2014 New Releases

Titles are listed alphabetically by author, then by title unless there are multiple books in a series released in the same year. In that case, they are listed in series order.

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New Releases = 603


Abramson, Traci Hunter

Chances Are

Drop Zone (Saint Squad #8)

Twisted Fate (anthology)

Acey, Denver

Quantum Breach, The

Adair, Liz

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Trouble at the Red Pueblo (Spider Latham #4)

Christmas Village, A (Anthology)

Adams, J.

Rainy Season, The

Til You Come Back to Me Again

Alexander, Anastasia

Superstitious Romance, The

Allen, Jewel

Ghost Moon Night

Alsop, Cheree

Into the Fire (Galdoni #2)

Out of the Darkness (Galdoni #3)

Small Town Superhero II (Superhero #2)

Small Town Superhero III (Superhero #3)

Heart of the Wolf (Heart of Wolf, pt 2)

Strays (Werewolf Academy #1)

Hunted (Werewolf Academy #2)

Instinct (Werewolf Academy #3)

Anderson, Alivia (Taryn Taylor)

Worth It

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Under a Georgia Moon

Christmas in Snow Valley Anthology

Anderson, Holli

Five: Out of the Pit (Five #2)

Anderson, Rachael

Prejudice Meets Pride (Meet Your Match #1)

Rough Around the Edges Meets Refined (Meet Your Match #2)

Righting a Wrong  (Ripple Effect #3)

Twist of Fate (Novella)

Anderson, Rusty

Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria (Calvin Sparks #1)

Anderson, Steven

From the Four Winds

Ann, Becca (Cassie Mae)

King Sized Beds & Happy Trails (Beds #1) [PG-13]

Beach Side Beds & Sandy Paths (Beds #2) [PG-13]

True Love & Magic Tricks (Beds #0.5) [PG-13]

Apelu, Erin

Off the Edge

Argyle, Amber

•  Strange and Lovely (Anthology)

Witch Fall (Witch Song #3)

Argyle, Michelle D.

If I Forget You

Arrington, Anika

Accidental Apprentice, The (Accidental Magyk #1)

Asay, C.R.

Heart of Annihilation

Ashton, Brodi

 • Evertrue (Everneath #3)

Ashworth, Heidi

Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice

Atkinson, Sonja


Autrey, Clover

Highland Son (Highland Sorcery: A New Dawn #1)

Viking Mine

Autumn, Ivory

Shade’s Tree, The (Quest of Orion’s Belt #3)

Aylworth, Susan

Eastward to Zion

Badger, Orson T.

Ragtags (Exodus #4)

Baldwin, Kaylee

Silver Linings  (Ripple Effect #2; a multi-author series of stand-alone books)

Banks, Alex (Ali Cross)

Swift, The

Barr, Ellisa

Outage (Powerless Nation #1)

Voyage (Powerless Nation #2)

Bast, Michael

Death’s Academy

Bastian, Laura D.

Eye on Orion

Guardians of the Gates (Gates of Atlantis #2)

Bateman, Marlene

Death in the Family, A (Erica Coleman #2)

Bates, Emily H.

Demon’s Heart

Beard, Sarah

Porcelain Keys

Bell, Braden

Luminescence (Middle School Magic #3)

Belliston, Rebecca

Life (The Citizens of Logan Pond #1)

Bellon, Julie Coulter

From the Ashes (Hostage Negotiation Team #2.5; novella)

Ring Around the Rosie (Hostage Negotiation Team #4)

Bennett, Carolyn Hart

Overland Trek (Seven Sisters #2)

Bennett, Cindy C.

End of Feeling, The

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty

Plentiful Rain, A

Berry, Julie

Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place, The

Bessey, Sian Ann

Insider, The

Bingham, Laura

Dancing with Black

Bird, Shari

Free Bread Girl

Black, Stephanie

Twisted Fate (anthology)

Blackhurst, Deanne

Madera Murder, The

Booher, Brock

Healing Stone

Borrowman, Jerry

Assault on Cambriol

Boucher, Sarah E.

Becoming Beauty

Boyack, Connor

Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law, The (Tuttle Twins #1)

Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil, The (Tuttle Twins #2)

Bradshaw, Dustin W.

