chemistry of a Kiss (Sweet Water High #5)

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

Landon, Kristen

Omega Alpha

Lange, Rebecca

• Trainee in Action (Heavenly Bodyguards #1)

• Hurtful Conspiracy (Heavenly Bodyguards #3)

Larsen, Annette K.

• All That Stands Between Us

Larsen, Cami

Rise, Take Flight (Sisters of Bloodcreek #3)

Larson, Sara B.

Sisters of Shadow and Light

Lee, Marty C.

Wind of Choice (Unexpected Heroes #1)

Seed of War (Unexpected Heroes #2)

Levenseller, Tricia

Warrior of the Wild

Lewis, Jeanette

Sweet Whispers

Hopeful One, The (Billionaire Bridal Pact)

Love in Honor Given (Lincoln’s Lost Gold #2)

Love’s Shining Light (Lincoln’s Lost Gold Romances #4)

Much Ado About a Boy (Sweet Water High #9)

Lewis, Laurie

Love on the Line (The Graykens #2)

Secrets Never Die

Lieske, Victorine E.

Aria’s Christmas Wish

Don’t Bet on Love (Rockford High #1)

Don’t Fall for Trouble (Rockford High #2)

Don’t Trust the Imposter (Rockford High #3)

Don’t Kiss Your Enemy (Rockford High #4)

Falling for My Best Friend (Sweet Water High #7)

Linton, Chalon

Escape to Everly Manor

Lofthouse, Finlay

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Lotz, Miranda H.

• Healed

Loveless, Valerie

Enduring Promises of the Heart

Luke, Gregg



Lund, Gerald N.

Into the Flames (Fire and Steel #6)

Lynne, Karen

Earl’s Reluctant Bride, The (Brides of Somerset #1)

Courting Eliza (Brides of Somerset #2)

Lady Abigale’s Wager (Brides of Somerset #3)

Isabella’s Promise (Brides of Somerset #4)

Holiday Bride (Brides of Somerset #5)

Lyon, Annette

Girl in Gray, The

Ultimate Bachelor Challenge, The

Week in Brighton, A (Timeless Regency #13)

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

Mae, Cassie

• Missed Kiss (Nerdy Thirties #2)

• Maybe Baby (Nerdy Thirties #3)

Malone, Carol

Hot Corner Magic

Marie, CJ

All My Life

May, Kim

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

McConnell, Lucy

Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Her Marriage Pact with the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

• Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Cowboy Songwriter’s Fake Marriage, The (Brides Wanted Matchmaker)

Her Totally Hot Forbidden Fake Fiance (Christmas Romance)

Intentional Walk (Dating Mr. Baseball #3)

• Heavy Hitter (Dating Mr. Baseball #4)

For Heroes Proved (Lincoln’s Lost Gold #1)

Brotherhood Tested (Lincoln’s Lost Gold Romances #3)

Christmas Magic (My Heart Channel)

Robyn (Marrying Miss Kringle)

It’s a Prank (and Other Teenaged Mistakes) (Sweet Water High #8)

Devout Groom, The (Texas Titans)

McDowell, Kara

Just for Clicks

McShane, Melissa

View from Castle Always, The

Stone of Inheritance (Company of Strangers #2)

Mortal Rites (Company of Strangers #3)

Shifting Loyalties (Company of Strangers #4)

Sands of Memory (Company of Strangers #5)

Book of Mayhem, The (The Last Oracle #3)

Book of Lies, The (The Last Oracle #4)

Book of Betrayal, The (The Last Oracle #5)

Meyer, Anne-Marie

Her Boss (Braxton Brothers #1)

Her Best Friend (Braxton Brothers #2)

Her Protector (Braxton Brothers #3)

Her Ex (Braxton Brothers #4)

Christmas in Honey Grove (Braxton Family Romance #5)

Second Chance Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots)

Loving the Beast (Hidden Hollows #1)

Second Chance at Christmas Inn (Love Tries Again #3)

Rule #5: You Can’t Trust the Bad Boy (Rules of Love #5)

Rule #6: You Can’t Fall for Your Fake Summer Fling (Rules of Love #6)

Misunderstanding the Billionaire’s Heir (Sweetwater High #1)

Miller, Jana

• Springback

Mills, Britney M.

