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The Last Mile of the Way by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aidan Gray

In the conclusion of the trilogy, the story of early black pioneers comes full circle as Aidan Gray looks down Parley Street in Nauvoo, Illinois—the same street where Elijah Abel and Jane Manning James walked more than 160 years earlier. Here we beet Ab Howell, Monroe Fleming, Ruffin Bridgeforth, and other  African-American Latter-day Saint pioneers. Courageous men and women who laid a lasting foundation of […]

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Bound for Canaan by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Alden Gray

The continuing the story of Elijah Abel, who received the priesthood with Smith’s knowledge and approval, and Jane Manning James, who lived as a family member in the Smith home. Bound for Canaan picks up their story as they embark on the Mormon trek west to the Salt Lake Valley under Brigham Young’s leadership. Along the way, we experience the Civil War through their eyes, […]

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One More River to Cross by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Alden Gray

Based on a true story, this historical novel reconstructs the lives of two 19th-century African-American converts to Mormonism. Elijah Abel, the first African-American man ordained to the LDS priesthood, carried the message of Joseph Smith to whites and free blacks on three separate missions in the 1830s and ’40s. Young and Gray have used the license of fiction to elucidate large areas of Abel’s life, […]

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