Counting Candles

Bramwell, Mary Ellen

Apple of My Eye, The

Branton, Rachel (Rachel Nunes)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie

Branton, Teyla (Rachel Nunes)

Ava’s Revenge (Unbounded Novella, #1.5)

Reckoning, The (Unbounded #4)

Bray, Carys

• Song for Issy Bradley, A

Bright, Alissa

Hale’s Fire (Hale’s Storm #2)

Brooks, Mikey

Battle for Acropolis (Gates of Atlantis # 6)

Dream Makers, The (Dream Keeper #3)

Stone of Valhalla, The

Brothers Washburn, The

Mojave Green (Dimensions in Death #2)

Brown, John D.

Curse (Dark God #2)

Raveler (Dark God #3)

Brown, JoLyn


Brown, Marilyn

Rosefields of Zion, The

Walking in Tombstone

Bryant, C.K.

Beloved (Crystor #3

Bucheger, Monique

Being West is Best (Ginnie West #4)

Budge, Vicki Hunt

Intercession: Jessica’s Story

Butler, S.A.

Monster Hunter

Buttimore, Anna Jones

Emon and the Emperor

Caldwell, Juli

Secrets of the Mine (Gates of Atlantis #3)

Camp, Shannen Crane

Catching June (June #3)

Rose Tinted (Sugar Coated #2)

Under Zenith

Card, Orson Scott

Earth Awakens (First Formic War #3) (with Aaron Johnston)

Visitors (Pathfinder #3)

Carroll, Phillip

Flypaper Boy: Coming of Age

Carroll, Stacy Lynn

My Name Is Bryan

Tale of Tails, A

Carson, Kristen

Boxford Stories, The

Checketts, Cami

Fourth of July

Shadows in the Curtain

Christmas in Snow Valley Anthology

Cheney, Mark F.

Mark of the Jaguar

Chesley, Cheri

Haunting Love, A

• Lizzie Lilac and the Left Socks (with K.C. Rose)

Christensen, David R.

Worlds Without Number

Christensen, Rachelle

Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things (Wedding Planner Mysteries #1)

Christiansen, Cindy A.

Hunting for Happenstance (Merchant Street #2)

Clark, Hannah L.

Uncovering Cobbogoth (Cobbogoth #1)

Clark, Platte F.

Fluff Dragon (Bad Unicorn #2)

Clark, Tifani

Shadow of a Life (Soul Saver #1)

Clarke, Linda Weaver

Bali Mystery, The (Amelia Moore Detective #1)

Shamrock Case, The (Amelia Moore Detective #2)

Missing Heir, The (Amelia Moore Detective #3)

Mysterious Doll, The  (Amelia Moore Detective #4)

Clegg, Jaleta

Dark Dancer

Chain of Secrets (Altairan Empire #8)

An Indecent Proposal (Altairan Empire #9)

Coleman, Daniel


Collings, Michaelbrent

Billy: Destroyer of Powers (Billy #3)

Crime Seen

Velocity (The Colony #4)

Shift (The Colony #5)

This Darkness Light


Condie, Ally

 • Atlantia

Cook, Terry

Three Mormon Missions

Correia, Larry

Monster Hunter Nemesis (Monster Hunter #5)

Costner, Emily


Cunningham, M.E.

Eye of Tanub, The (Into Terratir #1)

Celestine Sword, The (Into Terratir #2)

Cross, Ali

Blood Crown

Crowe, Chris

Death Coming Up the Hill

Daines, Julie


Dalton, Derick William

Houses of Common

Sterile Field (Houses of Common short story)

Darcy, Diane

Bewitching the Knight

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

Dashner, James

Gunner Skale (Mortality Doctrine short story)

Rule of Thoughts, The (Mortality Doctrine #2)

Iron Empire, The (Inifinty Ring #7)

Dayley, Susan

Hot Pursuit (Pursuit #2)

Dean, Taylor

• I’m With You

Despain, Bree

Shadow Prince, The (Into the Dark #1)

DiGirolamo, Vinny

Return of Enoch, The (and Anthony Stanish)

DiPastena, Joyce

Loving Lucianna

Duncan, Thom

Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban (Moroni Smith #3)

Dye, Anna del C.

Roilden Stones of Elf Mountain, The (Elf Series #7)

Eddleman, Peggy

Forbidden Flats, The (Sky Jumpers #2)

Eden, Deirdra

Knight of Light (The Watchers #1)

Eden, Sarah M.

