16th Annual Whitney Award Eligible

Here is a list of eligible novels for the 16th Annual Whitney Awards.* Release dates are from November 1, 2022 through October 31, 2021. Authors on this list have at some time in the past verified that they are LDS.

Send me an email if:

  • If your novel is NOT on this list and it should be
  • You are no longer LDS and want to be deleted from this list.

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Eligible Novels listed by Author

Updated 09/19/22

Abbott, Zina

  • Mail Order Letitia (An Impostor for Christmas #9)
  • Abilene Gamble (Gamble on Judgment #1)
  • Indianapolis Justice (Gamble on Judgment #2)
  • Pearl (Prairie Roses #16
  • Joshua’s Bride: Land Run (Mail Order Brides Book 1)
  • Figgy Pudding for Francine (Old Timey Holiday Kitchen #9)
  • Bee Sting Cake by Brunhilde (Old Timey Holiday Kitchen #12)
  • Loving Lila (Thanksgiving Brides #1)
  • Ellie (Runaway Brides of the West #13)

Abramson, Traci Hunter

  • Dreams of Gold
  • Not Dead Yet (Guardian #6)

Abramson, Traci Hunter and Sian Bessey

  • Danger with Diamonds, The

Adair, Nicole

  • Voted Most Likely

Alderdice, James

  • Madness of the King (Brutal Sword #9)
  • Title

Allen, Nancy Campbell

  • To Capture His Heart

Allen, Jewel

  • Cowboy for Love, A (Riverdale Ranch Romance #5)
  • Cowboy for Noelle, A (Riverdale Ranch Romance #6)
  • Daphne’s Dream

Allred, Susan Cady

  • Courtastrophe (Courting Disaster #1)
  • Court and Dagger (Courting Disaster #1)
  • Drenched in Black (Courting Disaster #2)

Amberson, TJ

  • Change for Lakewood Med
  • Christmas in Glowing Springs

Archer, Ali

  • Dragon Protocol

Argyle, Amber

  • Never Kiss a Cowboy

Armstrong, Lindzee

  • Refuse to Sink (Second Chances in Sapphire Cove)
  • Dare to Fall (Second Chances in Sapphire Cove)

Atwood, Meg

  • Betting on the Physician (Health Care Heroes #11)

Avari, Josi

  • Egg Nog (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #12)
  • Love Birds (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #13)
  • Spring Chicken (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #14)
  • Over Easy (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #15)

Baker, B.E.

  • Bequest, The (Birch Creek Ranch #1)
  • Vow, The (Birch Creek Ranch #2)
  • Ranch, The (Birch Creek Ranch #3)
  • Retreat, The (Birch Creek Ranch #4)

Baker, Bridget E.

  • Capsized (Anchored #4)

Baldwin, Kaylee

  • Snowed in at Jingle Falls (Snowed in for Christmas)
  • Take My Heart
  • Summer MisMatch, A (Diamond Cove)

Barker, Joanna

  • Game of Hearts, A

Barnson, Jay

  • Queen of the Monsters (The Vanished #1)

Bastian, Laura D.

  • Saving Savannah (Broad Street Boarding House)
  • Cowboy’s Second Chance, The (The Inn at Emerald Lake #1)
  • Cowboy’s Accidental Romance, The (The Inn at Emerald Lake #2)

Beers, Laura

  • Tangled Wreath, A (A Christmas Match)
  • Engaging Lord Charles (Proper Regency Matchmakers #5)
  • Refining Lord Preston (Proper Regency Matchmakers #6)
  • Treacherous Engagement, A (Gentlemen of London #1)
  • Unlikely Plan, An (Gentlemen of London #2)
  • Perilous Circumstance, A (Gentlemen of London #3)

Beesley, Mary

  • Wolf Pack (Draco Sang #2)
  • Human Hearts (Draco Sang #3)

Belt, C. David

  • Witch of White Lady Hollow
  • Enchantress of Ravens, An

Bessey, Sian Ann

  • Alledged Rogue, An (Georgian Gentlemen #3)
  • Unfamiliar Duke, An (Georgian Gentleman #4)

Black, Stephanie

  • Come Gentle Night (Natalie Marsh #5)

Blake, K.B.

