2018 New Releases

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Abbot, Zina

Otto’s Offer (Lockets & Lace #3)

Nissa (The Widows of Wildcat Ridge #3)

Abramson, Traci Hunter


Tripwire (Saint Squad)

With a Kiss Anthology

Adams, Jewel

Heart of Rue, The

Alameda, Courtney

Pitch Dark

Alderdice, James

Fierce (Brutal #2)

Savage (Brutal #3)

Allen, Jewel

Her Billionaire Bodyguard (Her Billionaire CEO #1)

Her Billionaire Prince (Her Billionaire CEO #2)

Her Billionaire Cowboy (Her Billionaire CEO #3)

Her Billionaire Santa (Her Billionaire CEO #4)

Her Billionaire Spy  (Her Billionaire CEO #5)

Rogue Raider, The (Islands of the Crown #3)

Cowboy for Christmas, A (Riverdale Ranch #1)

Heartbreak & Outbreak (Romance on the Run #1)

Allen, Nancy Campbell

Kiss of the Spindle

Orient Express, The (Timeless Victorian Collection #3)

Allred, Lee

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Allred, Tara C.

Christmas Kisses (Seasons of Bear Lake #1)

Alsop, Cheree

Game Breaker

Orion’s Fall

City of Demons (Haunted High #3)

• Cage the Beast (Haunted High #4)

Ashes of Night (Haunted High #5)

Defiance (Wolfborne Saga #1)

Ricochet (Wolfborne #2)

Amberson, TJ

Love at Lakewood Med

Alva, Sarah

Everything She Wants

Andersen, Laura

Darkling Bride, The

Anderson, Cindy Roland 

Caught Kissing the Cowboy (Return to Snow Valley)

Rogue Warrior, The (Navy SEAL Romances 2.0)

Anderson, Rachael

My Sister’s Intended (Serendipity #1)

My Brother’s Bride (Serendipity #2)

Argyle, Amber

Stolen Enchantress (Forbidden Forest #1)

Armstrong, Lindzee

Match Me If You Can (No Match for Love #7)

Match Me by Christmas (No Match for Love #8)

Never Say Match (No Match for Love #9)

Arrington, Anika

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Ashworth, Heidi

Scandal in Honor, The (Lord Trevelin Mysteries #2)

Baldwin, Cindy

Where the Watermelons Grow

Baldwin, Kaylee

One Little Kiss

Take a Chance on Me

Making the Play (Sports Moms & Romance)

Banner, Daniel

• 9 Reasons to Fall in Love (MyHeartChannel Romance)

Peaceful Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Captivating Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Lone Warriors, The (Navy Seal Romances 2.0 Intro)

Honest Warrior, The (Navy SEAL Romances 2.0)

Her Christmas Miracle (Park City Firefighter Romance)

Barker, Joanna

Truth About Miss Ashbourne, The

Barnson, Jay

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Blood Creek Witch (Blood Creek #1)

Bartlet, Liv

Off Script (Monkey & Me #2)

Bastian, L.K.

Don’t Talk to Strangers Anthology

Kegan (Daimon High #3)

Emily (Daimon High #4)

Kat (Daimon High #5)

Bastian, Laura D.

Autumn’s Embrace (Seasons of Love #3)

• Love’s Past (Twickenham Time Travel Romance)

Beers, James D.

Laughs & Spooks (Laughs & Spooks #1)

Beers, Laura

To Love a Spy (Beckett Files #3)

Tangled Ruse, A (Beckett Files #4)

Deceptive Bargain, A (Beckett Files #5)

Agent for Audrey, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #5)

Belliston, Rebecca

Heart of Red, Blood of Blue 

Bellon, Julie Coulter

Second Look (Griffin Force #4)

• Love’s Journey Home (Lincoln Love Stories #2)

• Highlander’s Hidden Heart, A (Timeless Romance Single #7)

• Truth or Dare

Belt, C. David 

Arawn Prophecy, The

Bennett, Jennie


Runaway Pop-Star

Silver Screen Dreams (My Korean Crush #2)

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty

Unseen Wounds

Bessey, Sian Ann

Gem Thief, The

Black, Teri Bailey

Girl at the Grave

Blackwood, Finn

Plight of the Pact, The (Relic Heir #2)

Bleeker, Emily

Waiting Room, The

Branton, Rachel

No Secrets or Lies (Lily’s House #6)

Cowboy’s Can’t Lie (Lily’s House #7)

Branton, Teyla

Visions (Colony Six #2)

• First Touch (Imprints #0)

• Upstaged (Imprints #3)

Under Fire (Imprints #4)

• Blinded (Imprints #5)

With a Kiss Anthology

Britton, Dale

Too Much Information

Britton, Sally

Martha’s Patience (Branches of Love #0)

• Social Tutor, The (Branches of Love #1)

Gentleman Physician, The (Branches of Love #2)

His Bluestocking Bride (Branches of Love #3)

Earl and His Lady, The (Branches of Love #4)

Miss Devon’s Choice (Branches of Love #5)

Brown, Marilyn

Road to Covered Bridge

Brown, Shelly


Butler, Dave

Library Machine, The (Clockwork Charlie #3)

Butler, D.J.