As Your Are

For Elise

Hope Springs (Longing for Home #2)

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Silver Bells (A Timeless Romance #9)

Eliker, Rachael

Headed for the Win (Book 1)

Elliott, Jessica L.

Prince Charming’s Search (Charming Academy #3)

Becoming Prince Charming (Charming Academy #4)

Ellis, Ann Dee

End or Something Like That, The

Erfert, Debra

Relative Evil

Erickson, Michelle

Said in Stone (Chest of Souls Prequels #3)

Winds of Change (Chest of Souls Prequels #4)

Up in Flames (Chest of Souls Prequels #5)

Evans, Richard Paul

Hunt for Jade Dragon (Michael Vey #4)

Mistletoe Promise, The

Walking on Water (The Walk #5)

Falor, Janeal

Mine to Spell (Mine #2)

Farnsworth, Michael M.


Ferguson, Danyelle

Sweet Confections (Indulgence Row #1)

Ficklin, Sherry D.

Haunting Zoe

Losing Logan

Queen of Someday, The (The Stolen Empire #1)

Finnegan, Amy

Not in the Script (If Only… #3)

Ford, Julie N.

Home Matters (Ripple Effect #1; a multi-author series of stand-alone books)

Fowers, Stephanie

Jane and Austen

•  Strange and Lovely (Anthology)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

Hitler Dilimma, The

Fuller, Donna

Strand of Doubt, A

Gammon, Sherry

Unbearable (Port Fare #3)

Garrett, Jared Nathan

Beyond the Cabin

George, Jessica Day

Thursdays with the Crown (Castle Glower #3)

Gilchrist, Amber

Rules of Engagement

Giles, Nichole

Birthright (Descendant #2)

Gillespie, Raine

Hearts in Harmony (Love Notes #1)

Waltzing on Wheels (Love Notes #2)

Healing a Broken Harp (Love Notes #3)

Gladden, DelSheree

Soul Stone (Escaping Fate #2)

Wicked Hunger (Someone Wicked #1)

Wicked Power (Someone Wicked #2)

Wicked Glory (Someone Wicked #3)

Glassey, Robin

Secrets of Fathara (Azetha #1)

Glassford, Michael S.

Fog of Fortune (The Silversword Chronicles #1)

Gowans, Jacob

Fool and the Dragonox, The (Light & Shadow #0.5)

Tale of Light and Shadow, A (Light & Shadow #1)

Gowen, Karen Jones

* Afraid of Everything

Grant, Audrey

Mark of the Jaguar (Jaguar #2)

Gray, Kari (Nancy Allen)

Dark Destiny (Destiny #1)

Green, Betsy Brannon

Danger Ahead (Brooke Clayton #2)

Griffith, Jennifer

Immersed  (Ripple Effect #6)

Lost Art, The

•  Strange and Lovely (Anthology)

Guscott, Steven J

Book of Prophecy, The

Guymon, Shannon

Falling For Rayne  (Love & Flowers #1)

Dreaming of Ivy (Love & Flowers #2)

Passion for Cleo, A (Love & Flowers #3)

Come to Me (Love & Trust #1)

Be Mine (Love & Trust #2)

Tough Love (Love & Trust #3)

Gwyn, Bonnie

Escaping Safety (Sanctuary #1)

Hale, Cindy Ray

Synchrony (Destiny #2)

Hale, Dean

Princess In Black, The (with Shannon Hale)

Hale, Shannon


Princess In Black, The (with Dean Hale)

Fire and Ice (Spirit Animals # 4)

Unfairest of the All, The (Ever After High #2)

Wonderlandiful World, A (Ever After High #3)

Once Upon a Time (Ever After High Story Collection)

Hamilton-Senter, Heather

To Make a Witch (Sword of Elements Novella)

Hancock, R.C.

Uncommon Blue, An

Hansen, Danette J.


Space Gum

Harman, Teri

Black Moon (Moonlight Trilogy #2)

Harmon, Amy

Infinity + One

Law of Moses, The

Harrison, E. James

Chariots to Jordan

Harrison, Mette Ivie

Bishop’s Wife, The

Hart, Taylor

On the Run (The Real Thing #1)

Hawkes, Jaclyn M.

