2015 New Releases

Titles are listed alphabetically by author, then by title unless there are multiple books in a series released in the same year. In that case, they are listed in series order.

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Total  = 494 new releases


Abramson, Traci Hunter


Spotlight (Saint Squad #9)

Acey, Denver

Quantum Deception (Tanner Zane #2)

Adair, Liz

Interlude at Cottonwood Springs

McCarran Collection, The

Adams, Jewel

Journey’s End (Legacy #3)


Adams, Stephanie

Waiting For Patience

Alameda, Courtney

Shutter (Shutter #1)

Alexander, Anastasia

Silent Cries

Allen, Lynne

Tulip Resistance, The

Allen, Nancy Campbell

Autumn Masquerade (Timeless Regency Collection #1)

Allred, Tara C.

Other Side of Quiet, The

Alsop, Cheree

Daybreak (Girl from the Stars #1)

Fangs of Bloodhaven, The (Monster Asylum #1)

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Catching Caytie (from Snow Valley anthology)

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Anderson, Rachael

Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity (Meet Your Match #3)

Anderson, Tory C.

Jacob and Lace

Argyle, Amber

Of Ice and Snow (Fairy Queens #0.5)

Of Fire and Ash (Fairy Queens 1.5)

Summer Queen (Fairy Queens #2)

Armstrong, David

In the Days of Lachoneus

Armstrong, Lindzee

First Love Second Choice (from Sweet & Sassy Anthology #1)

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Meet Your Match (Miss Match prequel)

Not Your Match (No Match for Love #2)

Ashworth, Heidi

Midwinter Ball, A (Timeless Regency Collection #2)

Baldwin, Kaylee

California Dreamin’ (A Timeless Romance #11)

Barnson, Jay

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Barr, Ellisa

Sabotage (Powerless Nation #3)

Bastian, Laura D.

Beyond Orion (Orion #2)

Heart of Orion (Orion #3)

Echoes of Summer

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Sink or Swim (novella from Sweet & Sassy)

Bateman, Marlene

Crooked House (Erica Coleman #3)

Beck, Glenn

Immortal Nicholas, The

Beckstrand, Karl

Sky So Big, A/To Swallow the Earth

Bell, Michele Ashman

Extreme Measures

Belliston, Rebecca

Liberty (Citizens of Logan Pond #2)

Bellon, Julie Coulter

Captive, The (Griffin Force #1)

Falling Slowly (Hostage Negotiation Team 1.5)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Berg, The


Bessey, Sian Ann

One Last Spring

Beus, Bryan

Westly: A Spider’s Tale

Bishop, Paul

Lie Catchers

Black, Richard L.


Black, Stephanie

Played for a Fool (Fool Me #2)

Bleeker, Emily


Blevins, Rebecca

Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel Island

Keeping Christmas (Countdown to Christmas #5)

Booher, Brock

Charity Chip, The

Bradley, Carol Pratt

Light of the Candle

Branham, Shanae

Boston’s Quest (Holoquest Fantasy #2)

Branton, Teyla

Mortal Brother (Unbounded novella #2.5)

Lethal Engagement (Unbounded novella #4.5)

Takeover, The (Unbounded #5)

Bronson, J. Scott

Agitated Heart, The

Brown, Jana S.

Desert Rains (Desert Romance #1)

Buck, Alicia

Out of the Ashes

Budge, Vicki Hunt

Renewal: Kayla’s Story (Hope & Healing #2)

Buttars, Robyn

Christmas Wonders

Heart Tied

Buttimore, Anna Jones

Escape to Haven (Haven #2)

Christmas at Haven (Haven #3)

Camp, Shannen Crane

Keeping June (June #4)

• Parrish (Parrish Chronicles #1)

Silver Lined (Sugar Coated #3)

Card, Orson Scott

Gatefather (Mithermages #3)

Carling, Angela

Secret Keeper, The (The Secret Series #1)

Carroll, Stacy Lynn

Forever After (Princess Sisters #3)

Shattered Hearts

Checketts, Cami

Oh, Come On—Be Faithful (Countdown to Christmas #3)

Protect This (Tenderness and Terror 0.5)

Redeem This (Tenderness & Terror  #2)

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

Touch of Love, A (Snow Valley novella)

Chesley, Cheri


City of Light

Lost Princess, The (Peasant Queen #3)

Christensen, Rachelle J.