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Witchy Winter (Witchy Eye #2)

Buttimore, Anna Jones

Fields of Glory 

Husband Hunt, The

Card, Orson Scott

Town Divided by Christmas, A

Cardon, Sara

Stable Master’s Daughter, The  (Regency House Party #4)

Carling, Angela

Five Days Five Kisses

Carroll, Stacy Lynn

Christmas Kisses (Seasons of Bear Lake #1)

Castor, Rachelle Pace

Angels in Every Storm (Christmas booklet)

Cassidy, Jo

Don’t Talk to Strangers Anthology

Good Girls Stay Quiet

Willow Marsh

Chandler, Kristen

Thief of Happy Endings

Chapman, Heather

Forever Elle

• Forgotten Girl, The

Checketts, Cami

Her Billionaire Boss Fake Fiancé

Counterfeit Date (Echo Ridge Single)

My Best Man’s Wedding (Echo Ridge Single)

Seeking Mr. Debonair (Jane Austen Pact #1)

Seeking Mr. Dependable (Jane Austen Pact #3)

Protective Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Captivating Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Stealth Warrior, The (Navy SEAL Romances 2.0)

Snowed-In for Christmas (Park City Firefighter Romance)

Fighting for Love (Return to Snow Valley)

Beastly Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Irresistible Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Trustworthy Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Determined Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Devoted Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Chow, Sarah

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Christensen, Rachelle J.

Claire’s Christmas Dance 

Refugee’s Billionaire, The (Burke Billionaire Romance #3)

Coming Home to Love (Echo Ridge Singles)

Princess Bride of Riodan, The (Echo Ridge Singles)

With a Kiss Anthology

Christiansen, Cindy A.

Christmas Spoons

Hawk Mountain Heist

Clark, Raneé S.

Beneath the Bellemont Sky

Cole, Frank L.

Eternity Elixir, The (Potion Masters #1)

Coleman, Daniel

• Red Knight (Knights of Wonderland #2)

Coleridge, Quinn

Isabelle and James (Veritas #3)

Collings, Michaelbrent


Condie, Ally

Darkdeep, The

Conger, Angelique

Lost Children of the Prophet (Lost Children of the Prophet #1)

Captured Freedom (Lost Children of the Prophet #2)

Connolly, Rebecca

• Lady and the Gent, The (London League #1)

Rogue About Town, A (London League #2)

Love Out of Focus

Merry Lives of Spinsters, The  (Spinster Chronicles #1)

Spinster and I, The (Spinster Chronicles #2)

Queen’s Ball, The (Timeless Victorian #4)

Conrad, Sophia

Serving the Prince (Royal Secrets #3)

Correia, Larry

Target Rich Environment

Corry, Judy

Billionaire Bachelor, The (Matched with a Billionaire #1)

Meet Me There (Ridgewater High Romance #2)

It Was Always You (Ridgewater High Romance #3)

My Second Chance (Ridgewater High Romance #4)

My Mistletoe Mix-Up (Ridgewater High #5)

Cowley, Katherine

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Cowley, Scott

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Cross, Ali.

First Kisses Suck (Minnie Kim: Vampire Girl #1)

Cross, Ali M. 

Christmas Kisses (Seasons of Bear Lake #1)

Sing to Me (Highlands #1)

Curran, Chelsea

Burnheart Redemption, The

Cutler, Chris

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Daines, Julie

From Ash and Stone

Road to Gretna Green (Timeless Regency #10)

Darby, Gary J.

Wings of Fire (Legend of Hooper’s Dragons #7)

Sacrifice of the Heart (Legend of Hooper’s Dragon #8)

Davis, Dixie

Inn Over Her Head (Dusky Cove B&B #1)

Inn Trouble (Dusky Cove B&B #2)

Inn Vain (Dusky Cove B&B #3)

Inn Dire Straits (Dusky Cove B&B #4)

Dean, Taylor

Me and You Thing, A

• Hothouse Flower (Sound of Silence #3)

del C. Dye, Anna

Dark Mirror Image (Royal Romance #4)

Demeyere, Mylissa

Songs of You and Me, The (The Songs #1)

Songs That Brought Me Back, The (The Songs #2)

DiPastena, Joyce

With a Kiss Anthology

Driscoll, Simon

Dark Eagle, The (Ruin & Restoration #1)

Easton, Meg

Second Chance on the Corner of Main (Nestled Hollow Romance #1)

Christmas at the End of Main (Nestled Hollow Romance #2)

Eden, Sarah M.

Ashes on the Moor

Loving Lieutenant Lancaster (Lancaster Family #4)

Long Journey Home (Longing for Home #5)

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

Calico Ball (Timeless Western Collection #1)

Elliott, Jessica L. 