Love Locked (Christmas At Coldwater Creek #1)

Love Lights (Christmas At Coldwater Creek #2)

Love Shots (Christmas At Coldwater Creek #3)

Australian Billionaire, The (International Billionaire Club #1)

• French Billionaire, The (International Billionaire Club #2)

• British Billionaire, The (International Billionaire Club #3)

Vegas Billionaire, The (International Billionaire Club #4)

Mindes, Erin

• Craterface Cate

Mitchell, Norma Pyper

• Other Side of the Closet, The

Monson, Adrienne

Fractured Sleep (Fairy Tale Ink #4)

Monson, Kameo

• I NOT David

Montpetit, Kimberley

Fiancé’s Secret, The (Secret Billionaire Romance #6)

FBI Bride, The (Undercover Bridesmaid #1)

Mostly Dangerous (Women of Ambrose Estate #1)

Moore, Bryce

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Moore, D.J.

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Moore, Heather B./H.B.

Deborah: Prophetess of God

Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack #1)

Falling for Centerfield  (Belltown Six Pack #2)

Charming the Shortstop (Belltown Six Pack #3)

Snatching the Catcher (Belltown Six Pack #4)

Flirting with First (Belltown Six Pack #5)

Kissing on Third  (Belltown Six Pack #6)

Faceoff (Northbrook Hockey Elite #1)

Let’s Begin Again (Pine Valley #7)

All for You (Pine Valley #8)

To Love a Governess (Timeless Regency Collection #14)

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Mercer’s Belles (Timeless Western Collection #3)

Mostly Perfect (Women of Ambrose Estate #2)

Mostly Risky (Women of Ambrose Estate #3)

Moore, Jennifer

Charlotte’s Promise

Week in Brighton, A (Timeless Regency #13)

Mull, Brandon

Master of the Phantom Isle (Dragonwatch #3)

• Smarter than a Monster

Mulliner, Brittney

• Full Strength

His Royal Request (Royals of Lochland #1)

His Royal Regret (Royals of Lochland #2)

Open Net (Utah Fury #6)

Nelson, Brynne

Dragon (If You Couldn’t Tell) (Dragon #1)

Newbold, Ashtyn

Earl’s Mistletoe Match, The (Belles of Christmas#3)

Romancing Lord Ramsbury (Brides of Brighton #3)

• Miss Weston’s Wager (Brides of Brighton #4)

Unexpected Bride, An (Brides of Brighton #5)

Unwelcome Suitor, An (Entangled Inheritance #4)

Midnight Heiress, The (Once Upon a Regency #2)

Nichols, M.A.

Shameless Flirt, The

Honor and Redemption (Regency Love #4)

Smoke and Shadow (Shadow Army #1)

Blood Magic (Shadow Army #2)

Dark Destiny, A (Shadow Army #3)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Deceiver’s Heart, The (Traitor’s Game #2)

Words on Fire

Noelle, Jo

Immediately Wanted: Fiancée (Bucket List Billionaire Romance #1)

Suddenly Required: Bride (Bucket List Billionaire Romance #2)

Invitation from Isla (Cowboys and Angels #36)

Match for the Mayor (Cowboys and Angels #40)

Proposal by Post (Cowboys & Angels #45)

Healing His Heart (Cowboys & Angels #49)

Timid Heart, A (Kansas Crossroads)

Two-Step with Tess (Matchmaker’s Ball #1)

Love Match (Twickenham Time Travel #5)

Norton, Preston

Where I End and You Begin

Odekirk, Tiffany

Love Sidelined

Oram, Kelly

Girl at Heart

Pack, Jessica

Whatever It Takes

Padilla, Katherine

Alien Roads (Dominion Over the Earth #2)

Palmer, L

Matchgirl and the Magician, The

Patron, Alice

Rachel’s Valley

Patterson, Janci

• Extra, The

Pattillo, L.A.

• Faith of a Bride, The (Women of Faith novella)

Faith of a Wife, The (Women of Faith #1)

Faith of a Queen, The (Women of Faith #2)

Paulson, Bonnie R.

