2013 New Releases

Titles are listed alphabetically by author, then by title unless there are two books in a series released in the same year. In that case, they are listed in series order.

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Current Total (updated 04/20/14) = 576 releases


Abramson, Traci Hunter

Deep Cover

Lock & Key (Saint Squad #7; Sequel to Code Word)

Adair, Jared

The Book of Jer3miah: Premonition (with Luisa Perkins)

Adams, J.

Clutching a Beating Heart

If Not for Love

Adams, T. Lynn

Lair of the Serpent (Tombs of Terror #3)

Allen, N.C.

Isabelle Webb: The Grecian Princess (Isabelle Webb #3)

Alsop, Cheree

Heart of the Wolf (pt 1)

Keeper of the Wolves

Mist  (World of Shadows)

Small Town Superhero

When Death Loved an Angel

Hunter (Silver Series #6)

Silver Moon (Silver Series #7)

Andersen, Laura

Boleyn Deceit, The (Anne Boleyn #2)

Andersen, S.M.


Anderson, Christie

Ambrosia Shore (Water Keepers #3)

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Discovering Sophie

Fair Catch

Anderson, Holli

Five: Out of the Dark

Anderson, Rachael

Working It Out

Ann, Becca (Cassie Mae)

Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend

Argle, Amber

Winter Queen (Fairy Queens #1)

Witch Rising (Witch Song #2.5)

Argyle, Michelle Davidson

Catch (novella)

Out of Tune

Pieces (Breakaway #2)

Ashton, Brodi

Everbound (Everneath #2)

Ashworth, Heidi

Lord Haversham Takes Command

Lord Who Sneered, The (anthology)

Autrey, Clover

Highland Moon Sifter (Highland Sorcerory #4)

Highland Sorcery Christmas, A

Aylworth, Susan

Zucchini Pie: Granny’s Recipe for Life

Baccellia, Kim

No More Goddesses

Badger, Orson T.

Exodus: Moonbreak (#3)

Bahlmann, Shirley

Don’t Forget Me

Banks, Alex (Ali Cross)

Jump Boys: SOS

Barbour, Mimi

Surrogate’s Secret

Vegas Shuffle (Vegas #3)

High Stakes Gamble (Vegas #4)

Spin the Wheel (Vegas #5)

Let It Ride (Vegas #6)

Together Again (Vicarage Bench #4)

Together for Christmas (Vicarage Bench  #5)

Barneck, J. Abram

Fire Light

Barrett, R.L.

In Shrouds of Darkness: The Esaeric Knights

Bateman, Marlene

Motive for Murder (Erica Coleman #1)

Bawden, A.L.

Enchantress of Lynniah, The

Beck, Glenn

Eye of Moloch, The (with Jack Henderson)

Bell, Braden

Penumbras (Middle School Magic #2)

Belliston, Rebecca

Augustina (Sadie #2)

Bellon, Julie Coulter

Ashes Ashes (Hostage Negotiation Team #2)

Pocket Full of Posies (Hostage Negotiation Team #3)

Belt, C. David

Prophecy, The (Children of Lillith 3)

Bender, Jacob

Her Eyes Were In the Stars

Bennett, Cindy C.

Experiment, The (w/ Sherry Gammon & Jeffery Moore)

Rapunzel Untangled


Whispers of Razari (w/Jeffery Moore)

Unmasking of Cinderella, The (Enchanted Fairytales #4)

White Swan, The (Enchanted Fairytales #5)

Berry, Joshua

Culpability and Absolution

Berry, Julie

All the Truth That’s In Me

Berry, Leah M.

Power Revealed (The Elementers #1)

Bessey, Sian Ann

You Came for Me

Bird, Heidi Nicole


Through the Paper Wall

Bishop, Eric

Samaritan’s Pistol, The

Bitter, Melissa


Black, Stephanie

Witnesses, The (sequel to The Believer)

Borst, Amie

Cinderskella (Scarily Ever After #1)

Borst, Bethanie

Cinderskella (Scarily Ever After #1)

Bostick, B.K.

