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Hearts of Iron by R. Bruce Sundrud

Dana is angry that her barely older twin sister, Sheanna, is going to marry Prince Arandir from the northern kingdom, and won’t let her attend. Dana dresses as a guard and sneaks into the wedding party, which will meet Prince Arandir in the middle of the Marianna River. Unfortunately, as they approach each other, the ancient high dam upstream is blown apart. A wall of […]

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Hero of the Galaxy by R. Bruce Sundrud

“It was after midnight when the alien fell through the beam of the ethereal synch, his clothes smoking and singed.” John Dibretto is majoring in ballet, much to the disappointment of his NFL father. But the alien Asirald, badly injured, asks John to go to the starship Imperium and to take his place. John must pretend to be the daring Hero of the Osa Baragun, […]

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Captain Cosette by R. Bruce Sundrud

Cosette works for her stepfather, Auguste, in the family vineyard on the planet Sorine. She has romantic hopes of someone taking her away from the drudgery, but Auguste volunteers her for the Union military, hoping she will get killed in the war against the Alliance and clear his title to the land. A military teaching machine goes awry, burying her memories and almost killing her […]

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Bad Times at Horseshoe Station by R. Bruce Sundrud

Victor, age sixteen, is stranded on an alien planet with a bickering couple and Cydney, a self-centered child star who has grown too old for her own show. Victor has an affliction that makes him dangerous in society without his medication. The survival of the group depends upon Victor using the skills he learned in gangs and prisons to get them across the untamed planet […]

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Above and Beneath by R. Bruce Sundrud

Abby Livingston watches over her silent brother Sam, who is small for his age and contantly teased. She is annoyed by her science teacher Professor Eldritch, who keeps asking his students to report anything unusual to him, such as unexpected caves, doors going nowhere, and the like. One evening Sam discovers a mysterious hole underneath a chestnut tree in their back yard. Professor Eldritch encourages […]

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The Sand Princess by R. Bruce Sundrud

Hannah, an orphan in the monastery on the planet St. Erasmus, is a telekinete, someone who can move objects, including space ships, with her mind. Father Mardik tries to shield her from being recruited, but when Captain Bonner’s telekinete dies, the Captain comes to St. Erasmus looking for a replacement. Hannah pushes her way ahead of the eager Brother Evremond, winning a place aboard the […]

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Goldeneyes by R. Bruce Sundrud

Goldeneyes, Goldeneyes, always telling stupid lies; Can’t spell, can’t read, no one likes a half-breed. Jia Hamilton is an accidental cross between a human and an alien, and the other children of the lost colony tease her mercilessly. Her eyes can see what others cannot see, and she can understand what others cannot understand. What she understands is that their little stranded colony is about […]

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Children of a Distant Star by R. Bruce Sundrud

“We have to run, Master! They want you dead!” When Chris’ dog begins talking to him, his wife reacts by drugging Chris, burning the house down around him, and trying to shoot him when he escapes. “Head south,” his parrot advises, but can’t explain why. Even his laptop gives him advice. Someone, or something, is waiting for him down south, and ruthless people Chris has […]

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The Pocket Universe by R. Bruce Sundrud

Something has escaped, and Madison is determined to put it back! The pocket universe lies in the secret basement of the tavern where Madison lives, and now and then something crosses over from another world into hers. It’s up to Madison to use her magic to return these creatures and to keep the two universes in balance. All she wants is a normal life and […]

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