  • Death Behind the Dumpster (The Temp Jobs Cozy Mysteries #1)
  • Attacked in the Aisles (The Temp Jobs Cozy Mysteries #2)
  • Poisoned by the Pool (The Temp Jobs Cozy Mysteries #3)

Bradt, Patricia Lyn

  • The Pretended Debutante (Boxwood Regency Romance #3)

Branton, Teyla

  • Unsworn, The (Unbounded #9)

Brianne, Natalie

  • Flashes of Memory (Constantine Capers #2)

Britton, Sally

  • Mistletoe Mismatch, A (A Christmas Match)
  • Sir Andrew and the Authoress (Clairvoir Castle Romances #3)

Brown, John D,

  • Sura (Drovers #3)

Butler, D.J.

  • Abbott in Darkness

Card, Orson Scott

  • Last Shadow, The (Ender #6)
  • Wakers (Side-Step #1)

Catmull, Lisa H.

  • Unintended Engagement, An  (Victorian Grand Tour #6)

Chapman, Heather

  • Ashbrook Abbey (Business of Love)

Checketts, Cami

  • Royal Battle (Hidden Kingdom Romances #9)
  • Royal Fake Fiance (Hidden Kingdom Romances #10)
  • Marriage Pact (Secret Valley Romance #2)
  • Christmas Pact (Secret Valley Romance #3)
  • Loving the Firefighter (Famous Friends #1)
  • Loving the Athlete (Famous Friends #2)
  • Loving the Rancher (Famous Friends #3)
  • Loving the Coach (Famous Friends #4)
  • Loving the Contractor (Famous Friends #5)
  • Loving the Sheriff (Famous Friends #6)
  • Loving the Entertainer (Famous Friends #7)
  • Deceived (Delta Family Romances #1)
  • Abandoned (Delta Family Romances #2)
  • Committed (Delta Family Romances #3)
  • Betrayed (Delta Family Romances #4)
  • Devoted (Delta Family Romances #5)
  • Compromised (Delta Family Romances #6)
  • Endangered (Delta Family Romances #7)

Clark, Heather

  • Lemon Drop Falls

Cluff, Sara Jo

  • Taylor’s Outrageous Vow

Cole, Darci

  • Summon (Unbroken Tales #2)

Cole, Frank L .

  • Questmaster’s Trap, The (Champion’s Quest #2)

Coleridge, Quinn

  • Heart of Gold

Collings, Michaelbrent

  • Light-Years From Home

Conger, Angelique

  • Discovery (Into Egypt #1)
  • Settlement (Into Egypt #2)

Connolly, Rebecca

  • Mischief, Mayhem, and Marriage (Supposed Scandal #2)
  • Something New (Cornwall Brides #2)
  • Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice, A
  • Not Quite a Spinster

Cooper, Cori

  • Bake Happy

Costner, Arianne

  • Confessions of a Class Clown

Cowley, Katherine

  • True Confessions of a London Spy, The (The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet #2)
  • True Confessions of a London Spy, The (The Secret Life of Miss Mary Bennet #2)

Croy, Grace J.

  • Her Christmas Rescue (Christmas Wishes #1)

D’Arc, C. Rae

  • Dreaming Beauty (Dreaming Princesses #1)

Darby, Gary J.

  • Dragons Over the Fiery Falls (The Dragon Ring #4)

Day, Amberlee

  • Snowed in at the Lake House (Snowed In for Christmas #13)

Debenham, Emily

  • Rogue of Taurus

Delaney, Shannon

  • Billionaire’s Fake Small-Town Christmas, The

Dodson, Alicia Morley

  • Hidden Syzygy

Dyemere, Mylissa

  • Playing by the Rules

Dymock, M.K.