Huber Hill and the Golden Staff of Cibola (Huber Hill #3)

Boyd, Whitney

In the Stars

Bradford, Charity

The Magic Wakes

Branch, Jandy

Hurricane Hana (#1)

Branton, Rachel

• Tell Me No Lies (Lily’s House #2)

Branton, Teyla (Rachel Nunes)

The Change (Unbounded #1)

The Cure (Unbounded #2)

The Escape (Unbounded #3)

Bright, Alissa

Hale’s Storm

Bronson, Scott Everett

Darkness on the Edge of Light

Brooks, Mikey

The Dream Keeper (Dream Keeper Chronicles #1)

The Dreamstone (Dream Keeper Chronicles #2)

Brown, John

Bad Penny

Servant (Dark God #1) (republish)

Bryant, Kristin

Others, The

Butler, D.J.


Caldwell, Juli


Camp, Shannen Crane

Chasing June (June #2)


Sugar Coated (book #1)

Card, Emily Janice (Emily Card Rankin)

Laddertop (Books 1 & 2) with Orson Scott Card

Card, Orson Scott

Earth Afire (First Formic War #2) with Aaron Johnston

Gate Thief, The (Mithermages #2)

Laddertop (Books 1 & 2) with Emily Janice Card

Carroll, Stacy Lynn

The Princess Sisters (Princess Sisters #1)

Frogs & Toads (Princess Sisters #2)

Carter, Lea

Silver Majesty (Silver Saga #2)

Silver Verity (Silver Saga #3)

Carter, Stephen

The Hand of Glory (Harrowed Valley Hauntings #1)

Cechini, Annie Laurie


Checketts, Cami

Blog This

Broken Path, The

Colony, The

Poison Me

Running Home (Cassidy Christensen/Run Series #3)

Christiansen, Cindy A.

Legacy of Lies

Seeds of Survival

Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts

Worth the Wait (Merchant Street prequel novella)

Time Will Tell (Merchant Street #1)

Clark, Jennifer K.

The Knight of Redmond

Clark, Platte F.

Bad Unicorn

Clarke, Linda Weaver

The Rebels of Cordovia

Clawson, Emily Gray

Divine Inheritance, A (Of Great Value #2)

Into Terra Libre (Mastering Knighthood #1)

Way Back to You, A

Clegg, Jaleta

Poisoned Pawn (Altairan Empire #3)

Kumadai Run (Altairan Empire #4)

Cold Revenge (Altairan Empire #5)

Jericho Falling (Altairan Empire #6)

Obsidian Tears (Altairan Empire #7)

Brain Candy

Soul Windows

Cole, Frank L.

Hashbrown Winters & the Whiz-tastrophe (Hashbrown Winters #4)

Guardians of the Finisher’s Fury, The (Guardians #3)

Collings, Michaelbrent

Blood Relations: A Good Mormon Girl Mystery


Killing Time



The Colony: Genesis (#1)

The Colony: Renegades (#2)

The Colony: Descent (#3)

Collins, Renee


Cook, Elaine T.

Serpent’s Treasure: The Ancestral Key

Cormack, Stanford A.

Joseph: A Stalwart Witness (with Cecilia Jensen)

Correia, Larry

Swords of Exodus (Dead Six #2) with Mike Kupari

Warbound (Grimnoir Chronicles #3)

Cross, Ali

Personal Demons (Desolation Diaries #1)

The Seer (Desolation Diaries #2)

Tattered Dreams (Desolation Diaries #3)

Cunningham, Melissa J.

Reluctant Guardian

Dabb, Neil

Blind Blacksmith, The (#1)

Cowboys and Indians (#2)

Daines, Julie

A Blind Eye

Darcy, Diane

Princess Problem, The (Fairy Tale Romance #2)

Beauty & the Beach (Fairy Tale Romance #3)

Dashner, James

Eye of Minds (Mortality Doctrine #1)

Daybell, Chad

Martial Law (Times of Turmoil #2)

Dayley, Susan

Cold Pursuit

Debenham, Kindal

Broken Halo (Wayfarers #2)

Eagle (Jacob Hull #3)

Dille, Maren

Faith and Fate of David Ghent, The

Tale of Two Cemeteries, A (Screams 2)

Treehouse, The

Donaldson, Julianne


Dorrity, Christy


Downing, L.T.

Get That Gold! (Adventures of the Restoration #1)

Island of the Stone Boy

Duncan, Thom

Moroni Smith In Search of the Gold Plates (Moroni Smith #2)

Dunster, Sarah

Mile 21

Durbin, M.R.

Swords of Joseph

Durfee, Jody Wind

Hadley-Hadley Benson

Durham, Tayla


Duzett, Allie

Body Electric, The

Dye, Anna del C.