Santa’s Visit in Romance (Christmas in Romance #6)

Ellsworth, Spencer

Memory’s Blade (Starfire #3)

Erfert, Debra

Fire Setters (Shane Investigations #1)

Silk Strangler, The (Shane Investigations #2)

Evans, Loralee

Racoons and Rabbit Holes

Evelyn, Johanna

Billionaire’s Secret, The (Billionaire Club #1)

Billionaire’s Conflict, The  (Billionaire Club #2)

Billionaire’s Promise, The (Billionaire Club #3)

Tropical Tidings (Second Chance with You #5)

Popcorn Prince, The

Eves, Rosalyn

Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2)

Falor, Janeal

• Death’s Embrace (Death’s Queen #3)

Death’s Assassin (Death’s Queen #4)

Mother of the Chosen   (Mother of the Chosen #1)

Protector of the Chosen  (Mother of the Chosen #2)

Ferguson, Danyelle

With a Kiss Anthology

Fitzgerald, Sara

• Miracle for Ann, A (Christmas booklet)

Fowers, Stephanie

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Frank, Carolyn Twede

Heart of the West

Garrett, Jared

Usurper (The Guide & the Sword #2)

Gay, Sarah

Her Country Star Fake Fiancé   

Love by Christmas (Park City Firefighter Romance)

Spark of a Kiss, The (Park City Firefighter: Station 2)

Forbidden Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Storybook Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

George, Jessica Day

Rose Legacy, The

Grace, Lorin

Healing Sarah (American Homespun #3)

Mending Walls with the Billionaire (Artists & Billionaires #3)

Mending Images with the Billionaire (Artists & Billionaires #4)

Mending Words with the Billionaire (Artists & Billionaires #5)

Mending Hearts with the Billionaire (Artists & Billionaires #6)

Grant, K.C.

Neverland Inn, The

Grantham, Tamara

Grayghost (Fairy World MD #7)

Gray, Mary

Sleep, Don’t Fret (Sisters of Bloodcreek #2)

Griffith, Jennifer

Billionaire’s Blue Christmas, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #13 )

Illegally Wedded (Legally in Love #6)

Moot Court (Legally in Love #7)

• First & Last Christmas Date (Legally in Love #8)

• My 90s Boy Band Boyfriend (Teen Queens #2)

Hale, Ben

Fragment of Water, The (Shattered Soul #1)

Hale, Chelsea

Undercover Resort Billionaire, The (Falling for You #1)

Her Fake Christmas Eve Billionaire Boyfriend (Falling for You #2) 

Hart to Heart (MyHeartChannel Romance)

Companion, The (Sundaes for Breakfast #3)

Hale, Dean

2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2)

Princess Black and the Science Fair Scare, The (Princess Black #6)

Hale, Shannon

2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2)

Princess Black and the Science Fair Scare, The (Princess Black #6)

Handley, George B.

American Fork

Hamblin, Amanda

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Hansen, Ashley I.


Hardy, Jaclyn

Rescuing His Heart (Cottonwood Ranch #3)

Finding His Heart (Cottonwood Ranch #4)

• Emeralds Are Forever (Love on the Run #2)

Crown is Not Enough, The (Love on the Run #3)

Christmas Royale (Love on the Run #4)

Harman, Teri

Thousand Sleepless Nights, A

Fractured Sea (Fairy Tale Ink #3)

Harmon, Amy

• Smallest Part, The

Harris, Darryl

Reformation of Lady Elinor, The

Harrison, Mette Ivie

Not of This Fold (Linda Waldheim #4)

Hart, Taylor

Betting Groom, The 

Her Hollywood Fake Fiancé 

•  Midnight Groom, The 

Redeemed Groom, The (Bachelor Billionaire Romance)

• Love Potion Groom, The (Movie Star Romance)

Broken Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #5)

Found Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romances 2.0)

Married by Christmas (Park City Firefighter Romance)

Christmas Girlfriend, The (Return to Snow Valley)

Dream Groom, The (A Texas Titans Romance)

Fake Fiance Groom, The (A Texas Titan Romance)

Prince Charming Groom, The (A Texas Titans Romance)

Second Chance Groom, The (A Texas Titans Romance)

Hatch, Donna

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency #11)

With a Kiss Anthology

Hatch, Esther 

Roses of Feldstone, The

Hawkes, Jaclyn M.

Into the Wind

Heiner, Tamara Hart

After the Fall (Eureka in Love)

Vendetta (Perilous #4)

Henrie, Stacy

Cowboy of Convenience, A

• Rancher’s Temporary Engagement, The

Night at the Opera (American Heiress #1)

Heumann, Steven

Paper Heroes

Higgins, Marie

Agent for Cecily, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #8)

Surrender Your Heart (Sweet Savannah Home #1)

Reluctant Widow, The (Sweet Savannah Home #2)

Billionaire’s Pursuit, The  (The Tycoons #1)

Missing Billionaire, The (The Tycoons #2)

Irresistible Billionaire, The (The Tycoons #3)

Hill, Amanda Rawson

Three Rules of Everyday Magic, The

Hill C.J.