  • Mountains and Mistletoe (Harvest Ranch Romance #19)

Easton, Meg

  • It Started with a Note (Love Started #2)

Eaton, Pam

  • They Didn’t Know

Eden, Sarah M.

  • Choices of the Heart (Longing for Home #7)
  • Lily of the Valley (The Gents #2)
  • Bachelor and the Bride, The (Dread Penny Society #4)

Edwards, Paige

  • Facing the Enemy (Roxbury Heirs #1)

Eljarbo, Heidi

  • Secrets of Rosenli Manor (Mysteries of the Modern Ladies’ Society #1)
  • Brushstrokes from the Past (Soli Hansen Mysteries #4))

Evans, Loralee

  • Woodlands and Wormholes (Raccoons and Rabbit Holes)

Everly, E.E.

  • I’d Rather Sniff a Reindeer Than Kiss You (Reindeer Run #1)
  • I’d Rather Chug Eggnog Than Kiss You (Reindeer Run #2)
  • I’d Rather Ingest Mistletoe Than Kiss You (Reindeer Run #3)

Falor, Janeal

  • Mine to Defy (Mine Series #5)

Fitzgerald, Sara

  • Pink and More Pink

Flint, Gentry

  • Games in a Ballroom

Ford, River

  • Completing Her Heart: Heather (Wishful Hearts #4)

Fordham, Rachel

  • Where the Road Bends

Fowers, Stephanie

  • Snowed in at Silver Mountain (Snowed in for Christmas)
  • Grey’s Sky (Harvest Ranch Romance #22)
  • Nash’s Songbird (Harvest Ranch Romance #23)
  • Porter’s Angel (Harvest Ranch Romance #24)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

  • Sprout: The Seed (Tree Boy #1)
  • Where Her Heart Lies

Friel, Makenzie

  • Secrets and Lies (Hollowshine #2)

Frost, Heather

  • Royal Captive (Fate of Eyrinthia #3)

Glenn, Audrey

  • Revolution’s Toll (Sisters of the Revolution #8)

Goodman, Deb

  • Love for a Cowboy (Silver Plum #5)

Grace, Lorin

  • Bending the Blacksmith’s Heart (Bradford Brides)

Grantham, Tamara

  • Not So Chosen One, The

Greer, Brandon J.

  • Clandestine Queen, The
  • Liam Lewis and the Summer Camp Curse

Griffith, Jennifer

  • Wildwood Lodge (Snowfall Wishes #1)
  • Seacliff Chateau (Snowfall Wishes #2)
  • Maplebrook Bridge (Snowfall Wishes #3)
  • Palisades Point (Snowfall Wishes #4)
  • Christmas at Sugarplum Falls (Sugarplum Falls Romances #4)
  • First Real Kiss (First Kiss #2)
  • Forgotten First Kiss (First Kiss #3)
  • Elevator Kiss (First Kiss #4)

Gygi, Allison

  • Chasing Her Heart (Buena Hills #1)

Hadley, Aspen

  • Just Enough Luck (Just Enough #1)
  • Just Enough Magic (Just Enough #2)
  • Class Act (Thornback Society #1)

Hale, Shannon

  • Amethyst (Princess of Gemworld #1)
  • Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess, The (Princess in Black #9)
  • Pretty Perfect Kitty Corn (Kitty-Corn #2)
  • This Book is Not for You

Hansen, Dustin

  • Legend of the Dream Giants

Harman, Teri

  • Love on the Salt River (By the River #1)

Harmon, Amy

  • Unknown Beloved, The

Hart, Sasha

  • Just Can’t Fall for the Enemy: A Four Seasons Park Sweet Romantic Comedy

Hart, Taylor

  • Always Kiss Your Fake Amnesia Christmas Fiance (Taylor Hart Snow Valley Romance #8)
  • Stone Family Warrior, The (South Port Beach #5)
  • Stone Family Treasure, The (South Port Beach Romances #6)
  • Fake Dating Deal, The (South Port Beach Romances #7)

Hathaway, Deborah M.

