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Promised Land by Kenneth R. Tarr

Steven Christopher and the saints are faced with the nearly impossible task of building an ideal society, which is destined to fill the Western Hemisphere and become the center stake of Zion, from which Christ will eventually rule the world. They must accomplish this great mission under the most dire circumstances and in spite of the designs of many wicked enemies. Their most dangerous and […]

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Pioneer One by Kenneth R. Tarr

Steven Christopher was chosen by the LDS prophet to lead the first Mormon caravan to Missouri to begin the great work of building the center stake of Zion. Their journey is especially dangerous because it takes place after the collapse of American society and government, and the pioneers must struggle across the plains in primitive conditions. Steven feels daunted by this great challenge, despite courageous […]

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Gathering Storm by Kenneth R. Tarr

Steven Christopher struggles to make sense of his life after his wife abandons him and their three children to join a polygamous cult. He meets Mary Fleming at his new ward and is deeply attracted by her beauty and intelligence, but his bitter experience with marriage makes him feel unworthy and afraid to give his heart to another woman. Mary, recovering from her own failed […]

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