Silver Cascade Secrets (novella)

Veils and Vengeance (Wedding Planner Mysteries #2)

Christiansen, Cindy A.

Broken Deeds, Broken Hearts

Clark, Jennifer K.

Love Unexpected: A Storybook Romance (3 novellas)

Clark, Ranee S.

Playing for Keeps

Clark, Tifani

Haven Waiting (Soul Saver #2)

Clarke, Linda Weaver

Her Lost Love (Amelia Moore Detective #5)

Cole, Frank L.

Afterlife Academy, The

True Heroes Anthology

Collings, Michaelbrent

Buried (The Colony #6)

Reckoning (The Colony #7)

Child of the Empire (Sword Chronicles #1)

Deep, The

Ridealong, The

Collins, Renee

Until We Meet Again

Condie, Ally

True Heroes Anthology

Cooper, Kathryn

Aspen Everlasting

Correia, Larry

Son of the Black Sword (Forgotten Warrior #1)

Cunningham, Melissa J.

Elementalist, The (Ransomed Souls #2)

Daines, Julie

Eleanor and the Iron King

Love Unexpected: A Storybook Romance (3 novellas)

Dalby, Carrie

• Fortitude

Daniels, Janelle

Kiss with Scandal, A (Scandals & Secrets #4)

Christmas Secret, A (Scandals & Secrets 4.5)

Witching Craft, The (Witches of Redwood Falls #2)

Darcy, Diane

Rachel: Bride of New Hampshire (American Mail-Order Brides #9)

Dashner, James

Game of Lives, The (Morality Doctrine #3)

Day, Amberlee

Wish in Her Hand, A

Daybell, Chad

• Days of Fury (Times of Turmoil #3)

Diamond, Steve


DiPastena, Joyce

Lady and the Minstrel, The

Dixon, Heather


Dolzer, Krista Van

Don’t Vote for Me

Sound of Life and Everything

Donaldson, Julianne

Heir to Edenbrook (Edenbrooke #0.5)

Downing, L.T.

Pilfered Papers, The (Adventures of the Restoration #2)

Doxey, Heidi Jo

Liam Darcy, I Loathe You (Jane Journals at Pemberley Prep #1)

Duckett, James C.

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Dye, Anna del C.

Once Upon Two Kingdoms

Dymock, Christina

North for Christmas

Dyreng, Chelsea

Cenote, The

Eddleman, Peggy

True Heroes Anthology

Eden, Deirdra

Hidden Fire (The Watchers #2)

Eden, Sarah M.

All Regency Collection (A Timeless Romance #10)

California Dreamin’ (A Timeless Romance #11)

All Hallows’ Eve (A Timeless Romance #13)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Sarah M. Eden British Isles Collection (A Timeless Romance #15)

Elliott, Jessica L.

Prince Charming’s Quest

Evans, Loralee

Felicity and the Featherless Two-Foot (Felicity #2)

Evans, Richard Paul

Misteltoe Inn, The

Storm of Lightning (Michael Vey #5)

Falin, Lee

Science Fictioned

Falor, Janeal

Ever Darkening (Ever Darkening #1)

Savage Light (Ever Darkening #2)

Mine to Fear (Mine #3)

Sacrifice of Mine (Mine #4)

Farnsworth, Ann

Throne of David, The

Farnsworth, Lauren Winder

• Keeping Kate

Ficklin, Sherry D.

