2016 New Releases

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Current Total (updated Aug 24, 2017) = 497 new releases


Abbott, Zina

Her Independent Spirit (Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 #3)

Abramson, Traci Hunter

Kept Secrets

Royal Bride (Royal Series #3)

Acey, Denver

Cryptic Cipher, The

Allen, Nancy Campbell

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast (Steampunk Proper Romance)

From Cairo, With Love (Timeless Romance Singles #1)

My Fair Gentleman (A Proper Romance #6)

Alsop, Cheree

Daylight (Girl from the Stars #2)

Day’s End (Girl from the Stars #3)

Day’s Journey (Girl from the Stars #4)

Day’s Hunt (Girl from the Stars #5)

Dr. Wolf: Shockwave (Fae Rift #1)

Dr. Wolf: Demon Spiral (Fae Rift #2)

Dr. Wolf: The Four Horsemen (Fae Rift #3)

Dr. Wolf: Dragon’s Bayne (Fae Rift #4)

Renegade (Pirate from the Stars #1)

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Just a Kiss in the Moonlight (Georgia Moon #2)

Operation Kiss the Girl (A Snow Valley Romance)

Destiny Came Knocking (Snow Valley Romance)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology  (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

Anderson, Rachael

Fall of Lord Drayson, The

Not Always Happenstance (Power of the Matchmaker #2)

Argyle, Amber

Daughter of Winter (Fairy Queens #3)

Of Sand and Storm (Fairy Queens #5)

Armstrong, Lindzee

Cupcakes and Cowboys (Sunset Plains #1)

Curl Up with a Cowboy Anthology

Mix & Match (No Match for Love #3)

Strike a Match (No Match for Love #5)

Mistletoe Match (No Match for Love Novella)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Arnold, Jennifer

Man Behind the Wall, The

Arnold, JoAnn

Buckskin Trail, The

Ashton, Brodi

Diplomatic Immunity

My Lady Jane (with Cynthia Hand & Jodi Meadows)

Ashworth, Heidi

O’er the River Liffey (Power of the Matchmaker #6)

Bastian, Laura D.

Burden of Blood

Way It Should Be, The  (Season of Thanks)

Winter’s Kiss (Seasons of Love #2)

Bateman, Marlene

For Sale by Owner

Bateman, Melanie

Time Key, The

Beard, Sarah

Beyond the Rising Tide

Belliston, Rebecca

Pursuit (Citizens of Logan Pond #3)

Bellon, Julie Coulter

Captain, The (Griffin Force #2)

Forget Me Not (Hostage Negotiation #3.5)

Love’s Broken Road

Belt, C. David

Sweet Sister, The

Benoit, Leanora

Remember the Girl

Berry, Julie

Passion of Dolssa, The

Bessey, Sian Ann

Mail Order Bride (A Timeless Romance #16)

To Win a Lady’s Heart

Bingham, Laura

Dipped in Dark (Alvor #3)

Black, Stephanie

Not a Word

Blackburn, Jessica

Echoing, The

Blaylock, Aaron

Land of Look Behind, The

Unsaid, The

Bleeker, Emily

When I’m Gone

Blevins, Rebecca

Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Curse of the Werechickens (Captain Schnozzlebeard #2)

Plus One, The

Bohls, Steven

Jed and the Junkyard War

Bohnet, Susan


Borders, Jeff

Stealing Eternity (Diamond War #1)

Broken Queen, The (Diamond War #2)

Borst, Amie & Bethanie

Snow Fright (Scarily Ever Laughter #3)

Bradley, Carol Pratt

Fire of the Word

Branton, Rachel

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

House Without Lies (Lily’s House #1)

Royal Quest  (Royals of Monterra novella)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Branton, Teyla

Set Ablaze (Unbounded #9)

Brooks, Mikey

Maya Mystery, The (Museum Adventures #1)

Brown, John D.

Awful Intent (Frank Shaw #2)

Brown, Marilyn

Accidental Goodbye, The

Brown, Shelly


Budge, Vicki Hunt

Deliverance: Lydia’s Story (Hope and Healing #3)

Butler, Dave/D.J.

Kidnap Plot, The (The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie #1)

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

Caldwell, Juli

Guilt Trip

Camp, Shannen Crane

Beyond Lyra (Zenith Cycle #2)

Parrish (Parrish Chronicles #1)

Fade (Parrish Chronicles #2)

Card, Orson Scott

Swarm, The (Second Formic War #1)

Carey, Donald J.