Dragon Lords, The (Slayers #4)

Hinrichsen, Ronda Gibb


Hoagland, Maria

Practically Romantic Groom, The

• Combustible Engagement, The (Cobble Creek Romance)

Love for Keeps (Sports Moms and Romance)

Hogan, Cindy M.

Dangerous Truth, A

Scepter (Watched #9)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Plastic Magician, The (Paper Magician #4)

Veins of Gold

Holmes, Michele Paige

Hawaiian Holiday

Promise of Home, The (HearthfireScottish Romance #3)

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency #11)

Horrocks, Heather

Scientist Takes the Bait, The (Moonchuckle Bay #3.5)

Cupid Misses the Mark (Moonchuckle Bay #9)

Composer Changes Her Tune, The (Moonchuckle Bay #10)

Houck, Colleen

Lantern’s Ember, The

Tiger’s Dream (Tiger’s Curse #5)

Husberg, Christopher

Blood Requiem (Chaos Queen #3)

Hymas, Allison 

Arts and Thefts (MAX #2))

Ipson, Valerie

Christmas Future

Isaacson, Liz

• Marriage for the Marine, A (Brush Creek Brides #7)

Fiancé for the Firefighter, A (Brush Creek Brides #8)

Treasure for the Trooper, A (Brush Creek Brides #9)

Date for the Detective, A (Brush Creek Brides #10)

Partner for the Paramedic, A  (Brush Creek Brides #11)

Catch for the Chief, A  (Brush Creek Brides #12)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend (Christmas at Coral Canyon #1)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss  (Christmas at Coral Canyon #2)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Boyfriend (Christmas in Coral Canyon #3)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard  (Christmas at Coral Canyon #4)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Bull Rider (Christmas in Coral Canyon #5)

Her Cowboy Billionaire Bachelor (Christmas in Coral Canyon #6)

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Up On the Housetop (Gold Valley #7)

Around the Bend (Gold Valley Romance #8)

Craving the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #2)

• Charming the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #3)

Courting the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #4)

Claiming the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #5)

Catching the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #6)

Cheering the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #7)

Contracted Cowboy (Quinn Valley Ranch #5)

Coming Home to Steeple Ridge (Steeple Ridge #5)

Fifteen Minutes of Fame (Three Rivers Ranch #12)

Sixteen Steps to Fall In Love (Three Rivers Ranch #13)

Sleigh on Seventeenth Street, The (Three Rivers Ranch #14)

Jacobson, Melanie

Perfect Set

Wedding Belles

James, Jenni

Lord Atten Meets His Match

Jamison, Rebecca H.

Christmas Thief, The


Jensen, Krista Lynne

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

John, Rachel

Better With You (Change in Plans #2)

 • Anonymously Yours (Change in Plans #3)

Stand-in Christmas Date, The (Matched by Mistake #1)

Not in the Plan (Second Chance with You #3)

Engaging Mr. Darcy

Johnson, Elana

To Be Yours

Helicopter Pilot’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #1)

Billionaire’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #2)

Brainy Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #1)

Brawny Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #2)

Bashful Billionaire, The  (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #3)

Brazen Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #4)

Billionaire’s Bodyguard, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #5)

Billionaire’s Boyfriend, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #6)

Brave Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #11)

Belated Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #12)

Love in Lavender (Hawthorne Harbor #1)

Beloved in Blue (Hawthorne Harbor #2)

Firefighter’s Second Chance, The (Hawthorne Harbor #3) 

Officer’s Second Chance, The (Hawthorne Harbor #4) 

Johnson, Jen Geigle

Christmas Courting, A (Regency Novella Collection)


Tabitha’s Folly (Regency House Party: Somerstone #5)

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

Johnson, Sally

If the Boot Fits

If the Suit Fits

Pretty Much Perfect

Johnson, Sarah Blake

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Kay, Shaela

Christmas at Cartwright Manor (Seasons of Littleton #2)

Keanini, Julia

His to Save: Her Secret Billionaire (Heathcliff Family #1)

His to Marry: Her Billionaire Boss (Heathcliff Family #2)

His to Protect: Her Bodyguard Enemy (Heathcliff Family #3)

Nobel Heir, The (Princes of Valdoria #1)

Captivating Prince, The (Princes of Valdoria #2)

Bella and the Billionaire Beast (Second Chance Fairy Tale #4)

Shy Girl and the Football Star, The (Sunday Lunchers #1)

Good Girl and the Rebel, The  (Sunday Lunchers #2)

Mean Girl and the New Guy, The  (Sunday Lunchers #3)

Sweet Girl and the Rock Star, The  (Sunday Lunchers #4)

Broken Girl and the Hero, The  (Sunday Lunchers #5)

Kelly, Carla

One Step Enough

Unlikely Master Genius, The (St. Brendan #`1)

Calico Ball (Timeless Western Collection #1)

Kersey, Christine

Protective Billionaire, The (Billionaires Find Love #1)

Pass Protection (Fair Catch #5)

Game On (Fair Catch #6)

Kiefer, Erica

Through the Glass (The Window #2)

Killan, Jace

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Kilpack, Josi S.