Playing with Fire (#Hackers #1)

Queen of Tomorrow (Stolen Empire #2)

Prodigal (The Lost Imperials #2) (with Tyler Jolley)

Riven (The Lost Imperials #3) (with Tyler Jolley)

Twists in Time Anthology

Fitzpatrick, Becca

Dangerous Lies

Fixsen, Jaima

Courting Scandal (Fairchild #3)

Ford, Julie N.

With No Regrets

Gammon, Sherry

Angel in a Black Fedora (Port Fare novella)

Gardner, M. Irish

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Garrett, Jared


Gatt, B.M.J.

One of Many

George, Jessica Day

Silver in the Blood

Giles, Nicole

Water So Deep

Gillette, Heather

Decision, The (The Choice #2)

Glassey, Robin

Veil of Death, The (Azetha #2)

Journey to the Mercy Mines (Azetha #3)

Gowans, Jacob

Psion Omega (Psion #5)

Secrets of Neverak (Light & Shadow #2)

Green, Betsy Brannon

Puzzle Pieces (Haggerty Mystery #9)

Griffith, Jennifer

Attractive Nuisance (Legally in Love #1)

Asked and Answered (Legally in Love #2)

Pandora (Goddesses and Geeks #1)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Guymon, Shannon

My One and Only (Love & Weddings #1)

Free Fallin’ (Love & Weddings #2)

At Last (Love & Weddings #3)

California Dreamin’ (A Timeless Romance #11)

Hale, Dean

Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party, The (Princess in Black #2)

Hale, Shannon

Forgotten Sisters, The (Princess Academy #3)

Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party, The (Princess in Black #2)

True Heroes Anthology

Hamilton-Senter, Heather

Caught in Crimson (Sword of Elements #2)

Hansen, Jennie

By the River

Harman, Teri

Storm Moon (Moonlight #3)

Harmon, Amy

Song of David, The (Law of Moses #2)

Harrison, E. James

Cross Bearer, The

Harrison, Mette Ivie

His Right Hand (Linda Wallheim #2)

Harrow, Jonathan

•  Joni, Underway (with Kelly Oram)

Hart, Taylor

Going Rogue (The Real Thing #2)

Get You Back  (The Real Thing #3)

Last Play  (The Last Play #1)

Rookie, The (The Last Play #2)

Just Play (The Last Play #3)

Player for Christmas, A (Last Play #4)

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

Hartman, Ginny

Her Irresistible Employer (Unconventional Suitor #4)

Hatch, Donna

Autumn Masquerade (Timeless Regency Collection #1)

Suspect’s Daughter, The (Rogue Hearts #4)

Hayes, Christine

Mothman’s Curse

Henrie, Stacy

Hope Remembered, A (Of Love and War #3)

Herbert, Bethany Zohner

Perfect Fool, The

Higgins, Marie

Duke’s Christmas Tidings, The

Her Own Fairy Godmother

Secrets and Lies

Stealing the Duchess

Witch Hunt, The (Where Dreams Come True #1)

Hill, L.K.

Botanist, The

Hinds, Jan

Shadows Before Dawn

Hinrichsen, Ronda


Hirst, Teresa

Flowers of Grace

Hoagland, Maria

Home for the Holidays (Countdown to Christmas #2)

Hogan, Cindy M.

Castle Collection (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #2)

Fatal Exchange (Christy #3)

Kate Unmasked (Code of Silence #1)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Followed by Frost

Master Magician, The (Paper Magician #3)

Holmes, Michelle Paige

Loving Helen (Hearthfire Romance #2)

Marrying Christopher (Hearthfire Romance #3)

Twelve Days in December (Hearthfire Romance #4)

Midwinter Ball, A (Timeless Regency Collection #2)

Horrocks, Heather

Fifty Shades of Greystoke (Chick Flick Clique #4)

Inn the Family Way (Who-Dun-Him Inn #3)