  • On the Second Day of Christmas (Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair #4)
  • In the Waves of Tristwick (Cornish Romance #4)

Hawks, Arlem

  • Beyond the Lavendar Fields

Hickman, Tracy and Richard Garriott

  • Eye of Scales, The (Blade of the Avatar #2)

Higgins, Marie

  • Committed to the Therapist (Health Care Heroes #9)
  • Heiress for Christmas, An (Sons of Worthington #7)
  • Edmund’s Bride (Runaway Mail-Order Bride #7)
  • Rubies and Rivers (Gems of the West #3)
  • Garnets and Gypsies (Gems of the West #5)
  • Chance for Sabina, A (Last Chance Brides #8)
  • Summer Lovin’ (Summer Vacation Romance #10)
  • Jades and Justice (Gems of the West Book 6)
  • Bryan’s Bride (Runaway Mail-Order Bride #8)

Hilton, Emi

  • Memories in Morro Bay

Hinrichsen, Rhonda Gibb

  • In Pursuit of the Nightingale

Ho, Joanna

  • Silence That Binds Us, The

Hoagland, Maria

  • Sun-Kissed Second Chances (Diamond Cove)
  • Essence of Gravity (Spellbound in Hawthorne #6)

Holmberg, C.N.

  • You’re My IT (Nerds of Happy Valley #1)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

  • Star Mother
  • Star Father

Hoover, Karen E.

  • Amethyst Eye, The (Wolfchild Saga #4)

Horrocks, Heather

  • Vera Fogg and the Symposium of Secrets (The Suffragette Symposium #1)
  • Czech’s Inn the Mail, The (Who-Dun-Him Inn #4)
  •  Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ever, The (Christmas Street #8)

Huey, Emily Inouye

  • Beneath the Wide Silk Sky

Humpherys, Leialoha

  • Rise of Mano (Kaimana Island #1)
  • Lehua (Enchanted Hawaii #1)
  • Haukea (Enchanted Hawaii #2)

Hunter, Ann

  • Dream Shatter (Dream Runners #1)
  • Dream Runners (Dream Runners #2)
  • Dream Runners (Dream Runners #2)
  • Dream Giver (Dream Runners #4)
  • Dream Rising (Dream Runners #5)
  • Dream Legacy (Dream Runners #6)

Isaacson, Liz

  • His Third Try (Ivory Peaks Romance #3)
  • His Fourth Date (Ivory Peaks Romance #4)
  • Tex (Coral Canyon Cowboys #1)
  • Otis (Coral Canyon Cowboys #2)
  • Morris (Coral Canyon Cowboys #3)

Jacobson, Melanie

  • Kiss the Girl (Creekville Kisses #1)
  • Here For It (Love in New Orleans #2)
  • Maybe I Will (Love in New Orleans #3)

Jakes, Annie

  • Chasing California (Edge of September #1)

Jenkins, Jennifer

  • Necessary Madness, A

Jensen, Cami Murdock

  • Fourth Earth (Arch Mage #4)

Jensen, Krista

  • Hearts of Briarwall

John, Rachel

  • Carpool Crush (Sworn to Loathe You #2)
  • Worst Neighbor Ever (Sworn to Loathe You Prequel)
  • Not Friends (Sworn to Loathe You #3)

Johnson, Angela

  • Earl Grafton and the Traitor (Fernley Family #1)
  • Restoring Ashford Manor (Earls of England #3)

Johnson, Elana

  • Surly Cowboy (Sweet Water Falls Farm Romance #3)
  • Love List, The (Hilton Head Island #1)
  • Paradise Plan, The (Hilton Head Island #2)
  • Seaside Strategy, The (Hilton Head Island #3)

Johnson, Jen Geigle

  • Foibles and Follies of Miss Grace, The (Lords for the Sisters of Sussex #6)
  • Tenuous Betrothal, A (Royal Regency Romance #3)

Kae, Clarissa

  • Stolen Heart, A (Victorian Retellings #3)

Karren, V. M.