For Joey (Rockland Ranch Romance #4)

Wildflowers and Kisses

Heimerdinger, Chris

Drums of Desolation (Tennis Shoes #12)

Henrie, Stacy

Hope at Dawn (Of Love and War #1)

Christmas Hope, A (Of Love and War #1.5)

Hope Rising (Of Love and War #2)

Hepner, Braden

Pale Harvest

Hickman, Laura

Unwept (Nightbirds #1) (with Tracy Hickman)

Hickman, Tracy

Unwept (Nightbirds #1) (with Laura Hickman)

Higgins, Marie

• Amazon Sunset (Paradise #1)

Haunting Secrets

Reach for Heaven (Grayson Bros #3)

Sweetest Secret, The (Sons of Worthington #4)

Hill, L.K.

Citadels of Fire

Hilmo, Tess

Skies Like These

Hoagland, Maria

Still Time

Hogan, Cindy M.

Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips

Hotwire (Christy Spy #2)

•  Strange and Lovely (Anthology)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Paper Magician, The  (Paper Magician #1)

Glass Magician, The  (Paper Magician #2)

Holmes, Michele Paige

Saving Grace

Holt, Jennifer Ann

Discovering Peace (sequel to Delivering Hope)

Hoover, Karen E.

Emerald Wolf, The (Wolfchild Saga #3)

Fractured (Newtimber #1)

Hopkins, Kevin R.


Horrocks, Heather

My Spare Lady (Chick Flick Clique #3)

Naughty List, The (Christmas Street Novella #3)

Puppy Love (Chick Flick Clique Dog Park novella)

Horton, Pene Beavan

Devil’s Cataract

Hovley, Margot

Glimmering Light (The End Begins #2)

Howard, Daris

Born to Run, Live to Be Free (Under Open Skies #2)

Hughes, Dean

Fresh Courage Take (Come to Zion #3)

Humphries, Jessie

Killing Ruby Rose (Ruby Rose #1)

Resisting Ruby Rose (Ruby Rose #2)

Hunter, Ann

Subtle Beauty, The  (Crown of the Twelve #1)

Moonlight  (Crown of the Twelve #2)

Fallen (Crown of the Twelve #3)

Piece of Sky, A (Crown of the Twelve #4)

Hutching, M.K.


Jacobson, Melanie

Painting Kisses

Fortune Café, The (Tangerine Street #1)

James, Jenni

Drowning (Revitalizing Jane #1)

Greeny Meany (Andy & Annie #2)

•  Strange and Lovely (Anthology)

Rapunzel (Faerie Tale Collection #10)

Little Mermaid, The (Faerie Tale Collection #11)

Jamison, Rebecca

Sense & Sensibility (A Latter-day Tale #3)

Jensen, Krista Lynne

Falling for You

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

With All My Heart (Love Unexpected: with Anita Stansfield, and Sheryl C.S. Johnson)

Jensen, Marion

Almost Super

Johansson, J.R.

Paranoia (Night Walkers #2)

Johnson, Elana


Elemental Rush (#0.5) (prequel novella)

Elemental Hunger (#1)

Elemental Release (#1.5) (novella)

Something About Love

Johnson, Lyndsay

Fire of the Sea

Johnson, Sally

Skeleton In My Closet Wears a Wedding Dress, The

Johnson, Sheryl C.S.

With All My Heart (Love Unexpected: with Anita Stansfield, and Krista Lynne Jensen)

Johnston, Aaron

Earth Awakens (First Formic War #3) (with Orson Scott Card)

Johnston, Laura

Rewind to You

Jortner, D. Lee

Chimmeken Crossing the Delaware

Justesen, Heather

Identity (Homecoming #3)

Kane, Zoey, and Kane, Claire (Molly Snow)

Legend of the Lost (Z&C Mysteries #4)

Katsikas, Keith

Newton Prophecies, The (Michael DiBIanco #1)

Kelly, Carla

Marco and the Devil’s Bargain (Spanish Brand #2)

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Reforming Lord Ragsdale

Softly Falling

Kelly, Holly

Descending (Rising #2)

Kersey, Christine

After (Parallel #4)

Other Morgan, The (Parallel #5)

Love At Last (Lily’s Story #3)

Second Chances (sequel to Over You )

Kiefer, Erica

Rumors (Lingering Echoes Novella)

King, Jason

Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star

King, Robin


Kirby, Matthew J.