Into the Wind

Carling, Angela

In the Dying Light (Secret Keeper #2)

Chapman, Heather

Second Season, The

Checketts, Cami

Caribbean Rescue (Destination Billionaire Romance #5)

Cozumel Escape (Destination Billionaire Romance #9)

Kisses Between the Lines (Echo Ridge Anthology #2)

Resilient One, The (Billionnaire Bride Pact #2)

Feisty One, The (Billionnaire Bride Pact #3)

Independent One, The (Billionnaire Bride Pact #4)

Protective One, The (Billionaire Bride Pact #5)

Faithful One, The (Billionaire Bride Pact #8)

Pass Interference (Last Play #6)

Running from the Cowboy (A Snow Valley Novella)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology  (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

Christensen, Rachelle J.

Hawaiian Masquerade (Destination Billionaire Romance)

Kisses Between the Lines (Echo Ridge Anthology #2)

Proposals and Poison (Wedding Planner Mysteries #3)

Soldier’s Bride, The (Music Box Romance #1)

Clark, Raneé S.

Double Play

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Clark, Tifani

Little Bit of Luck, A

Clegg, Jaleta

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

Collings, Michaelbrent

Child of Sorrows (Sword Chronicles #2)

House That Death Built, The

Collyer, Jeffrey

Woven Peril (Aylosian Chronicles #2)

Condie, Ally


Connolly, Rebecca

Royal Delivery  (Royals of Monterra novella)

Cook, R Lee

Review of Lives, A: Opening the Record of Heaven

Cunningham, Melissa J.

Undoer, The (Ransomed Souls #3)

Daines, Julie


Dalby, Carrie


Daniels, Janelle

Kitty: Bride of Hawaii (American Mail-Order Bride #50)

Darby, Gary J.

If A Dragon Cries (Legend of Hooper’s Dragons #1)

Queen’s Vow, The (Legend of Hooper’s Dragons #2)

Darling, Michael

Got Luck

Dasher, James

Fever Code, The (Maze Runner #5)

Dean, Taylor

Chasing Fireflies  (Power of the Matchmaker #7)

Defendi, Robert J.

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

del C. Dye, Anna

Kingdom by the Sea (Royal Romance #2)

Diamond, Steve

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

DiPastena, Joyce

Courting Cassandry (Hearts in Autumn #2)

Dorman, Brandon

Alien that Ate My Socks, The (Hoolie & the Hooligans #1)

Durbin, M.R.

Beyond the Narrows

Dyreng, Chelsea

Last Messenger of Zitol, The

Eden, Deirdra

Flood and Fire (The Watchers #3)

Eden, Sarah M.

Mail Order Bride (A Timeless Romance #16)

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

Summer House Party  (Timeless Regency Collection #4)

Erfert, D.J.

Changes of the Heart

It Takes a Sleuth  (Royals of Monterra novella)

Window of Time  (Window of Time #1)

Window of Death (Window of Time #2)

Evans, Loralee

Felicity & the Fire Stoppers (Felicity #3)

Evans, Richard Paul

Fall of Hades (Michael Vey #6)

Mistletoe Secret, The (Mistletoe Collection #3)

Farnsworth, Lauren Winder

Catching Lucas Riley

Ferguson, Danyelle

Love Under Construction (Indulgence Row #2)

Ferguson, Lindsay B.

By the Stars

Ficklin, Sherry D.

In Too Deep  (#Hackers #2)

Fixsen, Jaima

Reformer, The (Power of the Matchmaker #12)

Flauding, Lauren M.

Amplified, The (Amplified #1)

Fonoimoana, Kylie

MacFarlane’s Lantern (Moonhaven #1)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

Existence (Quantum Faith Effect #1)

Emergence (Quantum Faith Effect #2)

Trapped in East Germany

Fuller, C. Jay

Mayhem in Manhatten (Stone Dragon #1)

George, Jessica Day

Fridays with the Wizards (Castle Glower #4)

Gilchrist, Amber

Librarian Shoots a Gun, The (Audrey Scott #1)

Giles, Nicole

Legacy (Descendant #3)

Gladden, DelSheree

Crazy Girl’s Handbook, The (Handbook #1)

Gladden, Roy

Midst of Heaven (Midst of Heaven #1)

Glassey, Robin

Azetha Rising (Azetha #4)

Grace, Lorin

Waking Lucy (American Homespun #1)

Grant, K.C.