Shahira and the Flying Elfs

Eddleman, Peggy


Eden, Sarah M.

Drops of Gold

Glimmer of Hope

Longing for Home

Edwards, C.K.

Alone With  You Somehow

My Brother My Enemy (Without Mother, Without Father #3)

Pocket Hole

Elkins, Russell

Sparks the Matchmaker

Erickson, Michelle

Five: The Power Rising (Chest of Souls Prequel #1)

Fathoms Deep (Chest of Souls Prequel #2)

Ernst, Tim

The Python Steps

Evans, Loralee

Shores of Bountiful, The

Evans, M.J.

North Mystic

Rising Mist, The (Mist #3)

Evans, Richard Paul

Battle of the Ampere (Michael Vey #3)

Step of Faith, A (The Walk #4)

Evans, Samuel T.

Strike Force: Rise of the Crescent Moon

Farland, David

22 Tall Tales (short stories)

Falor, Janeal

• Mine to Tarnish (Mine prequel)

You Are Mine (Mine #1)

Ferguson, Sam

The Dragon’s Champion (Tales from Terramyr #1)

Fixsen, Jaima


Flynn, Sandra Norton

Be Mine

Ford, Jamie

• Songs of Willow Frost

Ford, Julie N.

Replacing Gentry

Ford, S.R.

The Elements and the Exodus (Kingdom Chronicles #2)

Mimgardr (Oblivion’s Gate #1)

Forman, M. L.

Sands of Nezza (Adventurerers Wanted #4)

Fowers, Stephanie

With a Kiss (Twisted Tales 1)

At Midnight (Twisted Tales 2)

As the Sun Sets (Twisted Tales 3)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

The Big Debate (Literary Loom #1)

Frost, Heather

Guardians (Seers, #3)

Gammon, Sherry

Experiment, The (w/Cindy C. Bennett & Jeffery Moore)

Unbelievable (Port Fare #2)

George, Jessica Day

Wednesdays in the Tower (Tuesdays at the Tower #2)

Gilchrist, Aimee (Amber Gilchrist)

Tell-Tale Con, The

Gilchrist, Amber

Into Darkness Peering

Giles, Nichole


Graff, Tony

Juniper Crescent (Isis #1)

Hallow Terrace (Isis #2)

Gray, Mary

Dollhouse Asylum, The

Green, Betsy Brannon

Proceed with Caution (Hazardous Duty #4)

Gunderson, Phyllis

Mounds Anomaly, The (Matt Howard #3)

Guy, Ryan

Atomic Aardvark

Guymon, Shannon

Allison’s Christmas Carol (novella)

Do Over

Sophie’s Christmas Wish (novella)

Trusting Heart, A

You Belong With Me (Love & Dessert #1)

I Belong With You (Love & Dessert #2)

My Sweetheart (Love & Dessert #3)

Haberkorn, Jim

A Thousand Suns

Hale, Cindy


Hale, Nathan

• Donner Dinner Party (Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales #3)

Hale, Shannon

Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends (#1)

Hall, C. LaRene

The Crusaders from Warwick Castle (Magical Journey #2)

Hall, Vickie

Journey of Promise (Promise, #2)

Rising Sun, Falling Star

Hansen, Jennie

Where the River Once Flowed

Harmon, Amy

A Different Blue

Making Faces

Harman, Teri

Blood Moon

Harrison, Mette Ivie

The Princess and the Wolf (The Princess and… Series, #5)

The Rose Throne

Harrison, Paul

Kaybree versus the Angels  (Kaybree the Angel Killer #1)

My Very Own Witch Hunter (Kaybree the Angel Killer #2)

Girl of Fire & Lightning  (Kaybree the Angel Killer #3)

Hatch, Donna

Perfect Secret, A (Rogue Hearts #3)

Hawkes, Jaclyn M.

Healing Creek

Sage After Rain, The

Warrior’s Moon

Above Rubies (Rockland Ranch #2)

Once Enchanted (Rockland Ranch #3)

Haws, Annette

Accidental Marriage, The

Heiner, Tamara Hart



Hickman, Laura

Swept Up by the Sea (with Tracy Hickman)

Hickman, Tracy

Swept Up by the Sea (with Laura Hickman)

Higgins, Marie

Crazy for You

Dreaming of You

Finding the Perfect Man

Love Lost in Time

Spanish Outlaw, The

• Sweetest Love, The (Brothers of Worthington #3)

Waiting for You

Wonderland by Night (Heroic Rogues #3)

Hill, C.J. (Janette Rallison)

Echo in Time (Erasing Time #2)

Friends and Traitors (Slayers #2)

Hill, Liesel K.