Miss Wilton’s Waltz

Promises and Primroses (Mayfield Family #1)

Kimball, Heidi

Christmas Courting, A (Regency Novella Collection)

Unlikely Courtship, An (Regency House Party: Somerstone #2)

King, Emily R.

Rogue Queen, The (Hundredth Queen #3)

Warrior Queen, The (The Hundredth Queen #4)

King, Kimberly

Trouble with Fairy Godmothers, The

Knight, Wendy

Soul’s Alliance, The (Soul’s Agent #2)

Cauldron’s Wings (Toil & Trouble #4)

Krey, Kimberly

Her TV Bachelor Fake Fiancé

Snapshot Bride, The (Cobble Creek Romance)

Honorable Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #4)

Fearless Warrior, The (Navy SEAL Romances 2.0)

How to Catch a Cowboy in 10 Days (Unlikely Cowgirl)

Once Hitched Twice Shy (Unlikely Cowgirl)

This Cowboy’s a Keeper  (Unlikely Cowgirl)

Lange, Rebecca

• Trainee in Action (Heavenly Bodyguards #1)

Larsen, Brittany

Matchmaker’s Match, The

Wedding Belles

Larsen, Cammie

Sleep, Don’t Fret (Sisters of Bloodcreek #2)

Larsen, Kennedy

Dancing with the Prince (Royal Secrets #2)

Forgetting the Prince (Royal Secrets #5)

Larson, Sara B.

Bright Burns the Night (Dark Breaks the Dawn #2)

Levenseller, Tricia

Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King #2)

Love, Betsy

Miracle of Joie, The 

Lovett, Tana

As Long As There Is Chocolate

Lewis, Jeanette

• Loving the Mountain Man (Tamarack Ridge#1/MyHeartChannel Romances)

Charming the Mountain Man (Tamarack Ridge #2)

Taming the Mountain Man (Tamarack Ridge #3)

Lieske, Victorine E.

Christmas with the Recluse

Her Big Fat Hunky Billionaire Boss (Her Big Fat Billionaire #3)

Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex (Her Big Fat Billionaire #4)

Love, Snow and Mistletoe Collection

Saving Cade

Linton, Chalon

Christmas Courting, A (Regency Novella Collection)

Tangled Inheritance, A

Loth, Kimberly

Glowing Sands, The (Sons of the Sand #3)

Low, Dene

Love Will Guide Us Through (MalibuVu #4)

Love Forever True (MalibuVu #5)

Lund, Gerald N.

Out of the Smoke (Fire and Steel #5)

Lyon, Annette

Affair at Wildemoore, The

It’s You

Sweeter Than Any Dream

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

Orient Express, The (Timeless Victorian Collection #3)

Mackley, Renae Weight

Samuel’s Sword (Stripling Warrior Romance)

Mae, Cassie

Southern Spinster (Frostville #2)

Matern, Julie

Secret of Haversham House, The

McAfee, Christopher

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

McClellan, Brian

Wrath of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder #2)

McCollum, Jordan

Saints & Sinners (Saints & Spies #3)

McConnell, Lucy

• Dating the Rogue Cowboy

Corporate Groom, The (Billionnaire Marriage Brokers)

Caught Looking (Dating Mr. Baseball #2)

Brand New Second Chance, A (Echo Ridge Single)

While You Were Skiing (Echo Ridge Single)

Frost (Marrying Kris Kringle #3)

EveryDayLove! (MyHeartChannel Romance)

Great Christmas Contest, The (My Channel Romance)

Brand New Ball Game, A (Return to Echo Ridge)

His Wedding Date Fake Fiancé (Return to Snow Valley)

Guardian Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Miracle Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Warrior Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Blockbuster Proposal, A  (The Trouble with Dating an Actor #1)

Falling for a Starlet (The Trouble with Dating an Actor #2)

Reforming Atlanta’s Rogue (The Trouble with Dating an Actor #3)

McCulloch, Becca


McGreevy, Catherine

Chance’s Bluff

Place Called New Hope, A

McKenzie, Nat

Vengeance Code, The

McShane, Melissa

Company of Strangers

Voyager of the Crown (Crown of Tremontane #4)

Book of Secrets, The (The Last Oracle #1)

Book of Peril, The (The Last Oracle #2)

Champion of the Crown (Willow North #3)