  • Lucky Finn, The (Armchair Travel #4)

Keanini, Julia

  • Second Chance with my Cowboy Ex (Ashford Brothers #1)
  • Fighting and Flirting with my Cowboy Enemy (Ashford Brothers #2)

Keisel, Kortney

  • Compared (Sweet Rom Com #1)
  • Complex (Sweet Rom Com #2)
  • Complete (Sweet Rom Com #3)

Kelly, Emilia

  • Portrait, The

Kersey, Christine

  • Chaos Soars (EMP Collapse #3)

Keyes, Martha

  • Highwayman’s Letter, The (Sons of Somerset #5)
  • Gentleman and the Maid, The (Tales from the Highlands #4)
  • Art of Victory, The (The Donovans #1)
  • Confirmed Rake, A (The Donovans #2)
  • Host for the Holidays (Christmas Escape)

Kilpack, Josi S.

  • Love and Lavender (Mayfield Family #4)
  • Valet’s Secret, The

Larsen, Annette K.

  • Hooked (Tales of Winberg #1)
  • Cloaked in Scarlet (Tales of Winberg #2)
  • Swindler’s Daughter, The (Tales of Winberg #3)

Larsen, Brittany

  • Landin’ In Trouble

Leavitt, Lindsey

  • Willis Wilbur Wows the World

LeCheminant, Dana

  • Thief and the Noble, The
  • Love on Camera

Leiske, Victorine K.

  • Isabella and the Slipper

Levenseller, Tricia

  • Master of Iron (Bladesmith #2)

Lewis, L.C.

  • Letter Carrier, The

Linko, Gina

  • Trusting True North

London, Rimmy

  • Doggone Waterfront Shame, A

Loken, Amelia

  • Unravel

Love, Betsy

  • Unexpected Miracle, An

Luke, Gregg

  • Red Cicada

Madry, Dwayne

  • Bloodlines of Sahael, The (Bloodlines of Sahael #1)

Matern, Julie

  • Olivia (Women of Worcester #1)
  • Julia (Women of Worcester #2)
  • Genevieve (Women of Worcester #3)
  • Felicity (Women of Worcester #4)

McConnell, Lucy

  • Nutty Christmas Reunion, A (The Reindeer Wrangler Ranch #1)
  • Snowed in at the Winter Palace (Snowed in for Christmas)
  • Snowed in at Harper’s Inn (Snowed in for Christmas)
  • Television Reporter’s Fake Marriage, The (The Brides Wanted Matchmaker #1)
  • Not on the Agenda (Diamond Cove)
  • Secret Seven, The (Diamond Cove)
  • Love Charm, The (Diamante Family Saga #1)

McShane, Melissa

  • Skies Will Burn (Dragons of Mother Stone #4)
  • Beguiling Birthright (The Extraordinaries #6)
  • Soaring Flight (Extraordinaries #7)
  • Discerning Insight (Extraordinaries #8)

Mendez, Yamile Saied

  • Twice a Quiceañera

Meyer, Anne-Marie

  • Magnolia Christmas, A
  • Inn on Harmony Island, The

Mills, Britney M.

  • Matched with Her Runaway Groom
  • Testing Love, Austen

Mitchell, Gracie Ruth

  • Say Yes to the Hot Mess (Love Mishaps #2)

Moncur, Misty

  • Way Across, The

Monson, Becky

  • How to Ruin the Holidays
  • Pumpkin Spice and Not So Nice

Montgomery, K G

  • Harding Proper

Moore, H. B.

  • Hannah, Mother of a Prophet

Moore, Heather B.

  • Just Add Romance (Everly Falls #1)
  • Seasoned with Love (Prosperity Ranch #4)
  • In the Shadow of a Queen

Moore, Jennifer

  • Healing Hazel (The Blue Orchid Society #3)

Mulliner, Brittney

  • Trick Play (West Penn Hockey #2)
  • Enemy Games (West Penn Hockey #3)
  • Fake Assist (West Penn Hockey #4)
  • Finding My Forever (Charmed #2)

Nelson, Miranda D.