Persistence of Vision (Interchron #1)

Quantum Entanglement (Interchron #2)

Dark Remnants (Street Games #1)

Hinrichsen, R. K.

Mouth of the Dragon, The (Heroes of the Highest Order #3)

Hoagland, Maria

Family Size

Hogan, Cindy M.

Adrenaline Rush


Holle, Krista

Wind Whisperer, The

Horrocks, Heather

Inn the Doghouse (Who-Dun-Him Inn #2)

Kissing Santa (Christmas Street #2)

Howard, Daris

Mail Order Bride, The

Huff, D. Ogden

Once Upon a Tour

Hughes, Dean

Through Cloud and Sunshine (Come to Zion #2)

Hunt, Darvell

A Bird with No Name

Jacobs, June McCrary

A Holiday Miracle in Apple Blossom

Jacobson, Melanie

Second Chances

James, Jenni

Andy & Annie: A Ghost Story (#1)

Mansfield Ranch (Jane Austen Diaries #5)

Rumplestiltskin (Faerie Tale #3)

Cinderella (Faerie Tale #4)

Hansel and Gretel (Faerie Tale #5)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Faerie Tale #6)

Snow White (Faerie Tale #7)

The Frog Prince (Faerie Tale #8)

Twelve Dancing Princesses (Faerie Tale #9)

James, Terron

Insight (Beholders #1; revised)

Jamison, Rebecca

Emma: A Latter-day Tale

Jarecki, Amy

Chihuahua Momma

Jensen, Cecilia

Joseph: A Stalwart Witness (with Stanford A. Cormack)

Jensen, Krista Lynne

The Orchard

Johansson, J.R.

Insomnia (Nightwalkers #1)

John, Rachel

What Not to Say When You’re Running Away

Johnson, Elana

Abandon (Possession #3)

Jones, Pauline Baird

Relatively Risky

Junus, Anna Marie

Thimble Fingers (The Orchards of Marina Colleen #1)

Witches Brew Ha-Ha (Witches #1)

Justesen, Heather

Pistols & Pies (Sweet Bites #2)

Muffins & Murder (Sweet Bites #3)

Kane, Zoey & Claire (Molly Snow)

Hexes and X’s (Z&C Mysteries #3)

Keddington, Dorothy

Hearth Fires

Kelly, Carla

Carla Kelly’s Christmas Collection

Double Cross, The (Spanish Brand #1)

Her Hesitant Heart

In Love and War: A Collection of Love Stories

Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour

Miss Whittier Makes a List

Safe Passage

Kelly, Holly

Rising (#1)

Kent, Steven L.

Clone Assassin, The (Clone Wars #9)

Kersey, Christine


Imprisoned (Parallel #2)

Kiefer, Erica

Lingering Echoes

Kilpack, Josi S.

Baked Alaska (Sadie Hoffmiller #9)

Rocky Road (Sadie Hoffmiller #10)

Shannon’s Hope (Newport Ladies #5)

Kinnette, W.B.

Waiting Fate

Kirby, Matthew J.

The Lost Kingdom

Kirby, Robert

• Brigham’s Bees

Klingler, Erin


Knight, Alysia S.

Past To Die For

Knight, Wendy

Feudlings (Fate on Fire #1)

Feudlings in Sight (Fate on Fire novella)

Feudlings in Flames (Fate on Fire #2)

Warrior Beautiful (Riders of Paradesos #1)

Krey, Kimberly

Cassie’s Cowboy Crave (Sweet Montana Bride #1)

Krumwiede, Lana

Archon (Psi Chronicles #2)

Kurland, Lynn

Roses in Moonlight (MacLeod #13)

Larson, Annette K.