Three Little Words

Gray, Brandon


Soulstealer’s Child, The

Griffith, Jennifer

Legally Wedded (Legally in Love #3)

Hale, Dean

Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde, The (Princess Black #3)

Princess in Black Takes a Vacation, The (Princess in Black #4)

Hale, Shannon

Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde, The (Princess Black #3)

Princess in Black Takes a Vacation, The (Princess in Black #4)

Hamilton, Heather

Bad Luck Witch, The (Bad Luck Witch #1)

Hansen, Jennie

• Three Little Words

Harmon, Amy

Bird and the Sword, The

From Sand and Ash

Harris, Darryl

Abby’s Crossing

Hart, Taylor

Country Groom, The (Almost Everything) (Bachelor Billionaire #1)

Unfinished Groom, The (Bachelor Billionaire #2)

Barefoot Groom, The (Bachelor Billionaire #3)

Masquerading Groom, The (Bachelor Billionaire #4)

Christmas Groom, The (Bachelor Billionaire Romance #5)

Second String (Last Play #5)

Rescue Me  (Park City Firefighter Romance #2)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology  (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

Bet, The (A Snow Valley Novella)

Hatch, Donna

Courting the Countess

Heart Strings (Music of the Heart #1)

Summer House Party  (Timeless Regency Collection #4)

Heiner, Tamara Hart

Lay Me Down

Priceless (Perilous #3)

Reaching Kylee Book 1 (Kellam High)

Reaching Kylee Book 2 (Kellam High)

Walker Wildcats Year 1: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones

Henderson, Lauraine

Triple Date Dare, The

Henrie, Stacy

Express Rider’s Lady, The

Love For All Seasons

Mail Order Bride (A Timeless Romance #16)

Hert, R.W.

Daemarkin: Demon’s Vow

Hickman, Tracy

Doom of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras #4) (with Margaret Weis)

Higgins, Marie

Champion  (Where Dreams Come True #3)

Keep on Believing (Where Dreams Come True #4)

Once Enchanted: A Rapunzel Story (Where Dreams Come True #5)

Sweetest Challenge, The (Sons of Worthington #5)

Hill, C.J.

Playing with Fire (Slayers #3)

Hilmo, Tess

Cinnamon Moon

Hinds, Jan

Not Actually Engaged (Otherwise Engaged #1)

Hoagland, Alex


Hoagland, Maria

{Re}Model Marriage, The

Kayaks and Kisses (Season of Thanks)

Hogan, Cindy M.

Redemption Lost (Christy Spy #4)

Kate Concealed (Code of Silence #2)

Royal Guard, The (Royals of Monterra novella)

Sand and Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #3)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Holdaway, Frank

Undercover Target (Matthew Knight #2)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

Holmes, Michele Paige

Between Heaven and Earth (Power of the Matchmaker #8)

First Light Forever (Forever After #1)

Horrocks, Heather

While You Were Stranded (Chick Flick Clique #5)

Davidson and Goliath (Chick Flick Clique #7)

Artist Cries Wolf, The (Moonchuckle Bay #1)

Pixie Meets Her Match, The (Moonchuckle Bay #2)

Houck, Colleen

Recreated (Reawakened #3)

Hughes, Dean


Hunt, Andrew

Desolation Flats

Hunter, Ann

Morning Glory (North Oak #3)

To Bottle Lightning (North Oak #4)

Husberg, Christopher

Duskfall (The Chaos Queen #1)

Husk, Shelley Bingham

Ghost of Little Elm Lake, The (Apparitions of America #1)

Grandma’s Christmas Wish

Iroz, Kari

Date with Danger, A

Isaacson, Liz

Christmas in Three Rivers (Three Rivers Ranch collection)

Fourth and Long (Three Rivers Ranch #3)

Fifth Generation Cowboy (Three Rivers Ranch #4)

Sixth Street Love Affair (Three Rivers Ranch #5)

Seventh Sergeant, The (Three Rivers Ranch #6)

Eight Second Ride (Three Rivers Ranch  #7)

First Lady of Three Rivers, The (Three Rivers Romance #8)

Curl Up with a Cowboy Anthology

Jacobson, Melanie

Southern Charmed

James, Jenni

Bluestocking and the Dastardly, Intolerable Scoundrel, The

Cinderella’s Phantom Prince and Beauty’s Mirror (with Rose Fairbanks)

Lord Romney’s Exquisite Widow

My Persuasion (Season of Thanks) (Austen in Love #3)

Not Cinderella’s Type

Return to Neverland (Faerie Tale Collection #13)

Captain Hook (Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection #14)

Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality

Jamison, Rebecca H.