  • Pursuit of Perfection

Newbold, Ashtyn

  • Matchmaker’s Request, The (Larkhall Letters #4)
  • To Marry is Madness (Supposed Scandal #3)
  • At First Sight (Business of Love)

Nichols, M.A.

  • Passing Fancy, A (Victorian Love #4)
  • Tempest and Sunshine (Victorian Love #5)
  • To Have and to Hold (Regency Love Book 7)

Nielsen, Jennifer

  • Lines of Courage

Odekirk, Tiffany

  • Summerhaven

Oram, Kelly

  • Starburst Effect, The

Parker, Lehua

  • Sharks in an Inland Sea (Legacy of the Corridor #4)

Peel, Jennifer

  • Pumpkin and a Patch, A

Pennington, Michelle

  • Bad Boy’s Good Girl, The

Penrod, Erica

  • Snowed in at the Movie Set (Snowed in for Christmas)
  • Kissing in the Deep End (Diamond Cove)

Perry, Anne

  • Christmas Legacy, A (Christmas #19)
  • Truth to Lie For, A (Elena Standish #4)
  • Three Debts Paid (Daniel Pitt #5)

Peters, Jen

  • Resisting the Rancher (Black Rock Ranch #2)

Peterson, Kathi Oram

  • Danger Unknown

Porter, Brielle D.

  • Jester

Poulson, Clair M.

  • Cowboy PI
  • Critical Consequences

Proctor, Jenny

  • Love In Bloom (Some Kind of Love #4)
  • Eloise and the Grump Next Door
  • How to Kiss Your Best Friend (How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother #1)

Powell, Christie Valentine

  • Hearts of Defenders (Dreamrovers #3)

Rabe, Jenny

  • Dating the Director (Health Care Heroes #10)
  • Chalk it UP to Love
  • Cursed Kisses
  • Masquerade Kisses

Ridgmont, Julia

  • Jacintha (Runaway Brides of the West #9)
  • Embracing Hope (Brides of Hope Hollow #6)

Rivera, Kaela

  • Cece Rios and the King of Fears (Cece Rios #2)

Sanderson, Brandon

  • Cytonic (Skyward #3)
  • Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians (Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians #6)

Sangster, Caitlyn

  • Baker’s Guide to Robber Pie, A

Savage, J. Scott

  • Secrets of the Looking Glass (Lost in wonderland #2)

Scott, Regina

  • Never Pursue a Prince (Fortune’s Brides: The Wedding Vow #1)
  • Never Court a Count (Fortune’s Brides: The Wedding Vow #2)
  • Never Romance a Rogue (Fortune’s Brides: The Wedding Vow #3)

Sears, Gale

  • Sister Preachers, The

Shiels, Cassandra

  • Almost Kiss on St Patrick’s, An

Smith, Kristin

  • Unbreakable (The Deception Game #4)

Smithson, Camille

  • Dragon Pox

Sowards, A. L.

  • Of Daggers and Deception
  • Before the Fortress Falls

Spencer, Julie L.

  • Hidden Swan

Stansfield, Anita

  • Scoundrel’s Widow, The

Stastny, Charissa

  • Love Notes (Ruled Out Romances #4)

Steel, Cindy

  • Double or Nothing (A Pride and Pranks Romance #2)

Stevens, Jacque

  • Storms (HighTower Little Mermaid #3)
  • Lion’s Heart (HighTower Robin Hood #3)

Stevenson, Holly

  • Snowed in at Canyon Creek Ranch (Snowed In for Christmas #10)
  • Landing on Love (Diamond Cove)
  • Bright as the Dawn (Bright Harbor #3)

Stewart, Erin

  • Words We Keep, The

Stockton, Kasey

  • Smuggler of Camden Cove, The (Ladies of Devon #5)
  • Through the Fairy Tree (Myths of Moraigh #2)
  • Sensibly Wed (Bradwell Brothers #1)
  • Pleasantly Pursued (Bradwell Brothers #2)