Just Ella

Larson, Lynne

In the Shadow of an Angel

Larson, W. Thor

Zombie Queen (Insecta: Planet of the Ants)

Latas, Jennifer


Lavering, Ashley

Star Cursed (Cursed #2)

Leafty, Danyelle

Of Wind and Water (Snow Queen #1)

The Trouble with Toads (Secret Stepsister Society #1)

Leavitt, Lindsey

Going Vintage

Leigh, Cheryl

Putting Down the Pieces

Lemon, Melissa

Blue Sky

Lightender, J.A. (J Adams)

Quicksilver Clones, The (Forbidden Portals #2)

Little, Kimberley Griffiths

When the Butterflies Came

Lofthouse, Angie

Ripped and Other Adventures

Low, Dene

Crimson Blues

Wildest Waste, The

Lund, Fiauna


Lund, Gerald N.

To Run With the Swift (The Guardian #2)

Lyon, Annette

Coming Home (Band of Sisters #2)

Portrait for Toni, A

Mae, Cassie

Friday Night Alibi

How to Date A Nerd (How To #1)


Marcum, Robert

For Love of Country (A Nation Divided #2)

Martinson, Tyrean

Champion: In the Darkness

Dragonfold and Other Adventures

Martinez, Jessica

Vow, The

Mathews, Jean Holbrook

Safe Haven

McClellan, Brian

Promise of Blood (Powder Mage #1)

McClellan, Rachel

Fractured Soul (Fractured #2)

McClintock, MK

Alaina Claiborne (British Agents #1; revised)

McClure, Marcia Lynn

The Pirate Ruse

McCollum, Jordan

Mr. Nice Spy (I, Spy prequel)

I, Spy  (Spy Another Day #1)

Spy For A Spy (Spy Another Day #2)

McIlvain, Ryan


McKendry, Kristen

Desperate Measures

Measure, Stephen

River Is Always Waiting, The

Mechling, Valerie

Scourge of Narak (The Seventh Empire #2) with Samuel Stubbs

Michaels, Elizabeth D. (Anita Stansfield)

Behind the Mask (Horstberg Saga #1)

Mickelson, Marcia

The Huaca

Moncur, Misty

Fight for You (Daughter of Helaman #2)

In All Places (Daughter of Helaman #3)

Monson, Adrienne


Montgomery, Tarrah

I’m Not Cinderella (The Princess Chronicles #1)

Moore, C.S.

An American Love Story

Landlocked (Water Witch #1)

Scars of the Earth (Scars #1)

Moore, Heather B. (H.B. Moore)

Esther the Queen

Heart of the Ocean

Ruby’s Secret (Newport Ladies Book Club #6)

Beneath (Omar Zagouri prequel)

Finding Sheba (Omar Zagouri #1)

The Daisy Chain (Aliso Creek #2)

Lost then Found (Aliso Creek #3)

One Chance (Aliso Creek #4)

Moore, Jeffery

Experiment, The (w/Cindy C. Bennet & Sherry Gammon)

Morgan, J. Lloyd

Mirror of the Soul, The

Wall of Faith

Zealous Star, The (Bariwon #3)

Morris, Chad

Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor’s Secret

Mull, Brandon

Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders #3)

Wild Born (Spirit Animals #1)

Nelson, Darrel

The Return of Cassandra Todd

Nelson, Kelly

Keeper’s Quest, The (Keeper’s Saga #2)

 • Keeper’s Defiance, The (Keeper’s Saga #3)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Behind Enemy Lines (Infinity Ring #6)

The Runaway King (Ascendence #2)

Norton, Preston

Blud and Magick

Novak, Brenda

Be Mine at Christmas

Through the Smoke

When Summer Comes (Whiskey Creek #3)

Home to Whiskey Creek (Whiskey Creek #4)

Take Me Home For Christmas (Whisky Creek #5)

O’Guinn, Katie Lee (Shannon Guymon)

Fate Changer (Lost Witch #3)

Werewolf Dreams (Taming the Wolf #1)

Werewolf Rage (Taming the Wolf #2)

Werewolf Revenge (Taming the Wolf #3)

Werewolf Betrayal (Taming the Wolf #4)

Olds, Sara V.

My Life as a Lumberjack

Olsen, Erik

Raggleroot (Flin’s Destiny #3)

Quest and Honor (Flin’s Destiny #4)

Oram, Kelly

Avery Shaw Experiment, The


More Than Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #2)

Orchard, Lisa

• Super Spies and the Pied Piper, The (#3)

Ord, Patrick

Curtain, The

Oshust, James F.

Eve of the Fourth: Between the Round Tops

Ostler, Heather

The Siren’s Secret (Shapeshifters #2)

Overson, Wayne

Dixie Contract, The (#1)

Jackson Contract, The (#2)

Owen, James A.

