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Softly Falling by Carla Kelly

Softly Falling by Carla Kelly

Surviving the winter may cost Lily her heart… Lovely Lily Branson, newly arrived from England, learns that her wayward father has lost his Wyoming Territory cattle ranch in a card game to the intense, hardworking Jack Sinclair, foreman on a nearby ranch. When a series of deadly winter storms sets in, Lily and Jack must work together to save the cattle and stay alive. There […]

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Marco and the Devil’s Bargain by Carla Kelly

Marco and the Devil’s Bargain by Carla Kelly

Western Historical Romance. 246 pages. Print, e-Book. The year is 1782. Marco Mondragón, brand inspector in Spanish New Mexico, and his wife Paloma Vega have settled happily into married life on the Double Cross. And yet Paloma is convinced their joy will not be complete until she has a child. She longs to give her husband a baby to soothe his grief over the death […]

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Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly

The infamous Lord Ragsdale is as rich as sin, as sinful as he is rich, and as heartless as he is handsome. But after he saves Emma from a life of indentured servitude and shame, she decides that it is her personal duty to save him from his wicked ways. Step one: stop his drinking, his gaming, and his wild revelry. Step two: make him […]

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In Love and War by Carla Kelly

All’s Fair in Matters of the Heart. Beloved romance writer Carla Kelly shares a treasured collection of wonderfully written stories of dashing war heroes and the sassy heroines who can t help falling for them. From daring sea captains to genteel lords, there’s a little something for every heart s fancy. Includes: A Hasty Marriage, Something New, The Light Within and The Background Man. Previously […]

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Carla Kelly’s Christmas Collection by Carly Kelly

Come explore Regency London with Carla Kelly! This collection features four stories that will warm your heart with Christmas cheer: “The Christmas Ornament,” “Make a Joyful Noise,” “An Object of Charity,” and “The Three Kings.” Filled with romance and a touch of humor, these stories are sure to find a place in your heart and remind you that Christmas is a time for love. Previously […]

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Safe Passage by Carla Kelly

It’s 1912, the beginning of the Mexican Revolution—and the Mormon colonists must flee to the United States. When his estranged wife is mistakenly left behind, Ammon Hancock goes back to rescue her. But when he finds her, he must coax her to follow him to safety… and maybe even love him again. This revolution could be the very thing that ends their war of hearts. […]

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The Double Cross by Carla Kelly

The year is 1780, and Marco Mondragon is a brand inspector in the royal Spanish colony of New Mexico. A widower and rancher, Marco lives on the edge of Comancheria, the domain of the fierce Comanche. Each autumn, Marco takes cattle and wool, and his district’s records of livestock transactions to the governor in Santa Fe. He is dedicated, conscientious and lonely. This year, he […]

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Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour by Carla Kelly

To all appearances, Miss Omega Chartley is a schoolteacher on holiday. In fact she is a gentlewoman fallen on hard times, left at the altar eight years earlier and forced to make her own way in the world after the loss of her family fortune. Omega’s modest tour of England is cut short when she comes to the aid of a runaway. Jamie Clevenden has […]

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Her Hesitant Heart by Carla Kelly

On the frontier of a new life… Tired and hungry after two days of traveling, Susanna Hopkins is just about at the end of her tether when her train finally arrives in Cheyenne. She’s bound for a new life in a Western garrison town. Then she discovers she doesn’t even have enough money to pay for the stagecoach! Luckily for her, the compassionate Major Joseph […]

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Miss Whittier Makes a List by Carla Kelly

In the early 1800s, seventeen-year-old Hannah Whittier is traveling by ship down the coast from her Quaker home in Massachusetts to her brother’s house in Charleston, South Carolina. To while away the dull hours, Hannah composes a list of qualities she wants in a husband. Boredom will soon be the least of her worries. First the Molly Claridge is boarded by the British frigate, H.M.S. […]

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