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Saltwater Curiosities by Danyelle Leafty

Saltwater Curiosities by Danyelle Leafty

Join Kya and Hearthorne as they leave the moon behind in their quest to keep their bargain with the moon dragon. In this Curiosity, they discover the perils of storms, exactly what it takes to sink a faerie ship, and answer the call from the sea herself. In this collection of Saltwater short stories you’ll also find a merstone, discover the power of wishing and […]

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Curiosities of the Moon by Danyelle Leafty

Curiosities of the Moon by Danyelle Leafty

Following the adventures of Kya and Hearthorne from The Curious Leaf: An Adventure in Wishing. The stories in this collection feature their next adventure as they journey to the moon. Included in this Collection: • Kya and the Curious Leaf: A Journey to the Moon (serial*) • The Tale of the Buried Moon (fairy tale retelling) • Moonflower (short story) • Moon Bait (short story […]

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The Curious Leaf by Danyelle Leafty

The Curious Leaf by Danyelle Leafty

A flower. A faerie. The power of a wish. This short fairy tale tells the story of a flower who longs to do more than stand reliably in her pot day after day. Instead, she wishes she could sprout wings and fly high enough to brush against the stars and sky. A passing faerie hears her wish and is willing to grant it . . […]

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The Trouble With Toads by Danyelle Leafty

Once upon a time a young girl wanted revenge. But first, she wanted to be beautiful. Twelve-year-old Bettony has read enough stories that begin with once upon a time to know what happens to the ugly stepsisters at the end, and she’s determined to escape that fate by any means necessary—even by magic. Unfortunately, when it comes to magic, there is no place for regret, […]

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Slippers of Pearl by Danyelle Leafty

Shoes, unlike magic, are predictable. They don’t change shape, bite, or alter a person’s destiny. And that’s just how Faryn likes it. But his Uncle Harvey has a bad habit of dying. While inconvenient, this hasn’t ever been a problem until now. Thanks to an evil witch and a poisoned apple turnover, Harvey is dead again—permanently this time. As his uncle’s heir, Faryn has to […]

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Frogspell by Danyelle Leafty

A fairy godmother on probation needs a certain kind of story. A story that lets her make the best possible impression. A story with a neat Happily Ever After just waiting to happen. This isn’t that story. Instead, Nerissa’s DID (Damsel in Distress) has a heart that only a mother could love, and a stepsister with a sweet disposition and a striking resemblance to the […]

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Bitten by Danyelle Leafty

Fourteen-year-old Cherrie Wilding stopped believing in fairies after her Grams had a stroke that left her a silent, empty stranger. But whether she believes in them or not, one of them bit her, and now the venom is spreading through her system and causing…complications. Like an allergy to iron and a craving for milk. It turns out that fairy venom has the power to turn […]

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Applespell by Danyelle Leafty

When the faerie queen is unable to revive Mara, Nerissa decides that she’s done with fairy godmothering, finished with being a winged problem solver, and no longer willing to deal with the heartbreak that comes from wishes, wings, and wands. She is not, however, going to give up dealing with DIDs. (Damsels in Distress) But now, rather than mopping up messes and helping them achieve […]

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Firespell by Danyelle Leafty

Always read the fine print. This is especially true of fairy godmothering contracts that cannot be destroyed, transferred, or terminated. In all her years as a fairy godmother, Nerissa has only failed to help one girl, Mara, find her Happily Ever After. Twice. But the third time’s a charm—or it had better be, since the contract she has with Mara is still in force. Unfortunately, […]

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Catspell by Danyelle Leafty

Sixteen-year-old Breena never thought anything could be worse than being forced to leave the faerie realm. Then she got stuck with a fairy godmother. But if she has to choose between the two, she’d leave the Faerie Realm over getting bossed about by a faerie with a pointed stick any day. Unfortunately, her attempt to evade her fairy godmother gives her growing pains in the […]

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