First Dragon, The (Imaginarium Geographica #7)

Park, Elsie

Shadows of Valor

Park, Greg

Death’s Third March (Earthsoul Prophecies #4)

Sividious Stark & the Stadium Between Worlds

Parker, Lehua

Birth ( (Lauele Town Stories #1)

One Shark, No Swim (Niuhi Shark #2)

Palmer, Natalie

Second to No One

Patten, E.J.

The Legend Thief (Hunter Chronicles #2)

Paulson, Bonnie R.

Out of the Ashes (Into the End #3)

Pearson, Andrea

Rise of Keitus (Kilenya #4)

Eyes of the Sun (Kilenya #5)

Pehrson, Elise

Forever Fair

Perkins, Luisa

The Book of Jer3miah: Premonition (with Jared Adair)

Perry, Anne

Blind Justice (William Monk #19)

Christmas Hope, A

Midnight at Marble Arch (Thomas Pitt #28)

Perry, Jolene B.

•  After All

Weight of Love, The

Manipulation (Shadows #2)

Seeker (Shadows #3)

Peterson, Debbie

Spirit of the Revolution

Van Locken’s Witch (Wieven #1)

Peterson, Kathi Oram


Pickett, Anola

Whisper Island

Pike, Aprilynne


One More Day (Life After Theft short story prequel)

Life After Theft

Pinkston, Tristi

Taking Care of Business (Estelle Watkins #2)

Till Death Do Us Part (Secret Sisters #5)

Porter, Loretta

Emma’s Choice (#1)

Emma’s Dilemma (#2)

Just My Luck

Poulson, Claire M.

Checking Out


Pratt, Sheralyn

Unpleasant Grove (Rhea Jensen #5)

Proctor, Jenny

House at Rose Creek, The

Pulsipher, Misty Dawn

Pride’s Prejudice

Quinn, Tara Taylor

It’s Never Too Late

Moment of Truth, The

Second Time’s the Charm

Truth About Comfort Cove, The

Quist, Jennifer

Love Letters of the Angels of Death

Raisor, J.D.

Zeld and the Invaders (Castles & Caverns #1)

Zeld & the Pirate Prince  (Castles & Caverns #2)

Rallison, Janette

A Long Time (and at one point illegal) Crush

Rapier, Ryan

Reluctant Blogger, The

Reid, Pamela Carrington

Small Grain of Sand

Reyes, Laurisa White

Last Enchanter, The (Celestine Chronicles #2)

Rietzsch, Lindsey

The Realm: Secrets Unlocked

Rohrer, M. Ann


Roueche, Michael J.

River Divides, A (Beyond the Woods #2)

Sanderson, Brandon

Infinity Blade: Redemption (#2)

Memory of Light, A (Wheel of Time #14; with Robert Jordan)

Rithmatist, The


Saunders, Iain R.

7th Knight, The (Kai of Conway #1)

Savage, J. Scott/Jeffrey S.

Air Keep (Farworld #3)

Dark Memories

Making the Team (Case File 13, #2)

Schow, Betsy

Trouble’s On the Menu (w/Caleb Warnock)

Sears, Gale

Belonging to Heaven

Seegmiller, Keith G.

Cry Havoc (Havoc Journals #1)

Havoc Heresy (Havoc Journals #2)

Shelley, Rebecca Lyn

Aos Si (Aos Si #1)

Under Hill (Aos Si #2)

Midnight (Aos Si #3)

•  Copper Dragon (Dragonbound #3)

Chickens on the Bus (Smartboys Club #9)

Shurtliff, Liesl

Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin

Shoop, Kyle

Acea and the Animal Kingdom (Acea #1)

Sidwell, Adam Glendon

Buttersmith’s Gold, The (Evertaster #2)

Silverbow, Konstanz

Only Half Alive

Skye, Obert

Pinocula (Creature from My Closet #3)

Slack, Mandi Tucker

Tide Ever Rising

Sleeper, Dennise

Ten Little Gator Eggs

Smurthwaite, Donald S.

Road to Bountiful

Sneed, Theresa

Destiny (No Angel #3)

Snow, Michael

Zion’s Web (Zachariah Burton Detective Thrillers #1)

Snow, Molly

BeSwitched in Time (BeSwitched #4)

Fallen Angel

To Kiss a Werewolf

Sirois, Regina

On Little Wings (republish)

Sowards, A.L.