Chemistry Lessons

Jenkins, Jennifer

Clanless (Nameless #2)

Jepson, Theric

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

John, Rachel

Bethany’s New Reality

Zombie Love Story, A

Johnson, Elana

Echoes of Silence

Rift (Rift Walkers #1)

Mend (Rift Walkers #2)

Sand and Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #3)

Until Sumer Ends

Johnson, Janet Sumner

Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society, The

Johnson, Sally

That Thing Formerly Known As My Life

Johnston, Aaron

Swarm, The (Second Formic War #1)

Jones, Ron Lee

Emancipation Expedition

Justesen, Heather

Eggnog & Extortion (Sweet Bites #4)

Full Circle (Ball’s in Her Court #3)

Kammeyer, Kurt F.

Akamerian Empire, The (Clan of Stone #2)

Dawn of the Seventh Eon, The (Clan of Stone #3)

Kane, Claire

Heaven Must Wait (Dead Ex Files #1) (with Stan Crowe)

To Catch a Fox

Yen for Murder, A (Charli Chan #1)

Kane, Zoey

Yen for Murder, A (Charli Chan #1)

Karras, Kim

Accidentally Me

Katsikas, Keith

Liahona Effect, The (Michael DiBianco #2)

Kauer, Justin

Legend of the Slave King, The (Road Back to Effulgia  #1)

Hope of Eternal Springs, The  (Road Back to Effulgia  #2)

Road Back to Effulgia, The (Road Back to Effulgia  #3)

Kay, Shaela

Scoundrel In Disguise

Kelly, Carla

Country Christmas, A (Timeless Regency #5)

For This We Are Soldiers

Kelly, Holly

Cursed by the Fountain of Youth (Unnatural States of America #1)

Raging (Rising #4)

Kersey, Christine

Crushing On You: Travis and Gabriella (Emerald Falls #1)

Dangerous Lies: Sawyer and Amethyst (Emerald Falls #2)

Rescue My Heart (Park City Firefighter Romance #1)

Retribution (Witness #2)

Kilpack, Josi S.

Country Christmas, A (Timeless Regency #5)

Forever and Forever: The Courtship of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Fanny Appleton

I Am Delilah

Lady’s Favor, A (A Proper Romance Novella)

King, David Powers

Undead Road, The (My Zombie Summer #1)

King, Katherine

When the Mockingbird Sings

King, Robin M.

Memory of Monet (Remembrandt #3)

Knight, Alysia S.

Aurora Rising



Knight, Wendy

Cauldron Bubble (Toil & Trouble #1)

Kremser, Paula

To Suit a Suitor

Lambert, Shari

Borrowed Magic

Larsen, Annette K.

Painting Rain (Books of Dalthia #4)

Larsen, Brittany

Pride and Politics

Larson, Lynne

Loving Leah

Lauren, Ashley

Without Faith (Soulless #1)

Laurie, Erica

Eun Na and the Phantom


Leavitt, Lindsey

Pages Between Us, The

Leafty, Danyelle

Cloak of Frost, A (Cloaks of Faerie #1)

Of Secrets and Snow (Snow Queen #4)

Lee, L.R.W.

Vision of the Griffin’s Heart (Andy Smithson #5)

Lewis, Jeanette

Passionate One, The (Billionaire BridePact #1)

Rebellious One, The (Billionaire Bride Pact #4)

Adventurous One, The (Billionaire Bride Pact #6)

Lucky Billionaire, The (Destination Billionaire #4)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology  (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

Lewis, Laurie (L.C.)

Dragons of Alsace Farm, The

Lieske, Victorine E.

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

Mistakenly Married (Married #3)

Blissfully Married (Married #4)

Linnabary, Amy

Save the Bats (Adventure Brothers #1)

Little, Kimberley Griffiths

Banished (Forbidden #2)

Lofthouse, Angie

Glory of the Stars, The

Loth, Kimberly

Obsidian (Dragon Kings #1)

Luke, Gregg


Lund, Gerald N.

