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Walking In Tombstone by Marilyn Brown

Walking In Tombstone by Marilyn Brown

“Don’t shoot them arrows of Cupid without expectin’ me to follow through,” the master of the house barks to Libby Campbell. To escape his abuse she dresses like a boy, steals his gold, and runs away, but is followed by Charles Grenville, the attorney assigned to chase her down. Traveling west on the train, Libby meets a dedicated theological student, Wendell Cotter, patterned after the […]

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The Rosefields of Zion by Marilyn Brown

It is 1925, and the government wants to purchase the Rosefield family farm at the mouth of Zion National Park to build a visitor’s center. Bradley and Ellen Rosefield refuse to sell. When they pass away, the two oldest Rosefield boys assign their sister Marissa to retrieve the land title from the St. George courthouse. There she meets a debonair government official from New York […]

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