Spell Robbers (The Quantum League #1)

Kilpack, Josi S.

Fortune Cookie (Sadie Hoffmiller #11)

Wedding Cake (Sadie Hoffmiller #12)

Tying the Knot (Newport Ladies Book Club #9)

Klingler, Fay

I am Strong! I am Smart!

Knight, Alysia S.

Blind Witness

Kare For Me

Temperature Rising

Knight, Wendy

Shattered Assassin

Banshee at the Gate (Gates of Atlantis #1)

Feudlings in Smoke (Fate on Fire Short Story)

Spark of a Feudling (Fate on Fire #3)

Warrior Everlasting (Riders of Paradesos #2)

Kremser, Paula


Krey, Kimberly

Jade’s Cowboy Crush (Sweet Montana Bride #2)

Kurland, Lynn

Dreams of Lilacs (DiPiaget #15)

River of Dreams (Nine Kingdoms #8)

Larsen, Annette K.

Missing Lily

Larson, Lynne

Saving Lucie Cole

Larson, Sarah B.


Ignite (Defy #2)

Larson, Toney

Growing Amaranth

Lazarus, Kevin

Bone Stalker

Leafty, Danyelle

Curious Leaf, The (Curiosities #o.5)

Curiosities of the Moon (Curiosities #1)

Saltwater Curiosities (Curiosities #2)

Leavitt, Lindsey

Chapel Wars, The

Leavitt, Martine

My Book of Life by Angel

Lemon, Melissa

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Lewis, Michael L. 

Orthogonal Galaxy, The (Galaxy Series #1)

Lieske, Victorine E.

Accidentally Married

Lindsay, Randy

Gathering, The: End’s Beginning (#1)

Little, Kimberley Griffiths


Time of the Fireflies, The

Lofthouse, Angie

Ransomed Returning, The (Defenders of the Covenant #2)

Love, Betsy

Penny Project, The

Low, Dene

Cookies to Die For

Petronella Saves Several More (The Entomological Tales of Augustus T. Percival  #2)

Luke, Gregg

Twisted Fate (anthology)

Lund, Gerald

Generation Rising, A (Fire & Steel #1)

Only the Brave (San Juan Pioneers #2)

Lyon, Annette

Ilana’s Wish (Newport Ladies Book Club #8)

Tying the Knot (Newport Ladies Book Club #9)

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Silver Bells (A Timeless Romance #9)

Mace, Aubrey

Before the Clock Strikes Thirty

Mae, Cassie

How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To #2)

Secret Catch (with Jessica Salyer)

Mangum, Lisa

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Marks, Kathleen (Ronda Hinrichsen)

To Sleep No More (Dalton & Dalton Novella #1)

Fearful Thing, A (Dalton & Dalton #2)

Marquet, Kiersten

Three Stupid Lies (Mason Jar #2)

Mathews, Jean Holbrook

Run for Your Life

Martinez, Jessica

Kiss Kill Vanish

Massey, Edward

Every Soul Is Free (High Mountain Sheriffs #1)

McArthur, Shallee

• Unhappening of Genesis Lee, The

McClellan, Brian

Crimson Campaign, The (Powder Mage #2)

McClellan, Rachel

Fractured Truth (#3)

McCollum, Jordan

Spy Noon (Spy Another Day prequel #1)

• Spy by Night (Spy Another Day prequel #3)
*prequels published out of order

Tomorrow We Spy (Spy Another Day #3)

McLean, Michael

Fairy Tale Christmas (with Scott McLean)

McLean, Scott

Fairy Tale Christmas (with Michael McLean)

Mecham, Tera

Escape to the Sea

Merrill, Michelle

Changing Fate

Michaels, Elizabeth D. (Anita Stansfield)

Matter of Honor, A (Horstberg Saga #2)

For Love and Country (Horstberg Saga #3)

Mitchell, Norma Pyper

Harold’s House

Moncur, Misty

Arrow to His Heart (Stripling Warrior #4)

Captain’s Guard, The (Stripling Warrior #5)

Monson, Adrienne

Eyes of Persuasion

Montpetit, Kimberley

Paris Cravings

Christmas in Snow Valley Anthology

Moore, Heather B.

