LDS authors and publishers who advertise with New LDS Fiction get their book information in front of the very readers who are most likely to purchase them. Our aim is tightly focused on LDS readers and others who want clean fiction for themselves or to give as gifts to others.

There are three ways to advertise with New LDS Fiction:

  • Paid Ads on Website & Newsletter

    There are three ad spots on the website: a rotating banner at the top of the posts, small ads in the sidebar, and three large boxes at the bottom of the page. This also includes mentions on our social media and the option of corresponding spots in our newsletter.

    And coming soon… some cross-promotion opportunities where you can purchase an ad on one targeted website, and get discounted ads on several other sites.


*If I find out about your book on or near the release date, it gets the full social media blitz. If it’s the same year, it goes in the newsletter and on Pinterest, but may not make it to Facebook or Twitter. If the book is more than a year old, it gets a backdated post.