2020 New Releases

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Current Total = 163 new releases

(Updated 4/3/20)


Abbott, Zina

Kendrick (Bachelors and Babies #9)

Hannah’s Handkerchief (Lockets and Lace #24)

Abramson, Traci Hunter

Royal Heir (Royal Series #4)

Allen, Jewel

Saving the Captain (Jackson Hole Firefighter #5)

Broken Prince, The (Royal Billionaires of Mondragón #3)

Allred, Lee

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Alsop, Cheree

Forbidden Planet (Rise of the Gladiator #1)

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Moonlighting with the British Rock Star (Georgia Moon)

Anderson, Holli

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Anderson, Rachael

Solicitor’s Son, The (Serendipity #3)

Anderson, Rusty

Unicorn Thief, The (Adventures of Jazzle Divine #4)

Asher, Jadelynn

Discovering You (Miller Lodge Romance #1)

Avari, Josi

• Sunny Side Up (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #6)

Three French Hens (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #7)

Aylworth, Susan

Paris in the Springtime (Seasons of Destiny #1)

Sunny’s Summer (Seasons of Destiny #2)

Amber in Autumn (Seasons of Destiny #3)

Barnson, Jay

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Bastian, Laura D.

Cattleman’s Bride, The (Brides of Birch Creek #4)

Beatty, Bryce

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Beers, Laura

Agent for Amey, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #67)

Noble Pursuit, A (Regency Brides: Promise of Love #3)

Bessey, Sian Ann

Noble Smuggler, The

Bleeker, Emily

What It Seems

Branton, Teyla

Hidden Intent (Imprints #7)

Brown, John D.

Outlaws (Drovers #2)

Brown, Shelly

Willa and the Whale

Budge, Vicki Hunt

Love Abounds

Cain, Brett

Out By Night (Frank Sawyer #2)

Checketts, Cami

Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss (Jewel Family Romances #1)

Do Trust Your Special Ops Bodyguard (Jewel Family Romances #2)

Don’t Love an Army Ranger (Strong Family Romances #6)

Don’t Chase a Player (Strong Family Romance #7)

Don’t Abandon the Superstar (Strong Family Romance #8)

Christensen, Rachelle J.

Forget What You’ve Heard (Jason Edwards FBI Chronicles #1)

Clark, Raneé S.

Catching Coy (Love in Little River #2)

Coleman, Daniel

Grove of Druids, A (Hollow Island #3)

Collings, Michaelbrent

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Conger, Angelique

Love Defied (Lost Children of the Prophet #10)

Connolly, Rebecca

Fall from Trace (London League #5)

Rebound (Northbrook Hockey Elite #3)

Crosscheck (Northbrook Hockey Elite #4)

Breakaway (Northbrook Hockey Elite #5)

Darby, Gary J.


Darling, Michael

Hollowfall (Master of Wills #1)

Dunster, S.G.

Flesh for the Demon (Caldera #3)

Duzet, Carl

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Dye, Anna del C.

Her Prince Charming (Royal Romance #6)

Eatough, Jenna

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Eden, Sarah M.

Valley of Dreams (Longing for Home #6)

Edwards, Paige

Deadly by Design

Evelyn, Johanna

Billionaire’s Gift, The (The Billionaire Club #5)

Everly, E.E.

My Storm Sprite (My Supernatural Boyfriend #2)

Folkman, Kevin

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Fowers, Stephanie

Roman and Jules

Saving the Rookie (Jackson Hole Firefighter #4)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

Under the Stars

Gerdes, Sarah

Cube Master, The (Incarnation #2)

Givens, Nate

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Grace, Lorin

Not the Bodyguard’s Widow (Hastings Security #2)

Griffith, Jennifer

Distracting the Billionaire (Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride #4)

Guymon, Shannon

Love and Faith (Belfast #3)

Hale, Chelsea

Legally Yours

Hale, Dean

Diana: Princess of the Amazons

Hale, Shannon

Diana: Princess of the Amazons

Harrison, Mette

Women’s Book of Mormon, The

Hart, Kate L.

