2019 New Releases

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Current Total (updated March 22, 2019) = 155 new releases


Abbot, Zina

Charlie’s Choice (Atwell Kin #0)

Abramson, Traci Hunter

Sanctuary (The Guardians #3)

Alderdice, James

Sowing Dragon Teeth (Iron Discipines #1)

Allen, Jewel

Her Billionaire Valentine (Her Billionaire CEO #6)

Alsop, Cheree

Dark Coven (Wolfborne Saga #3)

Anderson, Cindy Roland

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

Armstrong, Lindzee

Match Me Again (No Match for Love #10)

Aylworth, Susan

Monumental Love, A (Timeless Romance Single)

Barker, Joanna

Beauty and the Baron (Forever After Retellings #1)

Bastian, Laura D.

Promise of Spring (Seasons of Love #4)

There’s Always Tomorrow  (Twickenham Time Travel #9)

Baxter, Christopher

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Beers, Laura

Unexpected Gentleman, An  (Twickenham Time Travel #6)

Belt, C. David 

Time’s Plague

Berry, Julie

Lovely War

Branton, Rachel

How Far

Branton, Teyla

Insight (Colony Six #0)

Britton, Sally

Captain and Miss Winter, The  (Forever After Retellings #2)

Evening at Almack’s, An (Timeless Regency #12)

Brooks, Mikey

Greeting So Grimm, A (Museum Adventures #3)

Cain, Brett


Chapman, Heather

Fairest Heart, The (Once Upon a Regency #1)

Checketts, Cami

Gentle Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

Tough Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romances)

Conflicted Warrior, The (Sutton’s Security Romance)

Clark, Raneé S.

Meant for You

Cole, Frank L.

Transparency Tonic, The (Potion Masters #2)

Collings, Judith

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Collings, Michael

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Collings, Michaelbrent

Child of Ash (Sword Chronicles #3)

Connolly, Rebecca 

Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack #1)

Falling for Centerfield  (Belltown Six Pack #2)

Tip of the Cap, A (London League #3)

Correia, Larry

House of Assassins (Forgotten Warrior #2)

Cross, Ali

Deadly Sweethearts (Minnie Kim: Vampire Girl #2)

del C. Dye, Anna

Magnolia’s Choice (Royal Romance #5)

Dunster, S.G.

Fire in the Wall (Caldera #1)

Easton, Meg

More than Friends in the Middle of Main (Nestled Hollow #3)

Eden, Sarah M.

Healing Hearts (Savage Wells)

Evening at Almack’s, An (Timeless Regency #12)

Edwards, Paige

Catherine’s Intrigue

Erb, Mindie

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Eves, Rosalyn

Winter War Awakening (Blood Rose Rebellion #3)

Ferguson, Danyelle

Origami Girl

Frank, Carolyn Twede

• Saving Susannah Jones 

Prospector and the Widow, The (Reflections of the Past #2)

Gay, Sarah

Protective Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots)

Gifted Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Grace, Lorin

Not the Bodyguard’s Baby (Hastings Security #1)

Griffith, Jennifer

Crushing on the Billionaire (Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride #2)

Benched Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #14)

Bookish Billionaire, The (Clean Billionaire Beach Club #15)

Guymon, Shannon

Love and Karma (Belfast #1)

Hale, Chelsea

Snowed In with the Movie Star Billionaire (Falling for You #3)

Hardy, Jaclyn

Renting His Heart (Cottonwood Ranch #5)

Harmon, Amy

What the Wind Knows

Hart, Kate L.

Reality Show, The (Reality Show #1)

Hart, Taylor

No Regrets Groom, The (Last Play Masquerade Romance)

Good Groom, The (Texas Titans)

Hawks, Arlem

Steadfast Heart, The (Forever After Retellings #3)

Henrie, Stacey

Their Wyoming Courtship Agreement

Higgins, Marie

Loving a Scoundrel

Secrets of the Past (Kansas Crossroads)

Secretly Matched (Match Made in Heaven)

Agent for Evelynn, An (Pinkerton Matchmaker #14

Hoagland, Maria

Her App, a Match, and the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Smoke and Summons (Numina #1)

Horrocks, Heather

Blindsided Groom, The (Last Play Masquerade)

Hunter, Ann

Dark Horse (North Oak #6)

Hyde, Spencer

Waiting for Fitz

Isaacson, Liz

• Her Last First Kiss (Last Chance Ranch #1)

Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend (Last Chance Ranch #2)

Her Last Make-Believe Marriage (Last Chance Ranch #3)

Secret Sweetheart (Quinn Valley Ranch #11)

Jacobs, Brenna

ABCs of Dating, The

Jacobson, Melanie

Finding Jack

Johnson, Elana

Prince’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #3)

Doctor’s Bride, The (Brides & Beaches #4)

Soldier’s Second Chance, The (Hawthorne Harbor #5)

Johnson, Jen Geigle

Dating the Duke (Twickenham Time Travel #8)

Kammeyer, Kurt F.

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Keanini, Julia

Charming Prince, The (Princes of Valdoria #3)

Spy Prince, The (Princes of Valdoria #4)

Kersey, Christine

Snowed in with the Billionaire (Ashley’s Billionaire #1)

Assistant to the Billionaire (Ashley’s Billionaire #2)

Trouble with the Billionaire (Ashley’s Billionaire #3)

Ever After with the Billionaire  (Ashley’s Billionaire #4)

Missing Billionaire, The (Billionaires Find Love #2)

Kimball, Heidi

Guarded Heart, A

King, Kimberly

Trouble with Prince Charming, The (Magical Troubles #2)

Kneale, Heidi Wessman

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Knight, Wendy

Sea of Flames (Star Crossed Academy #1)

Krey, Kimberly

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

Lee, Marty C.