Shadow Falls, The (Fire and Steel #3)

To Soar with Eagles (San Juan Pioneers #3)

Lyon, Annette

Between the Lines (novella)

Chocolate Obsessed (novella)

Mail Order Bride (A Timeless Romance #16)

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

Tailor Made  (Royals of Monterra novella)

War of Hearts (novella)

Mace, Aubrey

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Three Little Words

Mackley, Ranae Weight

Secrets of the King’s Daughter

Mae, Cassie

Curl Up with a Cowboy Anthology

Mangum, Adam J.

Peak Crosser (Empire of the Peaks #1)

Mathews, Jean Holbrook

Desert Rain

Mathis, LeAnn

Timely Romance, A

McClellan, Rachel

Escape to Eden

McConnell, Lucy

Kisses Between the Lines (Echo Ridge Anthology #2)

Marrying Miss Kringle: Ginger

Resilient Bride, The (Billionaire Marriage Broker #6)

Reclusive Billionaire, The (Destination Billionaire #1)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology  (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

McKendry, Kristen

Governess, The

McShane, Melissa

Agent of the Crown (Crown of Tremontane #3)

Burning Bright (The Extraordinaries #1)

God-Touched Man, The

Mercer, Trish

Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti (Forest at the Edge #5)

Merriweather, Violet

Magicless in Nevermore (Witches of Nevermore #1)

Headless in Nevermore (Witches of Nevermore #2)

Meyer, Stephenie

Chemist, The

Minson, Mark

Will from Ashes (Phoenix Cycle #2)

Mitchell, Mike

Kitab Kabbani

Moncur, Misty

Beyond the West Sea (Stripling Warrior #8)

Monson, Adrienne

Deliverance (Blood Inheritance #3)

Montpetit, Kimberley

Neighbor’s Secret, The (Secret Billionnaire Romance #1)

Sealed with a Kiss (A Snow Valley Novella)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology  (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

Moore, H.B./Moore, Heather

Deliverance (Moses Chronicles #2)

Exodus (Moses Chronicles #3)

Falling for Sydney (Falling #1)

Love Is Come (Power of the Matchmaker #4)

Mail Order Bride (A Timeless Romance #16)

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

Slave Queen (Omar Zagouri #3)

Tide Pools (novella)

Moore, Jennifer

Change of Heart (Lobster Cove #1)

Safe Harbor (Lobster Cover #2)

Lady Helen Finds Her Song

Place for Miss Snow, A

Spring in Hyde Park  (Timeless Regency Collection #3)

Country Christmas, A (Timeless Regency #5)

Morgan, J.B.

Nate (Texas Jack Novel)

Morgan, J. Lloyd

Darker the Shadow (The Howler King #1)

Mull, Brandon

Death Weavers (Five Kingdoms #4)

Nance, Debbra Beecher

Picking Bag, The: Ammon’s Journey Home

Nelson, Kelly

Woman with No Name, The

Newbold, Ashtyn

Mischief & Manors

Nichols, Julie J.

Pigs When They Straddle the Air

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Rise of the Wolf (Mark of the Thief #2)

Scourge, The

Nielsen, Kevin L.

Skies (Sharani #3)

Noelle, Jo

Sand and Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #3)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Olsen, Kaki

Swan and Shadow

O’Neal, Nanette

Doorway Back to Forever, A: Believe

Oram, Kelly

If We Were a Movie (Power of the Matchmaker #3)

Remember Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #3)

Page, S.E.

Confessions of a Faux Fairy Godmother (Iffy Magic #1)

Palmer, Kate

Alexis (Western Hearts #4)

Parker, Lehua

One Truth, No Lie (Niuhi Shark #3)

Pearson, Andrea

Conceal (Mosaic #1)

Enshroud (Mosaic Chronicles #8)

Peaselee, Jessilyn Stewart

Ella’s Will

Peck, Teya

See Me for Me (See Me for Me #1)

Peel, Jennifer

Christopher & Jaime (Pianos & Promises #1)

Beck and Call (Pianos & Promises #2)

Cole & Jillian (Pianos & Promises #3)

His Personal Relationship Manager (Dating by Design #1)

How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days

Taylor Lynne (Women of Merryton #2)

Rachel Laine (Women of Merryton #3)