Lark, The

Hart, Taylor

Her Fake Valentine Boyfriend

Hatch, Esther

Note of Change, A (Timeless Victorian #5)

Hayward, Roy

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Heiner, Tamara Hart

Shades of Raven (Eureka in Love)

Henrie, Stacy

To Every Love a Season

Higgins, Marie

Widow’s Secret, The (Keepers of the Light #5)

Agent for Scarlett, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #57)

Billionaire’s Setp Up, The (Tycoons #10)

Mail Order Marcella (Widows, Brides, and Secret Babies #5)

Hoagland, Maria

Matchmaker’s Billionaire, The (Billionaire Bachelor Mountain Cove)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Will and the Wilds, The

Horrocks, Heather

Tying the Knot (Christmas Street Romance #5)

Huffmire, Rachel

Spinning Briar (Mirror Chronicles #2)

Hunter, Ann


Isaacson, Liz

Wyatt’s Pretend Pledge (Seven Sons Ranch in Three Rivers Romance #5)

Skyler’s Wanna-Be Wife (Seven Sons Ranch in Three Rivers Romance #6)

Micah’s Mock Matrimony (Seven Sons Ranch in Three Rivers #7)

Jacobs, Brenna

Gambling on a Modern-Day Gentleman (ABCs of Love #7)

Hooking a Handyman (ABC’s of Love #8)

Jensen, Cami Murdock

Second Earth (Arch Mage #2)

John, Rachel

Pretending He’s Mine (Change in Plans #4)

Johnson, Elana

Crash (Sentinels MC Rebels #3)

Johnson, Jen Geigle

His Lady in Hiding

Kersey, Christine

Insurrection (Pandemic #4)

Keyes, Martha

Hazelhurst (Families of Dorset #4)

Foolish Heart, A (Regency Shakespeare #1)

Kimball, Heidi

Where the Stars Meet the Sea

King, David Powers

Dragon’s Heart, The

Levenseller, Tricia

Shadows Between Us, The

Lieske, Victorine E.

Don’t Trash the Heartthrob (Rockford High #5)

Linton, Chalon

Adoring Abigail

Loth, Kimberly

Circus of the Dead (Book 1)

Circus of the Dead (Book 2)

Circus of the Dead (Book 3)

Circus of the Dead (Book 4)

Lynne, Karen

Lady Coventry’s Rogue (Brides of Somerset #0)

Lyon, Annette

Note of Change, A (Timeless Victorian #5)

Mackley, Renae Weight


McAfee, Christopher

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

McConnell, Lucy

Don’t Kiss Your Lab Partner (Billioabaire Academy #1)

Her Billionaire Mistake (Billionaire Bachelor Mountain Cove)

His Kissing Penalty

McShane, Melissa

• Call of Wizardry (Company of Strangers #6)

Ally of the Crown (Heirs of Willow North #1)

Meyer, Anne-Marie

His Kissing Penalty

Quarterback and the Ballerina, The

Magnolia Inn, The (Red Stiletto Book Club #1)

My Summer Mistake (Sweet Mountain High #1)

Mills, Britney M.

Love Under Construction

Perfect Play, The (Rosemont High Baseball #1)

Moore, Heather B.

Loving Her Fling (Hidden Hollows #3)

Rebound (Northbrook Hockey Elite #3)

Crosscheck (Northbrook Hockey Elite #4)

Breakaway (Northbrook Hockey Elite #5)

One Summer Day (Prosperity Ranch #1)

Steal My Heart (Prosperity Ranch #2)

Morris, Chad

Willa and the Whale

Mueller, Elizabeth

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Mulliner, Brittney

Her Royal Rebellion (Royals of Lochland #3)

Scoring Chance (Utah Fury Hockey #9)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Warrior’s Curse, The (Traitor’s Game #3)

Noelle, Jo

Last Dance with Letha (Matchmaker’s Ball #4)

Penny for His Heart, A (Matchmaker’s Ball #7)

Patillo, L.A.

Faith of a Servant, The (Women of Faith #3)

Paulson, Bonnie R.

