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To Date a Werewolf by Molly Snow

Maggie’s young, flirty and extra curvy, but she has a teensy-weensy problem. She’s a zombie. Costly manicures and wigs won’t always hide the fact that she’s decomposing at an increasingly rapid rate, either. She needs a cure. Like now. And a werewolf’s true-love kiss is the only solution. The trouble? Getting a first date, when zombies are werewolves’ sworn enemies. To Date a Werewolf is […]

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BeSwitched In Time by Molly Snow

When Surla returns home from her hexed adventure to the Morreau Kingdom, she finds nothing is the same… Idis lost her spunky edge as a now perfect Suzy-homemaker. Jax cut his hair and is dating snobby Tiffany. Worst of all, Cathy is more pathetically shy than ever before! When Surla also finds there’s a darkness threatening to take over the entire community, she’s even more […]

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To Kiss a Werewolf by Molly Snow

As president of Paranormal Addicts Anonymous, Stella’s got no time for popular guys. Especially the surfers who hang at Shoreline’s beach—they think flashing a sand-sprinkled, tanned chest is enough to get any girl. But when surfer-hunk Damien Capernalli crashes Stella’s PAA fieldtrip to a haunted bed and breakfast, it may be time to rethink her priorities. …And what’s with that wolfish gleam in Damien’s eye? […]

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Fallen Angel by Molly Snow

Mortal boys can be so cute! Teen angel, Persephone, is the only one in all of Heaven who can’t sing. In fact, her name literally means “Voice of Destruction.” So diving down one of Heaven’s portals, straight into singer Taylor Hamilton’s bedroom, seems like a good idea at the time.Maybe, just maybe, he can help. Plus, he is sooo cute! While it can be fun […]

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Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow

What would you do if: You were hexed back in time? To a whole different country? And with the guy you’re madly in love with? If you are sassy black cat Surla, and your crush is dashing young swordsman Jax Morreau, you make the best of it. Being a magical kitty definitely has its perks during times like these, and blending in with the French […]

June 21, 2012 / 0 Comments

BeSwitched Witch by Molly Snow

When sassy black cat, Surla, ends up crossing paths with her ex-witch, the outrageous and hot-tempered Idis, it triggers again the curse of being BeSwitched. Idis was supposed to be dead in a drawer at the morgue, and Surla was supposed to be having some bonding time with her new human best friend, Cathy. Instead, these two enemies are forced to get along while in […]

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BeSwitched by Molly Snow

Surla and Cathy have a HUGE secret! After spending hundreds of years as a familiar to an abusive witch, Surla runs away to find freedom. But there’s one catch! The Black Cats’ Curse states she will have to switch bodies with the first lonesome soul to cross her path. Painfully shy Cathy Phillips can’t muster the courage to ask hot water polo player, Craig Nelson, […]

December 27, 2011 / 0 Comments