• Mail-Order Billionaire Cowboy (Cowboys of Clearwater County #6)

Matched with Her Cowboy Billionaire (Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County #1)

• Running from the Renegade (Renegades of Clearwater County #1)

• Chasing the Renegade (Renegades of Clearwater County #2)

• Wedding the Renegade (Renegade’s of Clearwater County #3)

• It’s Our Little Secret (Rossi Family Rebels #1)

• He’s My Prince (Rossi Family Rebels #2)

• Run Away with Me (Rossi Family Rebels #3)

• Just Say I Do (Rossi Family Rebels #4)

• Forbidden Step-Brother, The (Seattle Mafia #1)

• Forbidden Prince, The (Seattle Mafia #2)

• Forbidden Mountain Man, The (Seattle Mafia #3)

• Forbidden Husband, The (Seattle Mafia #4)

Stranded with Her Second Chance (Stranded in Paradise #2)

Stranded with the Rockstar (Stranded in Paradise #3)

Stranded with the Billionaire (Stranded in Paradise #4)

Pearson, Andrea

Demon of Darkness (Koven Chronicles #6)

Shadow Prophet (Midnight Chronicles #1)

Evening Storm (Midnight Chronicles #2)

Peaslee, Jessilyn Stewart

Awake at Widmore Manor (Once Upon a Regency #5)

Peel, Jennifer

My Not So Wicked Stepbrother (My Not So Wicked #1)

• My No So Wicked Ex-Fiance (My Not So Wicked #2)

My Not So Wicked Boss (My Not So Wicked #3)

Return to Sender (Pine Falls #1)

Pennington, Michelle

Snowfall and Mistletoe (Christmas in Willow Falls #3)

• To Love a Lord (Rebellious Hearts #1)

Vexatious Widow, The (Regency House Party: Havencrest #2)

Saved by the Movie Star (Rich & Famous #2)

• Saved by the BIllionaire (Rich and Famous #3)

Saved by the Prince (Rich & Famous #4)

Before We Say Goodbye (Summer of First Kisses #1)

Never Let Me Forget (Summer of First Kisses #2)

When Everything Changes (Summer of First Kisses #3)

Until We Were More (Summer of First Kisses #4)

Flirting with the Bad Boy (Sweet Water High #4)

Penrod, Erica

Her Brilliant Cowboy Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Her Counterfeit Wedding to the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

His Beautiful Billionaire Distraction (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Charming Christmas (MyHeart Channel)

Perkins, Luisa

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Perry, Amber Lynn

Upon My Heart Forever (Timeless Romance Single #9)

Perry, Anne

Christmas Gathering, A

Triple Jeopardy (Daniel Pitt #2)

Death in Focus (Elena Standish #1)

Peters, Jen

Trusting His Heart (McCormick’s Creek Sweet Romance #1)

Safe in His Heart (McCormick’s Creek Sweet Romance #3)

Stealing His Heart (McCormick’s Creek Sweet Romance #4)

Christmas Key to Her Heart, The (McCormick’s Creek Sweet Romance #5)

Peterson, Kathi Oram


Petrarch, Nicholas

• Daughters of Aether

Pope, M

• Calli on the Loose

Poole, Sandra

Secret Song of the Ditch Lilies, The (with Jennifer Youngblood)

Porter, Mariah K

That Prince Guy (Recovering Happily Ever After #1)

Poulson, Clair M. 


Fool’s Deadly Gold

Watch Your Back

Powell, Christie Valentine

Mira’s Griffin

Pratt, Sheralyn

Starbreaker (Pimpernel #3)

Quill, Ava S.

• Love Is a Wistful Song

Redd, Jane

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Reeder, Joanna

• Frigid

Reyes, Laurisa White


Defiant (Crystal Keeper #5)

Fallen (Crystal Keeper #6)

Richards, Jill S.

• Crown of Deception: Secrets and Blood

Richins, Keena

Sense Without Sensibility (Pemberley Estates #3)

Ridgmont, Julia

Love Revealed, A

Emeline’s Redemption (Belles of Wyoming #10)

In the Nick of Time (Belles of Wyoming #12)

Daring to Love Again (Belles of Wyoming #27)

Glimmer of Hope (Brides of Hope Hollow #1)

An Agent for Jessica (Pinkerton Matchmaker #19)

Agent for Hallie, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #32)

An Agent for Meg (Pinkerton Matchmaker #45)

Home for Christmas, A (Spinster Mail-Order Brides #17)

Robb, David Glen

Paul, Big, and Small

Roberts, Constance

Strung (Twisted Fairy Tales #5 )

Rupp, Megan

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Sanderson, Brandon

Starsight (Skyward #2)

Sangster, Caitlin

Dead Moon Rising (Last Star Burning #3)

Schneider, Jo

• #Lost (#NorthStar #0)

#Lured (#NorthStar #2)

Mermaid, The (Fairy Tale Academy #1)