Strain, Elodia

  • Bad Boy Theory, The (Diamond Cove)

Strunk, Mindy Burbidge

  • Thawing the Viscount’s Heart (Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair #3)
  • Treasure of Owl’s Roost Abbey, The (Hidden Riches #2)

Stutznegger, Lenore

  • Blue Shadows Fall

Summers, Sophia

  • Falling for Nash (Cowboy Inspired Romance #4)
  • Legal Attraction (Legally Suspenseful)

Swinton, Lisa

  • Holly & Mistletoe (Fantasy Music Festival #6)

Symonds, Shannon

  • Murder Makes a Vlog (By the Sea #3)
  • Murder Hosts an Event (By the Sea #4)
  • Murder Delivered (By the Sea Cozy Mysteries #5)

Talley, Rebecca

  • Road to Romance (Juniper Springs Romance #1)

Tate, Kristy

  • Whispers Over Wildrose Road (Blue Jay Bay #1)

Thorne, Danielle

  • Falling for the Coach
  • Promise for His Daughter, A

Thornell, Karen

  • Edward and Amelia

Thornton, Ellie

  • Secret Santas and Holiday Dances (Harvest Ranch Romance #19)
  • Snowed in at the Concert Hall (Snowed In for Christmas)
  • Matchmaker’s and Mischief (Harvest Ranch Romance #21)

Trotter, David

  • Birthrights (Last Son of the Feromage #1)

Tuft, Karen

  • Accidental Romance, An

Tullis, Heather

  • Her Delayed Darling (Twelve Loves of Christmas #3)

Turley, Kimberlee

  • Circus of Shadows

Van, Nichole

  • Love Practically (The Penn-Leiths of Thistle Muir #1)

Vandagriff, G.G.

  • Death of an Earl (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries #5)
  • Murder in the Family (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries #6)

Wade, J.C.

  • White Witch’s Daughter, The

Walker, Anneka R.

  • Bargaining for the Barrister
  • Dreaming Beauty, The

Ward, Marsha

  • Chill

Weaver, Donna K.

  • Ghost of an Inheritance (Wildstone #1)

Weist, Jaclyn

  • My Secret New Year’s Kiss (My Secret Crush #6)

West, David J.

  • You Only Hang Once (Dark Trails Saga #3)

West, Kasie

  • Places We’ve Never Been

Wheeler, E.B.

  • Subtle Dragon, A (Dragons of Mayfair #3)
  • Cruel Magic (Iron & Thorns #1)

Wheeler, Jeff

  • Fate’s Ransom (First Argentines #4)
  • Druid, The (Dawning of Muirwood #1)
  • Hunted, The (Dawning of Muirwood #2)

Wilhite, Becca

  • Look Again

Wilson, Sariah

  • Paid Bridesmaid, The
  • Cinder-Nanny

Wolfe, Emma

  • Snow: Princess of Air

Woodward, Marie

  • Between Here and Zion (Seeking Zion #2)

Workman, RaShelle

  • Elemental Outcast Games: Shadow

Worthen, Johnny

  • Of Kings, Queens & Colonies (Coronam #1)

Wright, Jason F.

  • Even the Dog Knows

Yang, Kelly

  • New From Here
  • Private Label
  • Key Player (Front Desk #4)

Youngblood, J.L.

  • Forgotten (Grimm Laws  #1)
  • Remembered (Grimm Laws #2)

Youngblood, Jennifer

  • High Heels and Big Deals (Good Girls Don’t Come Last #3)
  • Weddings, Lace, and Cake in the Face (Good Girls Don’t Come Last #4)
  • False Illusions (Honeysuckle Island #4)
  • To Steal a Heart (Honeysuckle Island #5)

Zeigler, Amey

  • Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons
  • Wylder Bride (Wilder West)
  • Certainly Will Die (Baker’s Dozen #2)

Zeller, Mathilda

  • Revenge of Bridget Cleary, The