Violet: Bride of North Dakota (American Mail-Order Brides #39)

Houck, Colleen

Reawakened (Reawakened #1)

Huffaker, Nathan


Hughes, Dean

Home and Away

Hunt, Andrew

Killing in Zion, A (Art Oveson #2)

Hunter, Ann

Born to Run (North Oak #1)

Yearling (North Oak #2)

Inman, Pendragon

Fire Gate  (Shinehah Saga #1)

Crystal Gate (Shinehah Saga #2)

Ipson, Valerie

Ideal High

Isaacson, Liz (Elana Johnson)

Second Chance Ranch (Three Rivers Romance #1)

Third Time’s the Charm (Three Rivers Romance #2)

Isham, Ty W.

No Regrets

Jackson, Marilee

Midnight Runner

Jacobson, Melanie

Always Will

Boardwalk Antiques Shop, The (Tangerine Street #2)

Mariposa Hotel, The (Tangerine Street #3)

Love Unexpected: A Storybook Romance (3 novellas)

James, Jenni

My Pride, His Prejudice (Austen in Love #1)

Jane & Bingley (Austen in Love #2) (Countdown to Christmas #8)

Peter Pan (Faery Tale #12)

Sensible & Sensational (Jane Austen Diaries #6)

James, Terron

True Sight (The Beholders #2)

Jenkins, Jennifer


Jensen, Brett

Wake of Ruin (Relegated #1)

Burden of Destiny (Relegated #2)

Jensen, Janet Kay

Gabriel’s Daughters

Jensen, Krista

Kisses in the Rain

Jensen, Marion

Searching for Super (Almost Super #2)

Johanssson, J. R.

Cut Me Free

Mania (Night Walkers #3)

Johnson, C.K.

Piper’s Song, A (The Pied Piper Tales #1)

Johnson, Elana

All Hallows’ Eve (A Timeless Romance #13)

Johnson, Sally

Worth Waiting For (Skeleton in My Closet #2)

Johnston, Laura

Between Now & Never

Jolley, Tyler

Prodigal (The Lost Imperials #2) (with Sherry Ficklin)

Riven (The Lost Imperials #3) (with Sherry Ficklin)

Jortner, D. Lee

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Justesen, Heather

Safe Haven (Homecoming #4)

Kammeyer, Kurt

Clan of the Stone, The (Fort Kanosh #1)

Kay, Shaela

Heart Made of Indigo, A (Journeys of the Heart #1)

Kelly, Carla

All Regency Collection (A Timeless Romance #10)

Doing No Harm

Paloma and the Horse Traders (Spanish Brand #3)

Regency Christmas Gifts

Kelly, Holly

Avenging (Rising #3)

Twists in Time Anthology

Kersey, Christine


Kibbie, George Anthon

• Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls

Kiefer, Erica

Vanishing Act (Lingering Echoes #3)

Kilpack, Josi S.

All Regency Collection (A Timeless Romance #10)

Autumn Masquerade (Timeless Regency Collection #1)

Heart Revealed, A  (Proper Romance #4)

Lord Fenton’s Folly (Proper Romance #5)

Sadie’s Little Black Recipe Book (Sadie Hoffmiller)

King, David Powers

Woven (and Michael Jensen)

King, Katherine

Other Side of the Stars, The

King, Robin

Van Gogh Gone (Remembrant #2)

Kirby, Matthew J.

Arctic Code, The (Dark Gravity Sequence #1)

Knight, Alysia S.

Beauty and the Chief

His Governess

Trail to Her Heart

Knight, Wendy

Rocker Boy

Soul’s Agent, The

Star Crossed Hurricane

Krey, Kimberley

Getting Kole for Christmas

Rough Edges (Second Chances #1)

Mending Hearts (Second Chances #2)

Krumwiede, Lana

True Son (Psi Chronicles #3)

Larson, Lynne

Another Time for Love

Larson, Sara B.