Sworn Enemy

Staheli, Lu Ann Brobst

Just Like Elizabeth Taylor

Leona & Me, Helen Marie

Tides Across the Sea

Stansfield, Anita

Garden Path, The (Garden Series #2)

Stastny, Charissa

Secret Keepers (Eyes of Light #2)

Stubbs, Samuel

Scourge of Narak (The Seventh Empire #2) with Valerie Mechling

Swedin, Eric G.

Seeking Valhalla

Tarr, Kenneth R.

Gathering Storm (The Last Days #1)

Pioneer One (The Last Days #2)

Promised Land  (The Last Days #3)

Tate, Kristy

Losing Penny (Rose Arbor #3)

Tayler, Howard

Extraordinary Zoology

Taylor, Keary

The Ashes (Eden prequel; novella)

The Raid (Eden short story)

The Bane (Eden #1)

The Human (Eden #2)

The Eve (Eden #3)

Taylor, Taryn A.

Fire Girl (Part 1)

Fire Girl (Part 2)

Mr. Wrong

Secret, The

Thayne, RaeAnne

Current Creek Valley (Hope’s Crossing #4)

Willowleaf Lane (Hope’s Crossing #5)

Christmas in Snowflake Canyon (Hope’s Crossing #6)

Cold Creek Christmas Surprise, A (Cold Creek #8)

Thomas, Candace J.

Vivatera (Secrets of Everstar #1)

Tippetts, E.M.

Love in Darkness (Shattered Castles #2)

Torgeesem, Brad R.

Lights in the Deep

Tuft, Karen


Tullis, Heather (Heather Justesen)

SEALed with Love (DiCarlo Brides #2)

Reclaiming His Bride (DiCarlo Brides #3)

Family Matters (DiCarlo Brides #4)

Wild Hearts (DiCarlo Brides #5)

Vandagriff, G.G.

Baron and the Bluestocking, The

Lord Trowbridge’s Angel

Rescuing Rosalind

Vasicek, Joe

Stars of Blood and Glory (Gaia Nova #4)

Wagner, McKenzie

Benotropia: The Stones of Horsh (#2)

Walls, Devri

Wings of Nestor (Solus Series #3)

Warburton, Carole Thayne

Poaching Daisies

Wardell, Jennifer

Fairy Godmothers, Inc.

Warnock, Caleb

Trouble’s On the Menu (w/Betsy Schow)

Washburn, J


Washburn, The Brothers

Pitch Green

Watts, Janna

• 3 Sides to a Circle (with Jolene Perry)

Weaver, Donna K.

A Change of Plans

Weist, Jaclyn

Stolen Luck

Wells, Dan

Butcher of Khardov

Fragments (Partials Sequence #2)

Wells, Robison

Going Dark (Blackout prequel)


West, Kasie

Distance Between Us, The

Pivot Point

Westover, Steve

Nothing Named Silas, A

Return of the Mystic Gray (Crater Lake #2)

Wheeler, Jeff


Whipple, Natalie


White, Dorine

The Emerald Ring

White, Karey

My Own Mr. Darcy

White, Kiersten

Chaos of Stars, The

Mind Games

Whitesides, Tyler

Curse of the Broomstaff (Janitors #3)

Wiggins, Bethany


Wolfe, Jennifer Shaw

Dead Girls Don’t Lie

Wood, Holly J.

Unconditional (Invaluable #2)

Woodland, Lani

Pieces of Jade (Pirates of Orea #1) with Melonie Piper

Workman, RaShelle

Blood and Snow

Cindy Witch

Cindy Chronicles, The

Touching Melody

Wymore, James

Exacting Essence (Immortal Nightmare Cycle #1)

Actuator, The: Fractured Earth (w/Aiden James)

Yardley, Mercedes M.

Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love

Yates, Alma J.

Christmas Crossroads


Carol of the Tales & Other Nightly Noels (Christmas Advent Anthology)

Fantastic Holiday Season, A (Christmas Anthology)

Fantasy Christmas, A (Fantasy Christmas Anthology)

Space Eldritch II: Haunted Stars

Spring Vacation Collection (A Timeless Romance #2)

Summer Wedding Collection (A Timeless Romance #3)

• Autumn Collection (A Timeless Romance #4)

European Collection (A Timeless Romance #5)