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Becoming Prince Charming by Jessica L. Elliott

Becoming Prince Charming by Jessica L. Elliott

Middle Grade Fantasy. 348 pages. Print. In a moment of foolishness, Kaelen was transformed into a beast. Only winning the love of his princess can break the spell. There’s only one problem: his princess abandoned him. He is forced to leave Charming Academy for a remote castle with only Gelasia, his etiquette teacher, to remind him of his former life and of who he really […]

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Prince Charming’s Search by Jessica L. Elliott

When Jacobi starts his quest, he knows there will be challenges. But he never would have imagined how difficult being Prince Charming would be. Will Jacobi survive the dangers that await him as he looks for his missing princess? Upon graduation, Clarissa finds herself in a transported to a world completely foreign from the life she’s always known. Hardship and trials await her as she […]

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Finding Prince Charming by Jessica L. Elliott

Allegra discovered during her fourth year in at the Charming Academy that her handsome prince would not be coming to save her, as was typical in most fairy tale quests. Rather, she would be saving him. As she struggles to come to terms with this role-reversal, she must finish school, try to figure out where her prince has gone, and overcome her greatest fears. Will […]

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Charming Academy by Jessica L. Elliott

Growing up is hard enough for anyone, but for a boy destined to be the Prince Charming of a fairy tale it’s an absolute nightmare. Attending Charming Academy you not only deal with the normal aspects of youth, but there are sarcastic dragons, vindictive witches and your princess hates you. Will Lucian survive school and become the prince his parents believe him to be? Join […]

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