Wind of Choice (Unexpected Heroes #1)

Levenseller, Tricia

Warrior of the Wild

Lewis, Jeanette

Hopeful One, The (Billionaire Bridal Pact)

Lewis, Laurie

Love on the Line (The Graykens #2)

Lieske, Victorine E.

Don’t Bet on Love (Rockford High #1)

Linton, Chalon

Escape to Everly Manor

Lofthouse, Finlay

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Loveless, Valerie

Enduring Promises of the Heart

Lyon, Annette

Ultimate Bachelor Challenge, The

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)

May, Kim

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

McConnell, Lucy

Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Intentional Walk (Dating Mr. Baseball #3)

Devout Groom, The (Texas Titans)

McShane, Melissa

Stone of Inheritance (Company of Strangers #2)

View from Castle Always, The

Meyer, Anne-Marie

Her Boss (Braxton Brothers #1)

Misunderstanding the Billionaire’s Heir (Sweetwater High #1)

Montpetit, Kimberley

Fiancé’s Secret, The (Secret Billionaire Romance #6)

Moore, Bryce

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Moore, D.J.

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Moore, Heather B./H.B.

Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack #1)

Falling for Centerfield  (Belltown Six Pack #2)

Let’s Begin Again (Pine Valley #7)

Mulliner, Brittney

Open Net (Utah Fury #6)

Newbold, Ashtyn

Romancing Lord Ramsbury (Brides of Brighton #3)

Midnight Heiress, The (Once Upon a Regency #2)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Deceiver’s Heart, The (Traitor’s Game #2)

Nichols, M.A.

Shameless Flirt, The

Noelle, Jo

Invitation from Isla (Cowboys and Angels #36)

Timid Heart, A (Kansas Crossroads)

Love Match (Twickenham Time Travel #5)

Patron, Alice

Rachel’s Valley

Paulson, Bonnie R.

• Running from the Renegade (Renegades of Clearwater County #1)

Stranded with Her Second Chance (Stranded in Paradise #2)

Stranded with the Rockstar (Stranded in Paradise #3)

Pearson, Andrea

Demon of Darkness (Koven Chronicles #6)

Peel, Jennifer

My Not So Wicked Stepbrother (My Not So Wicked #1)

Pennington, Michelle

Saved by the Movie Star (Rich & Famous #2)

Penrod, Erica

Her Brilliant Cowboy Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelor Cove)

Peterson, Kathi Oram


Poulson, Clair M. 

Watch Your Back

Pratt, Sheralyn

Starbreaker (Pimpernel #3)

Reyes, Laurisa White

Defiant (Crystal Keeper #5)

Fallen (Crystal Keeper #6)

Ridgmont, Julia

An Agent for Jessica (Pinkerton Matchmaker #19)

Rupp, Megan

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Schneider, Jo

Mermaid, The (Fairy Tale Academy #1)

Scott, Regina

Never Kneel to a Knight (Fortune’s Brides #5)

Skye, Obert

Geeked Out (Lame New World #1)

Smith, Tiana

Match Me If You Can

Sokol, Connie E.

Pride and Persuasion (Echo Ridge #2)

Spencer, Julie L.

Running to You

Who Wants to Marry a Mormon Girl? (Love Letters #1)

Stansfield, Anita

House of Stone & Ivy, The

Strunk, Mindy Burbridge

Reforming the Gambler (Scoundrels, Rakes and Rogues #1)

Summers, Sophia

Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack #1)

Falling for Centerfield  (Belltown Six Pack #2)

Bride’s Secret, The (Love and Marriage #1)

Bride’s Cowboy, The (Love & Marriage #2)

Her Billionaire to Remember (Texas Ranch Romance #5)

Swinton, Lisa

Kiss & Makeup (Destination of Heart #2)

Swore, Wendy S.

Monster Like Me, A

Tate, Kristy

Oblivous Billionaire, The (Misbehaving Billionaire #2)

Tarbot, Scott E.

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Taylor, Angie

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Taylor, Scott William

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Thorne, Danielle

Valentine Gold

Tullis, Heather

Deal Breakers (Crystal Creek)

Vandagriff, GG

Miss Saunders Takes a Journey (Saunders Family #2)

Weaver, Donna K.

Luck of the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD #2)

With the Magic  (Twickenham Time Travel #7)

West, Kasie

Fame, Fate and the First Kiss

Wheeler, Jeff

Prism Cloud (Harbinger #4)

White, Kiersten


Whitesides, Tyler

Wishbreaker, The (Wishmakers #2)

Whitney, Lucinda

Rescuing the Prince (Royal Secrets #6)

Wilson, Sariah

#Awestruck (#Lovestruck #3)

Workman, RaShelle

Kissed by a Rose (Dead Roses #2)

Youngblood, Jennifer

Twelfth Hour Patriot, The (Georgia Patriots Romance)

Impossible Groom, The (Texas Titans Romance)

Zentner, Jeff

Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee




Mormon Steampunk Anthology

• Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Mormon Steampunk Anthology #2)

Timeless Regency Collection

Evening at Almack’s, An (Timeless Regency #12)

Timeless Western Collection

Big Sky (Timeless Western Collection #2)