Endure (Defy #3)

True Heroes Anthology

Leafty, Danyelle

Of Firebirds and Frost (Tales of the Snow Queen #2)

Of Indigo and Ice (Tales of the Snow Queen #3)

TrollSpell (Fairy Godmother Dilemma #5)

Trouble with Magic, The (Secret Stepsister Society #2)

Leavitt, Martine


Lee, Mackenzi

This Monstrous Thing

Lewis, Jeanette

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

Lieske, Victorine E.

Reluctantly Married

Lindsay, Randy

Call to Arms: Nations Fall

Lorenne, Jessica

Monster & The Beast, The (Tales of Evermagic #4)

Luce, Wanda

In the Wilds of Devon

Luke, Gregg

Healer, The

Lund, Gerald N.

Storm Descends, The (Fire and Steel #2)

Lyon, Annette

Midwinter Ball, A (Timeless Regency Collection #2)

All Regency Collection (A Timeless Romance #10)

California Dreamin’ (A Timeless Romance #11)

Annette Lyon Collection (A Timeless Romance #12)

All Hallows’ Eve (A Timeless Romance #13)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Chasing Tess (novella from A Timeless Romance #2)

Unexpected Proposal, An  (novella from A Timeless Romance #1)

Lytton, Deborah


Mace, Aubrey

Love on a Whim

Mae, Cassie

How to Hook a Bookworm (How To #3)

Maetani, Valynne E.

Ink and Ashes

Mangum, Lisa

All Hallows’ Eve (A Timeless Romance #13)

Mason, Melanie

Ring of Remaliha, The

Maughan, Jeremy

Zion’s Call (Legacy of Hope #1)

McClellan, Brian

Autumn Republic, The (Power Mage #3)

McClellan, Rachel

Devil’s Fool, The (The Devil Series #1)

Devil’s Angel, The (The Devil #2)

Devil’s Soldier, The (The Devil #3)

McClure, Marcia Lynn

Romance in Sleepy Hollow

With a Dreamboat in a Hammock

McCollum, Jordan

All Hallows’ Eve (A Timeless Romance #13)

Saints & Spies (Saints & Spies #1)

McConnell, Lucy

Academic Bride, The (Billionaire Marriage Brokers #1)

Organized Bride, The (Billionaire Marriage Brokers #2)

Professional Bride, The (Billionaire Marriage Brokers #3)

Country Bride, The (Billionaire Marriage Brokers #4)

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

McFarland, Caitlyn

Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn #1)

Shadow of Flame (Dragonsworn #2)

Truth of Embers (Dragonsworn #3)

McKendrick, Lisa

Letters to My Future Husband

McKendry, Kristen

Heart’s Journey

McShane, Melissa


Servant of the Crown (Crown of Tremontane #1)

Rider of the Crown (Crown of Tremontane #2)

Exile of the Crown (Crown of Tremontane #2.5)

Smoke-Scented Girl, The

Meyer, Stephenie

Life and Death (Twilight #5)

Michaels, Elizabeth D.

Tainted Crown, The (Horstberg Saga #4)

Through Castle Windows (Horstberg Saga #5)

Millard, Monica

Faceless (Mortal Monsters #1)

Powerless (Mortal Monsters #2)

Miller, Jeanette

Heart of Gold

Moncur, Misty

Brothers in Arms Pt 1: Like the Tendrils of a Vine (Stripling Warriors #6-1)

Brothers in Arms 0t 2: When the Time is Right (Stripling Warriors #6-2)

In Enemy Arms (Stripling Warrior #7)

Monson, Adrienne

Defiance (Blood Inheritance #2)

Monson, Christy


Montague, Terry


Montpetit, Kimberley

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

Moore, C. Allen

Love and Miracles

Moore, Heather B./H.B.