Eve: In the Beginning

Tying the Knot (Newport Ladies Book Club #9)

Fortune Café, The (Tangerine Street #1)

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Silver Bells (A Timeless Romance #9)

Moore, Jennifer

Becoming Lady Lockwood

Lady Emma’s Campaign

Morgan, J. Lloyd

Bring Down the Rain

Morphis, D.C.

Games, The

Morris, Chad

Avatar Battle, The (Cragbridge Hall #2)

Morrison, Angela

An Ocean atween Us (We, Glovers #1)

Mow, Jason

A Hero Rises: Moroni and the Battle for Manti

Mull, Brandon

Sky Raiders (Five Kingdoms #1)

Rogue Knight (Five Kingdoms #2)

Tales of the Great Beasts (Spirit Animals Special Edition)

Narlock, Joel

Drone Games

Nelson, Kelly

Keeper’s Council, The (Keeper’s Saga #4)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Shadow Throne, The (Ascendance #3)

Noelle, Jo (Canda Mortensen and Deanna Henderson)


Lexi’s Pathetic Fictional Love Life


Years & an Ocean

Novak, Brenda

Matter of Grave Concern, A

Come Home to Me (Whiskey Creek #6)

Heart of Christmas, The (Whiskey Creek #7)

Nunes, Rachel

Blinded (Autumn Rain #5)

O’Guinn, Katie Lee

Hunted (Chasing the Wolf #1)

Taken (Chasing the Wolf #2)

Oram, Kelly

A is for Abstinence (V is for Virgin #2)

Cinder & Ella

Ungifted (Supernaturals #2)

Ostler, Heather

Secret of Darkwood Castle, The (Shapeshifter’s Secret #3)

Palmer, Kate

Lucky Midas

Patterson, Janci

Everything’s Fine


Pearson, Andrea

Discern (Katon University #1)

Praxis (Katon University #2)

Golden Symbol, The (Kilenya #6)

Peel, Jennifer

Girl in Seat 24B, The

Professional Boundaries

Perkins, Luisa

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Peterson, Debbie

Spirit of the Knight

Peterson, Kathi Oram


Perry, Anne

Blood on the Water (William Monk #20)

Death on Blackheath (Charlotte and Thomas Pitt #29)

New York Christmas, A (Christmas Novella #13)

Perry, C. Michael

Blood Rose of Panador, The (Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb #2)

Imperfections On the Edge (Wembley Tewkes On The Edges of Time #1)

Perry, Jolene

Stronger Than You Know

Summer I Found You, The

Pike, Aprilynne

Earthquake (Earthbound #2)

Sleep No More  (Charlotte Westing #1)

Sleep of Death (Charlotte Westing #2)

Pinkston, Tristi

Taking the Floor (Estelle Watkins #3)

Tulips and Treason (Omni Orchids #1)

Pontius, John

We Three Kings

Poulson, Clair M.


In Plain Sight

Proctor, Jenny

Mountains Between Us

Pulsipher, Misty Dawn


Rada Jr., James

Lock Ready (Canawlers #3)

Rallison, Janette

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Randall, Jessica L.


Obituary Society, The

Rector, Lisa

Master of Lies (Half-Emrys #1)

Reyes, Laurisa White


Rickman, Becky Lyn

Convict, the Rookie Card, and the Redemption of Gertie Thump, The

Ricks, Patricia J.


Rip, Saul

Rise of Shendoa, The  (Part 1)

Rise of Shendoa, The  (Part 2)

Rise of Shendoa, The  (Part 3)

Sanderson, Brandon

Legion: Skin Deep (Legion #2)

•  Shadows Beneath (Writing Excuses Anthology)

Sixth of Dusk (Cosmere)

Words of Radiance (Stormlight #2)

Santo, Courtney Miller

Three Story House

Savage, J Scott

Evil Twins (Case File 13 book #3)

Schneider, Jo

Babes in Spyland

New Sight

Schultz, Robert

Thulsa’s Gate

Sedgwick, Chantele

Not Your Average Happy Ending (Not Your Average #2)

Shelley, Rebecca

Red Dragon (Dragonbound #IV)

Silver Dragon (Dragonbound V)

Green Dragon (Dragonbound VI)

Shoop, Kyle

Acea & the 7 Ancient Wonders (Acea #2)

Sidwell, Adam Glendon



Sillitoe, Linda

Thieves of Summer, The

Silverbow, Konstanz

Missing Royal (Finding Gold #1)

Simmons, J.R.

