Jessica F

December 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

A Wrinkle in Forever by Charissa Stastny


A tragic accident the night before their wedding leaves Laurel broken, unable to give Everett what he most desires. When she realizes he will never be the one to walk away, she runs, placing a permanent wrinkle in the fabric of their lives. Years later, a twist of fate brings Everett back into Laurel’s orbit. Caught between duty and desire, longing and loyalty, Laurel and Everett fight for their forever. But will it be enough?

Genre/Category: Contemporary Romance.

Rating: Moderate+. Moderate crude humor/language; moderate substance use by adults and/or some use by minors’ passionate kissing; some profanity (10 to 40); fade-out intimacy with details or significant sexual discussion; mild (nonsexual) violence or horror.


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