Pennington, Michelle

Five Magic Spindles

Perry, Anne

Christmas Message, A

Revenge in a Cold River (William Monk #22)

Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt #31)

Perry, Jolene

Curl Up with a Cowboy Anthology

Love Blind

Part of Your World (Almost a Fairytale #3)

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Peterson, Alyson

Cursed Dagger, The (Ian Quicksilver #2)

Peterson, Erik

Once Upon a Time, a Bit Earlier

Peterson, Kathi Oram

Star Struck

Pike, Aprilynne

Arabesque (Wings #5)


Poole, Sandra

Love on the Rocks (Hawaii Billionaire Romance #1)

Love on the Rebound (Hawaii Billionaire Romance #2)

Poulson, Clair M.

Out Lawyered

Silent Sting

Powell, Christie Valentine

Spectra United, The (Spectra #2)

Pratt, Sheralyn

King of the Friend Zone (Power of the Matchmaker #11)


Walk of Infamy (Rhea Jensen #6)

Proctor, Jenny

Love at First Note

Little in Love with You, A (Love at First Note novella)

Purdie, Kathryn

Burning Glass

Quintana, Adrienne

Reclamation (Eruption #2)

Rallison, Janette

Girl Who Heard Demons, The

How I Met Your Brother (Power of the Matchmaker #11)

Wrong Side of Magic, The

Randall, Jessica L.

Lover’s Quarrel

Obituary Society’s Last Stand, The (Obituary Society #3)

Rector, Lisa

Master of Time (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys #1)

Redd, Jane (Heather B. Moore)

Solstice (Solstice #1)

Reyes, Laurisa White


Roberts, Constance

Sigil in Shadow

Robins, Glen

Off Course (Off #2)

Rode, Rebecca

Numbers Ignite (Numbers Game #2)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Russell, Josi

Guardians (Caretaker #2)

Shadows of Empyriad (Empyriad #1)

Sanderson, Brandon

Arcanum Unbounded

Calamity (The Reckoners #3)

Dark Talent, The (Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians #5)

Bands of Mourning (Mistborn #6)

Mistborn: Secret History  (Mistborn Bonus)

Savage, J. Scott

Gears of Revolution (Mysteries of Cover #2)

Schultz, Robert

Oneida’s Fury (Starbird #1)

Scott, Regina

Summer House Party  (Timeless Regency Collection #4)

Scott, Tina

Menopausal Fairy Mischief

Sharp, Crissy

Love and Fat-Free Cheese

Shelton, Michael

Blade and the Bow, The (Cremelino Prophecy #0)

Path of Destiny, The (Cremelino Prophecy #1)

Path of Decisions, The (Cremelino Prophecy #2)

Path of Peace (Cremolino Prophecy #3)

Shields, T.D.

Into Light (Shadow & Light #2)

Shiels, Cassie

Lady A

Shumate, Nathan

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

Shurtliff, Liesl

Red (The True Story of Red Riding Hood)

Sidwell, Adam Glendon

Delicious City, The (Evertaster #2)

Silverbow, Konstanz

Magic Me This (Eclipsed #1)

Sirois, Regina

•  To Move the World  (Power of the Matchmaker #10)
•  Truth About Fragile Things, The

Skeem, Stephanie

Unsame Ones, The

Skye, Obert

Batneezer (Creature from My Closet #6)

Smith, Kristin

Catalyst (The Deception Game #1)

Sneed, Theresa

Earth Angel (No Angel #4)

Sokol, Connie E.

Kisses Between the Lines (Echo Ridge Anthology #2)

Sowards, A.L.

Spider and The Sparrow, The

Spencer, Julie L.

Who Is Ian Taylor? (Buxton Peak #1)

Center Stage (Buxton Peak #2)

Stansfield, Anita

Heir of Brownlie Manor, The

Now and Always Yours

Stastny, Charissa

Between Hope and the Highway

Staley, Cameron

In the Hands of the Gadiantons

Stirling, Stephen J.

