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Raveler by John D. Brown

Raveler by John D. Brown

Talen is in the hands of a powerful half-beast, a creature twisted for war, who is convinced the most merciful thing to do with Talen is kill him. But he might not have that chance, for Nashrud, the Divine sleth hunter, is hot on their trail. As they flee, the two can only hope the perils of the Wilds will save them, for if they […]

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Curse by John D. Brown

Curse by John D. Brown

Argoth and Shim have only a short season before Mokad comes to annihilate them. If they’re going to survive, they will need to raise an army of dreadmen and fell-maidens and train them in the lore. Argoth sends out a call to Groves throughout the western lands and begins to train Talen, Sugar, and three hundred others. But Mokad isn’t waiting. Mokad has already sent […]

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Bad Penny by John D. Brown

He’s an ex-con. He’s trying to go straight. Frank is determined to never step foot in a cement box again. Then an old cell mate shows up and puts all that at risk. Throw in a Mormon, some drug lords, and a good helping of guns, and…let’s just say things go downhill from there, forcing Frank to go outside the law to save the one […]

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Servant by John Brown

A spirited blacksmith’s daughter accused of using the dark and terrifying sleth magic. The young man who hunts her. And the ferocious monster who only wants to be free. Trapped in a web of lies and ancient secrets, of right becoming wrong, the three must struggle not only against each other, but also a being of irresistible powers, a creature who is gathering her servants […]

November 27, 2013 / 0 Comments