Fractured Sleep (Fairy Tale Ink #4)

Scott, Regina

• Never Marry a Marquess

Distance Too Grand, A (American Wonders Collection #1)

Never Kneel to a Knight (Fortune’s Brides #5)

Sears, Gale

• Fifth Favorite, The

Sharp, Crissy

For the Love of Funyuns and Second Chances ((Strawberry Lake Estates #3)

Shields, Breeana

• Bone Charmer, The

Shurtliff, Liesl

Obsidian Compass, The (Time Castaways #2)

Skye, Obert

Geeked Out (Lame New World #1)

Bigger, Badder, Nerdier (Geeked Out #2)

Apprentice Needed (Wizard for Hire #2)

Smith, Tiana

Match Me If You Can

Sneed, Theresa

Salem Bewitched (Salem Witch Haunt #3)

Snow, RuthAnne

When the Truth Unravels

Sokol, Connie E.

Pride and Persuasion (Echo Ridge #2)

Loving Like Jane (Princeton Ladies #1)

Sowards, A.L.

Redgrave Murders, The

Spencer, Julie L.

Running to You

Pass Me the Ball (All’s Fair in Love & Sports)

Basketballs and Mistletoe (All’s Fair in Love and Sports #4)

Who Wants to Marry a Mormon Girl? (Love Letters #1)

Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire Gamer? (Love Letters #2)

Stansfield, Anita

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Angel of Grey Garden, The

Emerald Heart of Courtenay, The

House of Stone & Ivy, The

Stewart, Erin

Scars Like Wings

Stockton, Kasey

• Duke for Lady Eve, A (Belles of Christmas #5)

• His Stand-In Girlfriend (Christmas in the City #1)

• Snowed in on Main Street (Christmas in the City #2)

• His Amiable Bride (Featherbottom Chronicles)

• Snowflake Wishes (Holly Springs #1)

• Love in the Bargain (Women of Worth #1)

• Love for the Spinster (Women of Worth #2)

• Love at the House Party (Women of Worth #3)

• Love in the Wager (Women of Worth #4)


Strunk, Mindy Burbridge

Unmasking Lady Caroline (Belles of Christmas #1)

Miss Marleigh’s Pirate Lord (Regency House Party: Havencrest #1)

Reforming the Gambler (Scoundrels, Rakes and Rogues #1)

Baron’s Rose, The (Unlikely Match #2)

Summers, Sophia

Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack #1)

Falling for Centerfield  (Belltown Six Pack #2)

Charming the Shortstop (Belltown Six Pack #3)

Snatching the Catcher (Belltown Six Pack #4)

Flirting with First (Belltown Six Pack #5)

Kissing on Third  (Belltown Six Pack #6)

Bride’s Secret, The (Love & Marriage #1)

Bride’s Cowboy, The (Love & Marriage #2)

Bride’s Billionaire, The (Love & Marriage #3)

Taming Scrooge (Love for the Holidays #1)

It’s a Wonderful Date (Love for the Holidays #2)

Miracle on 34th Floor (Love for the Holidays #3)

Invited Home for Christmas (Love for the Holidays #4)

Faceoff (Northbrook Hockey Elite #1)

Once Upon a Royal Billionaire (Royal Prince Society #1)

Hiding out with a Royal Billionaire (Royal Prince Society #2)

Her Billionaire to Remember (Texas Ranch Romance #5)

• Her Billionaire Secret Romance (Texas Ranch Romance #6)

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Her Billionaire Professor (Vacation Billionaires #2)

Her Billionaire Bellboy (Vacation Billionaires #3)

Swenson, Daniel

• Dragon’s Fate, A

Swinton, Lisa

Kiss & Makeup (Destination of Heart #2)

• Love in Bloom (Destination of Heart #3)

Swore, Wendy S.

Monster Like Me, A

Symonds, Shannon

Finding Hope

Tate, Kristy

• Christmas Coins

• Irish Wishes

• Little White Christmas Lie, The

Oblivous Billionaire, The (Misbehaving Billionaire #2)

Tarbot, Scott E.