Garden of the Gods

Stevens, Jacque

Stone Bearers, The

Stevens, Noelle (Christine Kersey)

Love Me Forever  (Drake & Ashley #4)

Stewart, Chris

Winter Sky

Stone, Eric James


Summerill, Erin

Ever the Hunted (Clash of Kingdoms #1)

Swinton, Lisa

On the Corner of Love and Heartache

Szymanski, Aften Brook

Killer Potential

Tate, Kristy

Witch Wishes (Witch Ways #3)

Taylor, Curtis

Counselor, The

Thayne, RaeAnne

Snowfall on Haven Point (Haven Point #5)

The Behrg

Let There Be Death (The Creation #2)

Thornley, Noel

Magi’s Christmas

Tietjen, Susan

Saving Lord Whitton’s Daughter

Timothy, Paige

Ghost of Dunlow Manor, The

Tippetts, E.M.

My Wicked Half-Sister (Someone Else’s Fairytale #4)

Todd, Ilima

Resist (Remake #2)

Tuft, Karen

Earl’s Betrothal, The

Tullis, Heather

First Crush (In the Garden #2)

Kisses Between the Lines (Echo Ridge Anthology #2)


Twiss, Johan

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

Van, Nichole

Gladly Beyond (Brothers Maledetti #1)

Spring in Hyde Park  (Timeless Regency Collection #3)

Vandagriff, G.G.

Her Fateful Debut

Loving Roxie

Spring in Hyde Park  (Timeless Regency Collection #3)

Van, Nichole

Love’s Shadow (Brothers Maledetti #2)

Vansen, D.

Fire That Heals, A

Vestal, Shawn


Walker, Laura L.

• Matchup, The

Walker, Courtney King

Chasing Midnight

Wallace, Becky

Skylighter, The (The Keeper’s Chronicles #2)

Walls, Devri

Venators: Through the Arch (Venators #1)

Ward, Marsha

Blood at Haught Springs (Men of Haught Springs #1)

Faith and the Foreman (novella)

Zion Trail, The (Promised Valley #1)

Weaver, Donea Lee

Sand and Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #3)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Weaver, Donna K.

Savage Ghost, A (novella)

Weist, Jaclyn


Fashioned for Love (Silver Script #3)

Change in Harmony (Silver Script #4)

Another Chance for Love (Silver Script #5)

Love in Return (Silver Script #6)

No Such Luck (Luck #5)

Princess and the Sorceress, The (Princess #2)

Wells, Dan

Bluescreen (Mirador #1)

Extreme Makeover 

Over Your Dead Body (John Cleaver #5)

West, David J.

Cold Slither & Other Horrors of the Weird West (Anthology)

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

West, Kasie

P.S. I Like You

Wheeler, E.B.

Born to Treason

No Peace with the Dawn (with Jeffrey Bateman)

Wheeler, Jeff

Lost Abbey (Covenant of Muirwood #4; prequel)

Queen’s Poisoner, The (Kingfountain #1)

Thief’s Daughter, The (Kingfountain #2)

King’s Traitor, The (Kingfountain #3)

White, Dorine

Sapphire Blade, The (Cleopatra’s Legacy #4)

White, Karey

Broken Things to Mend (Power of the Matchmaker #1)

Maggie’s Song (novella)

White, Kiersten

And I Darken

Whitney, Lucinda

One Small Chance

Secret Life of Daydreams, The

Williams, Carol Lynch


Wilson, Nikki


Wilson, Sariah

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

Royal Chase (Royals of Monterra #2)

Royal Games (Royals of Monterra #3)

Winter, Jean

Khari’na Made (Muse #1)

Workman, RaShelle

Because of You

Past the Ages (Across the Ages #2)

Wright, Camron

Orphan Keeper, The

Wright, Julie

Four Chambers  (Power of the Matchmaker #5)

Young, Michael D.

Hunger, The

Youngblood, Jennifer

Love on the Rocks (Hawaii Billionaire Romance #1)

Love on the Rebound (Hawaii Billionaire Romance #2)

Zentner, Jeff

Serpent King, The


Anthologies/Novella Collections/Book Sets

Curl Up with a Cowboy Anthology

Five Magic Spindles

Kisses Between the Lines (Echo Ridge Anthology #2)

Mail Order Bride (A Timeless Romance #16)

Road Trip Collection (A Timeless Romance #17)

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance #18)

Redneck Eldritch Anthology

Sand and Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #3)

Stormy Kisses (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #4)

Spring in Hyde Park  (Timeless Regency Collection #3)

Summer House Party  (Timeless Regency Collection #4)

Country Christmas, A (Timeless Regency #5)

Spring in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #3)

Winter in Snow Valley (Snow Valley #4)

Three Little Words (Contemporary Romance Collection)