Madness Behind the Throne (Gates of Atlantis #5)

Uprising (Ragesong #2)

Skidmore, Lauren

What Is Hidden

Skye, Meredith E.

Gods of Garran, The

Skye, Obert

Katfish (Creature in My Closet #4)

Smith, Jarom

Thirteen Masteries, The

Sneed, Theresa

Elias of Elderberry (Sons of Elderberry #1)

Escape (Sandee Jae #1)

Snow, Molly

To Date a Werewolf (Werewolf Kisses #2)

Sorenson, Toni

Ruth and Naomi

Sowards, A.L.

Deadly Alliance (Espionage #3)

Spencer, Julie L.

Cove, The

Sperry, Janice

Rebel Princess

St. Angeles, Sofia

Siren Tamer (Siren Tamer #1)

Staheli, Lu Ann Brobst

Temporary Bridesmaid

Silver Bells (A Timeless Romance #9)

Stanish, Anthony

Return of Enoch, The (and Vinny DiGirolamo)

Stansfield, Anita

With All My Heart (Love Unexpected: with Sheryl C.S. Johnson and Krista Lynne Jensen)

Steele, Carolyn

Willow Springs

Stephens, Berin

Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent (Myrick #1)

Stevens, Noelle

What I Want  (Drake & Ashley #2)

Stirling, Stephen J.

Persona Non Grata

Stoddard, Laura

The Dreamosphere

Strong, Amanda

Hidden Monster

Swapp, Justin

Magic Shop, The (Shadow Magic #1)

Swinton, Lisa

Fallen Angel

Ring on Her Finger

Talley, Rebecca

Best Kind of Love

Imperfect Love

Tate, Kristy

Beyond the Hollow (Beyond #2)

Highwayman Incident, The (Witching Well #1)

Tayler, Howard

•  Shadows Beneath (Writing Excuses Anthology)

Thayer, Douglas

Will Wonders Never Cease

Thayne, RaeAnne

Christmas Ranch, The (#1 in New Cowboys of Cold Creek series)

Island Promises (with Marie Ferrarella and Leanne Banks)

Wild Iris Ridge (Hope’s Crossing #7)

Snow Angel Cove (Haven Point #1)

Thorne, Danielle


Proper Attire

Tietjen, Susan

Dragon Unchained

Tippetts, E.M.

Safe Space, A (Someone Else’s Fairytale #4)

Timothy, Paige

And Something Blue  (Main Street Merchants #1)

For Love or Money (Main Street Merchants #2)

Five Golden Rings (Main Street Merchants #3)

Just Desserts (Main Street Merchants #4)

Todd, Ilima


Torgersen, Brad R.

Chaplain’s War, The

Racers of the Night

Tullis, Heather

• Last Bride, The (DiCarlo Brides #6)

Getting Her Groom (DiCarlo Brides #7)

Van, Nichole

Intertwine (House of Oak #1)

Divine  (House of Oak #2)

Vandagriff, G.G.

• Exile

Lord Grenville’s Choice

Voison, Mandy Madson

Star of Deliverance

Wagner, McKenzie

Keys to the Dream World (Benotripia #3)

Walker, Laura L

Pierced by Love

Walls, Devri

Wings of Lomay (Solus #4)

Ward, Marsha

 • Gone for a Soldier (Owen Family Saga #5)

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Wayment, Krista

Trusted (Dragon’s Trust #1)

Burned (Dragon’s Trust #2)

Weaver, Donna K.

Hope’s Watch (Safe Harbors 1.5)

Torn Canvas (Safe Harbors #2)

Weist, Jaclyn


Magicians of the Deep (Gates of Atlantis # 4)

Princess and the Prom Queen, The

Twist of Luck (Luck #2)

Best of Luck (Luck Series #3)

Wells, Dan

Next of Kin (John Cleaver novella)

Ruins (Partials Sequence #3)

•  Shadows Beneath (Writing Excuses Anthology)

Wells, Robinson

Dead Zone (Blackout #2)

West, David J.