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Taylor, Angie

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Taylor, Scott William

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Thayer, Mike

• Vacant Realm, The

Thorley, Addie

• Affair of Poisons, An

Thorne, Danielle

Garland’s Christmas Romance

Henry’s Holiday Charade

Privateer of San Madrid, The

Valentine Gold

Brushstrokes & Blessings (Blessings of Love #1)

Todd, Ilima

Song for the Stars, A

Tolley, Diane Stringham

Deborah: Fugitive of Faith (Daughters of Ishmael #3)

Tuft, Karen

Kit and Elizabeth

Tullis, Heather

Deal Breakers (Crystal Creek)

Unshakable Love (Shelter Sisters #1)

Van, Nichole

Suffering the Scot (Brotherhood of the Black Tartan #1)

Van Dolzer, Krista

Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten , The

Vandagriff, GG

Oxford Murder, An (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries #1)

Miss Saunders Takes a Journey (Saunders Family #2)

Walker Anneka R.

• Love in Disguise

• Her Three Suitors (Regency Ever After #1)

Wallace, Becky

Stealing Home

Walls, Devri

Promises Forged (Venators #2)

Watson, Kate


Weaver, Donna K.

Luck of the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD #2)

Three Fortunes for the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD #3)

Lass for the Billionaire, A (Billionaires of REKD #4)

Forever Gift, The (The Gift Series #2)

Match for Maude, A (Lilac City #1)

Dandy for Doris, A (Lilac City #2)

Lady for Luke, A (Lilac City #3)

With the Magic  (Twickenham Full-Moon Ball Romance #2)

For the Magic (Twickenham Full-Moon Ball Romance #3)

Weisgarber, Ann

• Glovemaker, The

Weist, Jaclyn

My Secret Santa (My Secret Crush #1)

Wells, Robinson

Warning, The (and James Patterson)

West, David J.

Let Sleeping Gods Lie (Cowboys & Cthulhu #1)

West, Kasie

Fame, Fate and the First Kiss

Maybe This Time

Wheeler, E.B.

Bone Map, The

Bootleggers & Basil

Wheeler, Jeff

Prism Cloud (Harbinger #4)

Broken Veil (Harbinger #5)

• Poisoner’s Revenge, The (Kingfountain #__)

White, Kiersten

Guinevere Deception, The (Camelot Rising #1)

Slayer (Slayer #1)

Whitesides, Tyler

Wishbreaker, The (Wishmakers #2)

Whitney, Lucinda

Always You (Falling for You Romance #1)

Marry Me at Dawn (Romano Family #6)

Rescuing the Prince (Royal Secrets #6)

Williams, Carol Lynch

Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just in Time #2)

Wilson, Sariah

#Awestruck (#Lovestruck #3)

Friend Zone, The (End of the Line #1)

Woodward, Marie

Goodbye, Nauvoo

Workman, RaShelle

Kissed by a Rose (Dead Roses #2)

Hidden Princess (Fairy Academy #1)

Broken Curse (Fairy Academy #2)

Goddess Curse (Gods and Paranormals #1)

Mystical Gift (Gods and Paranormals #2)

Venus Falling (Immortals #1)

Blood and Snow (Seven Magics Academy #1)

Fate and Magic (Seven Magics Academy #2)

Queen of the Vampires (Seven Magics Academy #3)

Deadly Witch (Seven Magics Academy #4)

Royal Witch (Seven Magics Academy #5)

Wright, Julie

Glass Slippers Ever After

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Youngblood, Jennifer

Secret Song of the Ditch Lilies, The (with Sandra Poole)

Her Blue Collar Boss (Billionaire Boss Romances)

Her Lost Chance Boss (Billionaire Boss Romances)

Cooking With the Doc (Falling for the Doc #1) with Craig Depew

Dancing with the Doc (Falling for the Doc #2) with Craig Depew

Twelfth Hour Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

Unstoppable Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

One Perfect Day (Romeo Family Romance #1)

Meet Me in London (St. Claire Sisters #1) with Haley Hopkins

Impossible Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Zeigler, Amey

Swiss Mishap, The

Zentner, Jeff

Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee




Christmas Anthologies

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Mystery/Suspense Anthologies


Other Anthologies

Wards & Rumors of Wards (ANWA Fiction Anthologies #1)

Speculative Anthologies

Fractured Sleep (Fairy Tale Ink #4)

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Timeless Regency Collection

Evening at Almack’s, An (Timeless Regency #12)

Week in Brighton, A (Timeless Regency #13)

To Love a Governess (Timeless Regency Collection #14)

Timeless Romance Anthology

Kissing a Billionaire (Timeless Romance #22)

Midsummer Night (Timeless Romance #23)

Timeless Western Collection

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

Mercer’s Belles (Timeless Western Collection #3)