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Stronger by Lani Woodland

Stronger by Lani Woodland

Young Adult Science Fiction/Dystopian. 268 pages. e-Book. It’s been said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In the aftermath of an alien invasion, the old saying became literal. When the aliens attacked Earth, their bombs changed our atmosphere. Through DNA manipulation, humanity survived, but exist now as two distinct classes of people: the Valudis who heal and gain strength from every hurt, and the […]

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Inevitable by Lani Woodland

Yara has spent the last three years in Brazil, diligently studying with Vovó to develop her Waker abilities and desperately searching for a cure for Brent. Though her powers—and her control over them—have grown, every possible cure for Brent fails. And they’re running out of the only medicine that keeps him alive. When a letter from the American Wakers recalls Yara and Vovó to California, […]

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Give Me a C by Lani Woodland & Melonie Piper

Give Me a C by Lani Woodland & Melonie Piper

Young Adult Romance. 218 pages. e-Book. As if being dumped weren’t enough, Stacey has to go to summer school to stay on the cheer squad, thanks to a failing grade in chemistry. She isn’t looking forward to the class until she meets her cute TA. He seems so different from all the other guys she’s dated in the past. Is he the right ingredient in […]

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Pieces of Jade by Woodland & Piper

Sentenced to death by the man she loves… Jade has no control over her future. She is the Emmía, the girl whose magical blood keeps her kingdom’s cursed soil fertile and ensures the survival of her people. But her destiny is ruined when pirates take her magical medallion, the loss of which is treasonous, and the prince she loves is honor-bound to sentence her to […]

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That’s the Spirit by Lani Woodland & Melonie Piper

That’s the Spirit by Lani Woodland & Melonie Piper

Young Adult Romance. 167 pages. e-Book. When Chelsea gets nervous, embarrassed, or upset, she usually laughs it off, literally. But it’s not a happy sound. No, it’s an insane cackle, like the evil villain in a B movie horror flick, and she can’t control it. So when she drops Alicia, her archenemy who just stole her boyfriend, during their cheer routine at a school assembly, […]

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Indelible by Lani Woodland

Yara is beginning to understand just how much her life will change now that her Waker abilities have emerged. She has come to terms with the fact that seeing ghosts is part of her life, but she isn t ready to let being a Waker dictate her choices. All she wants is a ghost-free senior year with her boyfriend, Brent, and her best friend, Cherie. […]

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