Boardwalk Antiques Shop, The (Tangerine Street #2)

Mariposa Hotel, The (Tangerine Street #3)

Bondage (Moses Chronicles #1)

Lost King (Omar Zagouri #2)

All Regency Collection (Timeless Romance #10)

California Dreamin’ (Timeless Romance #11)

All Hallows’ Eve (Timeless Romance #13)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Fortunate Exile, A (novella from A Timeless Romance #1)

Moore, Jennifer

Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince

Sheik’s Ruby, The

Simply Anna

California Dreamin’ (A Timeless Romance #11)

Morin, Frank

Memory Hunter (Facetakers #1)

Morris, Chad

Impossible Race, The (Cragbridge Hall #3)

True Heroes Anthology

Morris, William

Dark Watch and Other Mormon-American Stories

Mull, Brandon

Caretaker’s Guide to Fablehaven, The (Fablehaven #6)

Crystal Keepers (Five Kingdoms #3)

True Heroes Anthology

Murphy, H. Linn

Sunrise Over Scipio

Nelson, Kelly

Love’s Deception

Nelson, Steve

Creators Sentinel, The

Newman, John

Sandy and the Weird Sisters

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Mark of the Thief (Praetor War #1)

Night Divided, A

True Heroes Anthology

Nielsen, Kevin L.

Resurgent Shadows   (Successive Harmony #1)

Sands (Shanari #1)

Storms (Shanari #2)

Nielson, Sheila A.

Shadow in the Sea

Noelle, Jo

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Castle Collection (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #2)

Norton, Preston


O’Guinn, Katie Lee

Lost (Chasing the Wolf #3)

Oliphant, Megan

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Okerlund, Taya

Hurricane Coltrane

Oram, Kelly

Joni, Underway (with Jonathan Harrow)

Scion (Suprnaturals #3)

Pace, David G.

Dream House on Golan Drive

Palmer, Kate

Snowed Inn (Western Hearts #1)

Storm (Western Hearts #2)

Olivia (Western Hearts #3)

Parker, Lehua

True Heroes Anthology

Parkinson, K.A.

Shadow Prison, The (The Ninth Chosen #1)

Patterson, Janci

Thousand Faces, A

Pearson, Andrea

Bezza’s Book of Enchantments (Ranch City Academy #1)

Midian (Kilenya Romance #2)

Perceive (Katon University #3)

Observe (Katon University #4)

Reclaim (Katon University #5)

Peaslee, Jessilyn Stewart


Peck, Steven L.

Wandering Realities

Peck, Teya

Within Qwestar (Qwestar #1)

Peel, Jennifer

House Divided

Jessie Belle (Women of Merryton #1)

Trouble in Loveland

Perry, Anne

Angel Court Affair, The (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt #30)

Christmas Escape, A (Christmas #13)

Corridors of the Night (William Monk #21)

Perry, Jolene

Has to Be Love

Mismatched in Love: Almost Cinderella (Almost a Fairytale #1)

Waiting to Fall: Almost Rapunzel (Almost a Fairy Tale #2)

Peterson, Alyson

Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return (Ian Quicksilver #1)

Peterson, Debbie

Court of the Hawk

Peterson, Robbin J.

Going Home

Picket, Anola

Callahan Crossroads

Pinkston, Tristi

Take My Advice

Taking the Reins (Estelle Watkins #4)

Pitman, Stephanie N.

Honorable Disgrace

Poulson, Clair M.

Murder at Tophouse

Portrait of Lies

Powell, Christie Valentine

Spectra Unearthed, The (Spectra #1)

Pratt, Sheralyn

Kiss That Launched 1000 Gifs, The

Quintana, Adrienne


Quist, Jennifer


Rallison, Janette

My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (My Fair Godmother #3)

Randall, Jessica L.

Stranger’s Obituary, The (Obituary Society #2)

Rector, Lisa

The Two Masters (Half-Emrys #2)

Reyes, Laurisa White

Storytellers, The

Richardson, Frank

Deadly Secrets

Ricks, Patricia J.