Warts and All: A Fairy Tale Collection

Méndez, Yamile Saied

Blizzard Besties

Meyer, Anne-Marie

My Christmas Break Mistake

Fixing the Billionaire (Clean Billionaire #5)

Marrying a Cowboy (Fake Marriage Series #1)

Marrying an Athlete (Fake Marriage Series #2)

Marrying a Billionaire (Fake Marriage #3)

Marrying a Prince (Fake Marriage #4)

Marrying a Spy (Fake Marriage #5)

Second Chance Mistletoe Kisses (Love Tries Again #1)

• Fighting Love for the Cowboy (Moose Falls #1)

Rule #1 You Can’t Date the Coach’s Daughter (Rules of Love #1)

Rule #2: You Can’t Crush on Your Sworn Enemy (The Rules of Love #2)

Rule #3: You Can’t Kiss Your Best Friend (Rules of Love #3)

Rule #4: You Can’t Misinterpret a Mistletoe Kiss (Rules of Love #4)

Moncur, Misty

Follow Where He Leads (Striping Warrior #9)

Monson, Adrienne

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Fractured Sea (Fairy Tale Ink #3)

Monson, Joe

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Montpetit, Kimberley

Owner’s Secret, The (Secret Billionaire Romance #4)

Billionaire’s Christmas Hideaway, The (Secret Billionaire Romance #5)

Secret of a Kiss, The (Return to Snow Valley)

Moore, Heather B./H.B.

Anna the Prophetess

Breaking Jess

Falling for Lucy (Falling #4)

Worth the Risk (Pine Valley #1)

• Where I Belong (Pine Valley #2)

Say You Love Me (Pine Valley #3)

Waiting for You (Pine Valley #4)

Finding Us (Pine Valley #5)

Until We Kissed (Pine Valley #6)

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Road to Gretna Green (Timeless Regency #10)

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency #11)

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

With a Kiss Anthology

Moore, Jennifer

Always, ‘Twas You

My Dearest Enemy

Shipbuilder’s Wife, The

Christmas Courting, A (Regency Novella Collection)

Queen’s Ball, The (Timeless Victorian #4)

Morris, Chad


Mueller, Elizabeth

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Mull, Brandon

Wrath of the Dragon King, The (Dragonwatch #2)

Time Jumpers (Five Kingdoms #5)

Mulliner, Brittney

Attacking Zone (Utah Fury Hockey #4)

Buzzer Beater (Utah Fury Hockey #5)

Nelson, Ryan K.

To Bring One Down (Cash Valley #2)

Newbold, Ashtyn

Road to Rosewood

Convenient Engagement, A (Brides of Brighton #1)

Marrying Miss Milton (Brides of Brighton #2)

Nichols, M.A.

Flame and Ember (Regency Love #1)

True Gentleman, A (Regency Love #2)

Nickle, Ruth

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Nielsen, Jennifer A.


Traitor’s Game, The (Traitor’s Game #1)

Nielsen, Kevin L.

Colonial Prime: Humanity

Noelle, Jo

Kisses with KC (Cowboys & Angels #1)

Suffrage and Suitors (Cowboys & Angels #16)

Learning to Love (Cowboys & Angels #21)

Truly His Type (Cowboys & Angels #25)

Home for the Holidays (Cowboys & Angels #30)

Secondhand Hearts (Peak City Romance #1)

Falling for You (Peak City Romance #2)

Love and Other Crazy Plans (Peak City Romance #3)

P.S. I Love You (Twickenham Time Travel Romance)

Mistletoe Mayhem (Twickenham Time Travel #4)

Norton, Preston

Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe

Odekirk, Tiffany

• Love Unscripted

Olsen, John M.

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Olsen, Kaki

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Pack, Jessica

As Wide As the Sky

Padilla, Katherine

Fall to Eden (Dominion Over Earth #1)

Double-Edged Choice, The (Heirs of Novaun #1)

Page, Kenneth M.

Six Days to Live

Palmer, Kate

• Repair My Heart (Second Chance with You #7)

Park, Elsie

Perils of Wrath

Parker, Lehua

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Fractured Sea (Fairy Tale Ink #3)

Passey, Tamara

Eleanor and the Christmas Carol Fudge

Paulson, Bonnie R.

Best-Friend Billionaire Cowboy, The (Billionaire Cowboys of Clearwater County #5)

Bad Boy Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #9)

Blue-Eyed Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #10)

Stranded with the Boss (Stranded in Paradise #1)

Payne, John D.

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Pearson, Andrea

Temple of Flames (Koven Chronicles #3)

Forbidden Knowledge (Koven Chronicles #5)

Peaslee, Jessilyn Stewart

Finding Beauty in the Beast

Peck, Steven L.