Matched with Her Cowboy Billionaire Fake Husband (Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County #2)

Payne, John D.

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Pearson, Andrea

Twilight Rogue (Midnight Chronicles #3)

Peel, Jennifer

Dear Wife, The (More Than a Wife #3)

Pennington, Michelle

Man Worth Shaving For, A

Penrod, Erica

Maid, a Family Secret, and the Billionaire, The

Peterson, Kathi Oram

Stranger Watches, A

Poulson, Clair M.


Pyles, James

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Richins, Keena

Smitten with Sense (Pemberley Estates #4)

Ridgmont, Julia

Trouble with Lucy, The (Belles of Wyoming #38)

Hope Springs Eternal (Brides of Hope Hollow #2)

Riley, Justin

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Roberts, Constance

Circus of Scales (Dragon Sanctum #1)

Rode, Rebecca

Numbers Ascending (Numbers Game Legacy #1)

Shelley, Rebecca

Nikeron the Great (Book 2)

Shelton, Mike

Mark of the Medallion (Wizard Academy #1)

Smith, Sean

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Smith, Tiana

How to Speak Boy

Spencer, Julie L.

Strike Three, You’re Mine (All’s Fair in Love and Sports #5)

Stansfield, Anita

Home to Somersby

Stastny, Charissa

Wrinkle in Forever, A (Love Under Wraps #1)

Stephens, Berin L.

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

Stevens, Jacque

Cry Wolf (HighTower Beauty and the Beast #1)

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (HighTower Beauty and the Beast #2)

Strunk, Mindy Burbidge

Princess for a Gentleman, A (Unlikely Match Series #3)

Summers, Sophia

Rebound (Northbrook Hockey Elite #3)

• Crosscheck (Northbrook Hockey Elite #4)

Breakaway (Northbrook Hockey Elite #5)

Best Friends with a Royal Billionaire (Royal Prince Society #3)

Swinton, Lisa

Loving the Greek Billionaire (Destination of the Heart #5)

Swore, Wendy S.

Wish and the Peacock, The

Thorne, Danielle

Smuggler’s Heart, A (Gentlemen of the Coast #1)

Tullis, Heather

Spontaneous Love (Shelter Sisters #2)

Fearless Love (Shelter Sisters #3)

Van, Nichole

Romancing the Rake (Brotherhood of the Black Tartan #2)

Note of Change, A (Timeless Victorian #5)

Vandagriff, G.G.

Murder in the Jazz Band (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries #2)

Walker, Anneka R.

Masked Baron, The

Lady Mary Contrary (Regency Ever After #2)

Walker, Laura L.

Jilted Bride’s New Groom, The

Weaver, Donna K.

Fella for Frances, A (Lilac City #4)

Weist, Jaclyn

My Secret Valentine (My Secret Crush #2)

West, David J.

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)

West, Kasie

Moment of Truth

Wheeler, E.B.


Wheeler, Jeff

Killing Fog, The (Grave Kingdom #1)

White, Kiersten

Chosen (Slayer #2)

Williams, Danielle

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom: The Complete Edition

Wilson, Sariah

Just a Boyfriend (End of the Line #2)

Workman, RaShelle

Stolen Magic (Fairy Academy #3)

Royal Selection (Fairytale Chronicles #1)

Vampire Lies (Seven Magics Academy #6)

Vampire Secrets (Seven Magics Academy #7)

Vampires and Dragons (Seven Magics Academy #8)

Vampire and Gargoyles (Seven Magics Academy #9)

Youngblood, Jennifer

Cruising with the Doc (Falling for the Doc #3)

Saving the Billionaire’s Daughter (Jackson Hole Firefighter Romance #1)

Saving His Heart (Jackson Hole Firefighter Romance #2)

Saving Grace (Jackson Hole Firefighters #3)

Saving the Rookie (Jackson Hole Firefighter #4)

• Saving the Captain (Jackson Hole Firefighter #5)



Romance Anthologies

Note of Change, A (Timeless Victorian #5)

Speculative Anthologies

Mighty Fortress, A (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #4)