Tara and The Fairy Flag (Tara #1)

Rivoli, Alicia

Whispers of Death

Robins, Glen

Off Kilter (Off #1)

Rode, Rebecca

Numbers Game (Numbers Game #1)

Roethig, M.M.

Dangerous Obsession (Taylor Family Saga #1)

Elemental Princess (Elemental Series #1)

Raine (Elemental Series #2)

Rosenbaum, Karen

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives

Rudolph, Norma T.

Gift of Lies, The

Russell, Josi


Sanderson, Brandon

Firefight (The Reckoners #2)

Perfect State

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Cosmere novella)

Shadows of Self (Mistborn #5; Alloy of Law sequel)

Savage, J Scott

Curse of the Mummy’s Uncle (Case File 13 #4)

Fire Keep (Farworld #3)

Fires of Invention (Mysteries of Cove #1)

True Heroes Anthology

Schmidt, Cheri

Order of Curse-Bound Knights, The (Fateful #4)

Schow, Betsy


Scott, Tina Peterson

My Sweet Danish Rose

Sedgwick, Chantele

Love, Lucas

Shelley, Rebecca

Gold Dragon (Dragonbound VII)

Shields, T.D.

Into Shadow (Shadow and Light #1)

Shiels, Cassie M.

Royal Spy, The

Shumate, Nathan

Levels: Fantastic and Macabre Stories

Shurtliff, Liesl

Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk

True Heroes Anthology

Siddoway, Richard M.

Cottage Park Puzzle, The

Sidwell, Adam Glendon

True Heroes Anthology

Silverbow, Konstanz

Enchanted Rose (Finding Gold #2)

Once Upon an Assassin (Finding Gold #3)

Skidmore, Lauren

What Is Lost

Skye, Obert

Lord of the Hat, The (Creature From My Closet #5)

Witherwood Reform School

Sneed, Theresa

Salem Witch Haunt (Salem Witch Haunt #1)

Sorensen, Toni


Sowards, A.L.

Rules in Rome, The

Sowards, Joan

Bridges of the Heart

Standford, Melanie


Stansfield, Anita

Legally and Lawfully Yours

Stastny, Charissa

Hands of Mercy (Bending Willow Tree #3)

Steele, Carolyn

Soda Springs

Stephens, Berin L.

Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent (#2)

Strong, Amanda

Twists in Time Anthology

Swinton, Lisa

Vocal Crush

Talbot, Neve

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Talley, Rebecca

Adding Christmas (Countdown to Christmas #7)

Grounded for Love (Reunion Romance #2)

Tarbet, Scott

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Tarr, Kenneth R.


Tate, Kristy

Witch Ways (Witch Ways #1)

Taylor, Scott William

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Thayne, RaeAnne

•  Redemption Bay (Haven Point #2)

•  Evergreen Springs (Haven Point #3)

Thompson, J.L.

Enoch in the City of Adam (Coming Flood #1)

Timothy, Paige

Between the Lines (Main Street Merchants #5)

In the Stars (Main Street Merchants #6)

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Castle Collection (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #2)

Tippetts, E.M.

Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf, The (Someone Else’s Fairytale #3)

Todd, Ilima

True Heroes Anthology

Tuft, Karen

Trouble in Paradise

Tullis, Heather

Hello Again (In the Garden #1)

Twiss, Johan

Sim 299 (I Am Sleepless #1)

Valentine, Stephen

Lazarus Game, The

Van, Nichole

Clandestine (House of Oak #3)

Refine (House of Oak #4)

Vandagriff, G.G.

Defiance (Saga of Love and War #3)

Lord John’s Dilemma (Grenville Chronicles #2)

Lord Basingstoke’s Downfall (Grenville Chronicles #3)

Wagner, McKenzie

Casters of Doovik

Wallace, Becky

Storyspinner, The (The Keepers’ Chronicles #1)

Walls, Devri

Wizards Heir, The

Wardell, Jenniffer

Beast Charming

Warren, M.M.