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Peel, Jennifer

Second Chance in Paradise (Clairborne Family #1)

Narcissistic Tendencies (Dating by Design #3)

Sidelined Wife, The (More Than a Wife #1)

Secretive Wife, The (More Than a Wife #2)

Pennington, Michelle

Love, Snow and Mistletoe Collection

Sugarplums and Mistletoe (Christmas in Willow Falls #2)

Lovely Deep, The (Mer Song #1)

Unwanted Suitor, The (Regency House Party: Somerstone #1) 

Saved by the Rockstar (Rich & Famous Romance #1)

Truth About Billionaires, The (Southern Billionaires #2)

Trust of a Billionaire, The (Southern Billionaires #3)

Tree for the Billionaire, A  (Southern Billionaires #4)

Penrod, Erica

Second Go-Round (Sports Moms & Romance)

Perkins, Luisa

With a Kiss Anthology

Perry, Amber Lynn

So Bright a Hope (Daughters of His Kingdom #5)

Perry, Anne

Christmas Revelation, A

Twenty-One Days (Daniel Pitt #1)

Dark Tide Rising (William Monk #24)

Perry, Jolene

Awful Wonderful Story of Us, The

Peterson, Debbie

Love Letters from Heaven

Peterson, Kathi Oram

Familiar Fear, A

Peterson, Robbin J.


Peterson, Todd Robert

It Needs to Look Like We Tried

Petrarch, Nicholas

Aether Spark (Clockwork Calamity #1)

Pinkston, Caryn

Poisoned Apple, A

Poulson, Clair M.

Short Investigations


Proctor, Jenny

Wedding Belles

Prout, James T.

Dark Eagle, The (Ruin & Restoration #1)

Purdie, Kathryn

Frozen Reign (Burning Glass #3)

Quinn, Addison

Taming the Prince  (Royal Secrets #1)

Dating the Prince (Royal Secrets #4)

Quist, Jennifer

Apocalypse of Morgan Turner, The

Rabe, Jenny

Diving for Love

Love from Left Field

Man of My Dreams

Rallison, Janette

My Fair Lacey & A Perfect Fit

With a Kiss Anthology

Rector, Lisa

My Vampire

Reeder, Joanna

In Her Dreams (In Her Dreams #1)

Trapped in Her Dreams (In Her Dreams #2)

Purpose In Her Dreams  (In Her Dreams #3)

Reyes, Laurisa White

Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy!

Richards, Teresa

Windfall App, The

Richardson, R.E.D.

Only Amalekite Convert, The 

Richins, Keena

Persuading Him  (Pemberly Estates #1)

Persuading Her (Pemberly Estates #2)

Ridgmont, Julia

Agent for Elizabeth, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #7)

Roberts, R.H.

Forbidden Faith (& Mechel Wall)

Rode, Rebecca

• Flicker (Embers in Space #1)

Flare (Ember in Space #2)

Flame (Ember in Space #3)

Roth, F. Allan

Fighting the Promise

Sanchez, Melinda Sue

Fisherman’s Daughter, The

Sanderson, Brandon

Skyward (Skyward #1)

Sangster, Caitlin

Shatter the Suns (Last Star Burning #2)

Scott, Regina

Frontier Matchmaker Bride

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

Sears, Gale

One Candle

Sharp, Crissy

Glamorous Life of a Mediocre Housewife, The (Strawberry Lake Estates #1)

Shelton, Mike

Golden Dragon, The (Dragon Artifacts #1)

Golden Scepter, The (Dragon Artifacts #2)

Golden Empire, The (Dragon Artifacts #3)

TruthStone (Truthseer Archives #1)

TruthSpell (TruthSeer Archives #2)

TruthSeer (TruthSeer Archives #3)

Shields, Breeana

Poison’s Cage (Poison’s Kiss #2)

Shiels, Cassie M.

Love by Consequence (Bridal Shop Romance #1)

Simple Christmas Kiss, A

Shurtliff, Liesl

Grump: The (Fairly) True Tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Mona Lisa Key, The (Time Castaways #1)

Silverbow, Konstanz

Dragon Wings (The Dragon’s Pearl #1)

Skye, Obert

Wizard for Hire

Smurthwaite, Donald S.

Sweet Mercy

Stansfield, Anita

Empty Manger, The (Christmas booklet)

Heart of Thornewell, The

Lady of Astoria Abbey, The

Stars Above Northumberland, The

Stastny, Charissa

Package Deal (Ruled Out Romances #2)

Stevens, Jacque

Queen’s Gift, The (Stone Bearers #2)

Strunk, Mindy Burbidge

Mistaken Identity (Regency House Party #3)

American In Duke’s Clothing, An (An Unlikely Match #1)

Summerill, Erin

Once a King (Clash of Kingdoms #3)

Swapp, Justin

Shadow’s Servant, The (Shadow Magic #2)

Swinton, Lisa

Silver Star

Switzer, PJ

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Talley, Rebecca

On Deck for Love (Reunion Romance #3)

Wedding Weekend

Tarbet, Scott E.