Bless the Child

Weird Tales of Horror (Short Story Collection)

West, Kasie

On the Fence

Split Second (Pivot Point #2)

Wheeler, Jeff

Dryad-Born (Whispers from Mirrowen #2)

Whipple, Natalie

Blindsided (Transparent #2)

House of Ivy & Sorrow

Relax, I’m a Ninja  (Ninja #1)

Trust Me, I’m a Ninja (Ninja #2)

White, Catherine Doxey

Cupcake Girl

White, Dorine

Awakening, The

Ruby Pendant, The

White, Karey

Husband Maker, The (#1)

Match Maker, The (Husband Maker #2)

Lost and Found  (Ripple Effect #4)

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

White, Kiersten

Illusions of Fate

In the Shadows

Perfect Lies (Mind Games #2)

Whitesides, Tyler

Strike of the Sweepers (Janitors #4)

Wiggins, Bethany

Cured (Stung #2)

Wilhite, Becca

Silver Bells (A Timeless Romance #9)

Wilkins, S.J.


Wilkins, Roseanne Evans

Lined with Silver

Williams, Carol Lynch

Haven, The

Signed, Skye Harper

Wizard of Menlo Park, New Jersey (Just in Time #3) (with Cheri Pray Earl)

Dangerous Day in Georgia, A (Just in Time #4) (with Cheri Pray Earl)

Williams, Pamela S.

Living It Down

Winters, Rebecca

Greek’s Tiny Miracle, The

Cowboy’s Heart, A (Hitting Rocks Cowboys)

In a Cowboy’s Arms (Hitting Rocks Cowboys)

Becoming the Prince’s Wife (Princes of Europe)

Expecting the Prince’s Baby (Princes of Europe)

Wirkus, Tim

City of Brick and Shadow

Woodland, Lani

Give Me a C (Pom Pom Periodicals #2) (with Melonie Piper)

Inevitable (Yara Silva #3)


Workman, RaShelle

Beauty So Beastly, A (Beastly #1)

Dovetailed (Immortal Essence #3)

Vampire Lies (Blood & Snow Season 2, Book 1)

Vampire Secrets (Blood & Snow Season 2, Book 2)

Worlton, Stephanie Connelley

All the Finer Things

Wright, Julie

Fortune Café, The (Tangerine Street #1)

Spell Check

Victoria’s Promise (Newport Ladies Book Club #7)

Tying the Knot (Newport Ladies Book Club #9)

Wymore, James


Yardley, Mercedes M.

Nameless: The Darkness Comes (Bone Angel #1)

Pretty Little Dead Girls

Young, Michael

Frozen Globe, The (Canticle Kingdom #2)

Paladin: Pawn (Chess Quest #1)


Altered Perceptions Anthology

•  Christmas in Snow Valley Anthology

Christmas Village, A (Anthology)

Fortune Café, The (Tangerine Street #1)

Love Letter Collection (A Timeless Romance #6)

Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance #7)

Summer In New York Collection (A Timeless Romance #8)

Silver Bells (A Timeless Romance #9)

Shadows Beneath (Writing Excuses)

Strange and Lovely Paranormal Tales of Thrills and Romance

Twisted Fate (Suspense Thriller)

With All My Heart (Love Unexpected #1)


Temporary Promotional Boxed Sets (not included in the total book count above & not eligible for a Whitney Award):

Triple Treat Romance Sets

• My Forever (Triple Treat Romance Set #1)

• Finally You  (Triple Treat Romance Set #2)

• Love Unexpected (Triple Treat Romance Set #3)

• Last Chance  (Triple Treat Romance Set #4)

• First Wish (Triple Treat Romance Set #5)

• Crazy Sweet (Triple Treat Romance Set #6)

• Just Kissed  (Triple Treat Romance Set #7)

• Too Deep  (Triple Treat Romance Set #8)

• Every Hope (Triple Treat Romance Set #9)

• Destiny Waiting (Triple Treat Romance Set #10)

• Whispered Promise (Triple Treat Romance Set #11)

• Falling Fast (Triple Treat Romance Set #12)


United! (Authors United Against Plagiarism Sets)

Unseen (United! Box Set #1)

Concealed (United! Box Set #2)

Beloved (United! Box Set #3)