Envisage, The

Washburn, J

Song of Locke

Watters, K.J.

Sale of Woodhouse Glass, The

Weaver, Donna K.

Castle Collection (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #2)

Season of Change, A (Safe Harbors 2.5)

Webb, Nick

Constitution (Legacy Fleet #1)

Weist, Jaclyn

Just My Luck (Luck Series 1.5; prequel novella)

More Than Just Luck (Luck Series #4)

Ring of Truth (Silver Script #1)

• Christmas Worth Billions, A (Silver Script #2) (Countdown to Christmas #4)

Wells, Dan

Devil’s Only Friend, The (John Cleaver #4)

Pear-Shaped Funeral, A (Second memoir of Frederick Whithers)

Wells, Robison

Airships of Camelot

West, David J.

Mad Song, The (Anthology)

Whispers Out of the Dust

West, Kasie

Fill-In Boyfriend, The

West, Paul W.

Bridgetown High

Westbrook, Liza (Karen Hoover)

Johanna (Dakota Bound #1) (with Kirsten Osbourne)

Wheeler, E.B.

Haunting of Springett Hall, The

Wheeler, Jeff

Banished of Muirwood, The (Covenant of Muirwood #1)

Ciphers of Muirwood, The (Covenant of Muirwood #2)

Void of Muirwood, The (Covenant of Muirwood #3)

Poisonwell (Whispers from Mirrowen #3)

Whipple, Natalie

Fish Out of Water


White, Dorine

Diamond Looking Glass, The (Cleopatra’s Legacy #3)

White, Jen

Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave

White, Karey

Wife Maker, The (Husband Maker #3)

Whitesides, Tyler

Heroes of the Dustbin (Janitors #5)

True Heroes Anthology

Wier, Summer

Link (Shadow of Light #1)

Wilcox, Rachel K.

Eleventh Brother, The

Williams, Carol Lynch

Never Said

Williams, Pamela S.

What Took You So Long

Wilson, Sariah

Royal Date

Winters, Lydia (Lindzee Armstrong)

Wishing on Baby Dust

Playing with Heartstrings (sequel to Wishing on Baby Dust)

Woodland, Lani

Breaking Pointe

Out of Bounds (Pom Pom Periodicals #3)

Taken by Chance (Laguna Tides #1) (and Erica Cameron)

Workman, RaShelle

Not So Lucky (Lucky Clover #1)

Dead Lucky (Lucky Clover #2)

Lucky in Love (Lucky #3)

Worlton, Stephanie Connelley

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Wright, Julie

Boardwalk Antiques Shop, The (Tangerine Street #2)

Mariposa Hotel, The (Tangerine Street #3)

Young, Michael D.

Nemesis: Knight (Chess Quest #2)

Rook: Revenge (Chess Quest #3)

Anthologies/Novella Collections/Book Sets

Christmas Kisses (Echo Ridge Anthology #1)

Summer in Snow Valley Anthology (Snow Valley #2)

Hidden Identities (Sweeet & Sassy Anthologies #1)

Castle Collection (Sweet & Sassy Anthology #2)

Boardwalk Antiques Shop, The (Tangerine Street #2)

Autumn Masquerade (Timeless Regency Collection #1)

Midwinter Ball, A (Timeless Regency Collection #2)

All Regency Collection (Timeless Romance #10)

California Dreamin’ (Timeless Romance #11)

Annette Lyon Collection (Timeless Romance #12)

All Hallows’ Eve (Timeless Romance #13)

Under the Mistletoe (Timeless Romance #14)

Power of the Matchmaker (Power of the Matchmaker Prequel)

Love Unexpected: A Storybook Romance

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

True Heroes Anthology

Twists in Time (Speculative Anthology)