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Tate, Kristy

That Song in Patagonia

Tick-tock Between You & Me, The (Canterbury Romance #1)

 • Dreaming of You & Me (Canterbury Romance #2)

Billionaire’s Beagle, The (Misbehaving Billionaires #1)

Thayer, Mike

Passage to Avalon (Techno Wizard #1)

Thorne, Danielle

Pirate at Pembroke, A

Thornton, Ellie

Account 13, 14…  (Rebeoot #2)

Dead to Rights (Reboot #3)

Tuft, Karen

Wager for a Wife

Tullis, Heather

Not in the Plans (In the Garden #3)

Last Chance (In the Garden #4)

With a Kiss Anthology

Twiss, Johan

Traitors (I Am Sleepless #3)

Van, Nichole

Seeing Miss Heartstone

Lovers and Madmen (Brothers Maledetti #0)

Lightning Struck (Brothers Maledetti #3)

Madness Most Discreet, A (Brothers Maledetti #4)

Van Dolzer, Krista

Earth to Dad

Van Orman, Stephanie

Behind His Mask (Spell Book #1)

Vandagriff, G.G.

• Love Unexpected (Saunders Family #1)

Not an Ordinary Baronet (Three Gentlemen of London #3)

Breaking News (WOOT TV Series #1)

Sleeping Secrets (WOOT TV #2)

Balkan Echo (Woot TV #3)

Walker, Laura L.

Billionaire’s Sweet Valentine, The (Holiday Contest #1)

When Night Falls Around Us (When Love Happens #2)

When the Sun Rises Again (When Love Happens #3)

Wall, Mechel

Forbidden Faith (& R.H. Roberts)

Walls, Devri

Magic Unleashed (Venators #1)

Watson, Kate

Shoot the Moon

Weaver, Donna K.

Gift of a Child, The (Christmas Novelette)

Hiding with the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD #1)

• Kings Crossed Lovers (Safe Harbors #4)

Against the Magic  (Twickenham Time Travel Romance)

Weist, Jaclyn

Don’t Talk to Strangers Anthology

Limitless (Lost in a Fairy Tale #3)

Seeking His Luck (Lost Luck #1)

Two Masters

Weist, Steve

Don’t Talk to Strangers Anthology

Wells, Dan

Active Memory (Mirador #3)

West, Kasie

Listen to Your Heart

Wheeler, E.B.

Letters from the Homefront

Yours, Dorothy

Wheeler, Jeff

Poisoner’s Enemy, The (Kingfountain prequel)

Storm Glass (The Harbinger #1)

Mirror Gate (The Harbinger #2)

Iron Garland (The Harbinger #3)

White, Kiersten

Bright We Burn (And I Darken #3)

Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, The 

Whitesides, Tyler

• Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn, The (Kingdom of Grit #1)

Wishmakers, The

Whitney, Lucinda

Keep Me at Christmas (Romano Family #4)

Kiss Me at Midnight (Romano Family #5)

Wiggins, Bethany

Dragon’s Curse, The (Transference #2)

Wilhite, Becca

Check Me Out

Wedding Belles

Williams, Carol Lynch

Once I Was a Beehive

Never That Far

Willoughby-Burle, Amy

Lemonade Year, The


• Promposal, The (Ugly Stepsister #2)

#Starstruck (#Lovestruck #1)

#Moonstruck (#Lovestruck #2)

Wirkus, Tim

Infinite Future, The

Workman, RaShelle

Alice in Demonland (Demonland #1)

Alice Fights Demonland (Demonland #2)

Alice Takes Demonland (Demonland #3)

Worton, Stephanie Connelley

Christmas Kisses (Seasons of Bear Lake #1)

Wright, Camron

Christmas By Accident

Other Side of the Bridge, The

Wright, Julie

Lies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Youngblood, Jennifer

Her Crazy Rich Fake Fiancé

Rewriting Christmas

Seeking Mr. Perfect (Jane Austen Pact #2)

Resolved Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #1)

Reckless Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #6)

Diehard Warrior, The (Navy SEAL Romances 2.0)

Yours by Christmas (Park City Firefighters Romance)

Ghost Groom, The (Texas Titan Romance)

Hometown Groom, The (Texas Titan Romance)

Jilted Billionaire Groom, The (Texas Titan Romance)




Christmas Courting, A (Regency Novella Collection)

With a Kiss Anthology

Fairy Tale Ink

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Fractured Sea (Fairy Tale Ink #3)

Mormon Steampunk Anthology

All Made of Hinges (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #1)

Seasons of Bear Lake

Christmas Kisses (Seasons of Bear Lake #1)

Timeless Regency Collections

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Road to Gretna Green (Timeless Regency #10)

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency #11)

Timeless Romance Collections

Yuletide Regency, A (Timeless Romance #21)

Timeless Victorian Collections

Orient Express, The (Timeless Victorian Collection #3)

Queen’s Ball, The (Timeless Victorian #4)

Timeless Western Collections

Calico Ball (Timeless Western Collection #1)